Royal Red Apricot Cream Standard Poodle Customers

"Mooloo" - click this link to see pictures of Mooloo that will be a part of a documentary film called "Sit, Stay, Ride" - Spooner, WI parents Cleopatra x Ike 2012.


This web page is dedicated to Royal Red Apricot Cream Standard Poodle Customers who send in pictures. Calendars built every two years from at least those 10 good pictures sent to Tes each year. Only given to those customers, can never sell due to customer copyrights.

This page is built on the following protocol: Each time pictures are sent by a customer, that customer will be bumped to the top of a page unless long standing customers are ahead of them :o) I hope to fill you with joy and laughter that the customers photos may bring you, all copyrights used with their permission.

If interested in one of Tes's up-coming pups, please fill in the form on the side tab to contact her for an interview.

"Neopi" click here Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel. It's tough as a breeder to have to decide a spoo won't work in your program, thus Neopi now lives with loving owners MB > Fargo, ND and goes to hospitals to visit and help heal those in need.

Last updated 4/9/22 - "Shiloh" click here Parents Brown Geo x Red Dash dob 8/2/20. I love living with loving owners GM > Austin, TX.

Last updated 10/26/20 - "Ginger" click here Parents Apricot Enya x Red Dash. The spring beauty of TX and the Blue Bonnets are thick. I now live with loving owners WNM > Horseshoe, TX.

Last updated 10/26/20 "Soda Pop" click here at home in Crow Agency, MT loves talking with family, playing with the other family animals and displaying his beautiful apricot coloring.

  Parents are brown Geovanni x phantom Vyke 2019

Last updated 10/23/20 "Monniet" - click here - at home in Falls Village, CT. He is so loved at his new home and especially being able to visit with friend Tauren! Parents are Brown Magic x Phantom Vyke 2018

Last updated 4/23/20 - click here Royal Red Standard Poodle "Sansa" LN is at home in Spring Branch, TX with family LN. Born to Brown Magic x Red Dash DOB 4/25/19. 

Last updated 4/27/20  "Daemon" click here at home in Sudbury, MA; He has brought so much joy to our whole family! We are all just completely in love with him and maybe a little obsessed, haha!! 

  Parents are brown Enya x Dash 2019

Last updated 5/2/20 "Royal Apricot Winnie" - click here  at home in Houston, TX.  Parents are Brown Geo x Phantom Vyke 2018.

Last updated 5/3/20 "Sky Red Standard Poodle" - click here  at home in Spring, TX with family KDD.  Parents are Apr Enya x Red Dash 2020.

Last updated 4/29/20 "Ruby Tuesday" click here is at home in Manitoba, Canada. Parents are Pickles x Daniel   Born 12/23/2017

Last updated 4/30/20 "Ruby" TX - click this link to see pictures of Ruby in TX with 4 new sisters and parents NSY in Boerne, TX. Parents are Apricot Enya x Red Dash 2019

We WON our mug!

Last updated 4/30/20 "Royce" - click here  FB page there home with EB in Aurora, CO. Parents are Black Pickles x Red Daniel 2017. Royce has grown into a beautiful Royal red standard poodle and shares so much love with all his extended family and friends.

Last updated 5/1/20  "Zada" click here - At home with LS in Minneapolis, MN. Parents Black Zeddy x Red Daniel born 08/08/13 - LS has earned $400 off as of 12/29/18 toward her next spoo from Tes with her referrals and earned return discount - Thank You! GREAT Confirmation is what we do our best to breed for our poodles future and you the customer to have a healthy all around spoo.

Last updated 5/1/20  "Gretchen" click here - At home with GL in Hutchinson, MN. Parents Black Zeddy x Red Daniel born 2017. George was GL's first Brown spoo from Tes in 2006.

"Kolby" click here is at home in Houston, TX.  "My family loves me so much I think I am one lucky girl!" Parents Red Fire x Red Daniel 2014.

"Ginger" - click here - at home in St. Paul, Minnesota . "I love to get my morning attention from the girls, life can't get better than this! " Parents are Black Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2013.

"Stella" click here - at home in St. Louis, MO. Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2012 - watch her grow and learn what her red will do...5 months old her red deepens, check out her pics to see the her link to find the artist link who painted her below...

"Lady Myralyn" click here - Apricot Standard Poodle of Shalimar, FL from parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2012

"Nina" click here is at home in Germantown Hills, IL.  Nina's owners share: She loves to play ball, chase the cats, and cuddle!  Thank you for our awesome fur baby!" Parents Red Fire x Red Daniel 2014. 2 yrs old and showing my RED, White, and Blue - so Proud :o)

"Zane" click here is at home in Park Rapids, MN.  "My family loves me so much, my favorite past time is "pointing" chipmunks and flushing grouse! "  Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2013.

"Thor" click here - of Port Angeles, WA is 29.5" tall and 104 lbs. He enjoys his hikes and lab buddy. Parents Brown Zain x Kodi 2009.

Royal Standard Poodle Customer Pictures

"Ebony & Georgia" - click here - at home in Middleton, MA.Her owners share, "We adore her, she's got quite a personality, and we are so grateful to have her!" Parents are Blue Cleopatra x Brown Bruno 2014.  Red Georgia will be joining her big sister Ebony!  Parents are Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2015.

"Ruby & Coal" click here is at home in Livingston, NJ.  "It was love at first sight!"  Red Ruby's Parents Red Fire x Red Daniel 2014. Black Coals Parents Brown Jasper x Red Daniel 2015.

"Izzy" - click here - at home in Southern Minnesota. Izzy lived with Tes for a while. During her stay with Tes she was known as "Valentine." Parents are Black Cleopatra x Red Daniel 2013.

"Murphy" click here of Oconomowoc, WI enjoys walks and snuggling on her owner in their recliner! Parents are Brown Zain x Brown Kodi 2007.

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Royal Red Apricot Cream Standard Poodle Customers

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