Royal Large Brown Standard Poodle


"Royal" Large Brown Standard Poodle is one great relaxed and happy big boy! Yes, he's faded to a VELVETY Brown, personality to DEFINITELY want as a parent to provide for his offspring. Adult pictures coming...

Under construction - last update 6/7/23

Tracking Royal Stats:

  • Carries NN alleles and all large body size allele combinations = Large body size, will throw LARGE offspring in mating to an NN dam with matching large allele combinations! Juno has them :o)
  • Carries Cream/Apr, Sable, Tan points for Phantom offspring if dam carries same
  • Embark COI (co-efficient of in breeding) 10 generation 12%
  • 8 m old 57 lbs
  • Embark DNA - NeWS, VWD, DM, all variants to the standard poodle breed are CLEAR
  • 6 m old PennHip - Mild Risk - 47 lbs
  • 5 m old 36 lbs

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