Standard Poodle Pricing

Standard Poodle Pricing

Updating starting 1/13/22

What goes into my Standard Poodle Pricing and the many things I pay for to bring you your next pet -

A - Payment for a Standard Poodle "Pet" Price

M/F $3,000

(unless noted otherwise with returning customers / military discount)


Perfect - Size - Royal or Standard


World - Working together to create, to the best of my ability with the knowledge available, a healthy Standard Poodle for you

#1 Criteria - My Royal & Standard Poodles need your Love beyond price, size, and color! - in my selling a pup to you - LOVE - You must truly want to LOVE this pup ! ! !

A - Payment

Standard Poodle Pricing Payment options - $500 deposit Non-refundable starting 11/1/21*:

1. Cash: ONLY in person (DO NOT send in mail)

2. Personal Check:

  •  USA customers only! - 1 week to clear bank. Thank You! For amount of purchase only.
  • Write check to Tes Ingebritson (NOT "Royal Standard Poodles," this is the website name ONLY!) 
  • Mail in Priority Mail US Postal Service, safest. 
  • DO NOT have me "sign for", my post office is rarely open.

3. Cash App: 

  • For amount of purchase only
  • Ask for invitation
  • Send limit of $2,500 per week

4. Venmo (12/6/21 I'm in a learning curve with it):

  • You must have a Venmo account
  • Ask for Private invitation as a "Friend", my personal account (I am NOT a Business on Venmo - DO NOT click any "Business" buttons)
  • Owned by PayPal
  • DO NOT click on product/service (business), I will get charged a fee!
  • Provide my email for direct deposit to my bank, Bruno picture for validation it's Tes Ingebritson's account
  • If using credit card a 3% cc fee is added on

5. PayPal - I prefer NOT to use 11/2/21 - use Venmo now:

  •  For amount of purchase only
  • 2021 PayPal has doubled there fees. Not only charging for using a credit card, but also for me to simply transfer the funds to my bank account (use to be free), adding up to 7% for any one transaction.  
  • If one knows how to use PayPal "Friends and Family" it cuts the fee in half, 3.5%
  • In choosing to use PayPal, I will send a PayPal invoice that will list the fees for re-imbursement of what will be charged me

6. Wiring funds from your bank to TI's: this is one method of payment from non-credit card or non-Paypal using countries/customers For amount of purchase only.

7. Western Union: an excellent method as well for customers or other countries For amount of purchase only.

8. Cashiers Check: always accepted for amount of purchase only :o)

*$500 deposit Non-refundable - REFUNDABLE if specific litter, gender, and color requested and then isn't available I WILL refund with a check.

If purchasing puppy plus products -> email Tes for an amount. 

  • If you are a customer, you will have my email address which I can respond to providing exact amount if purchasing products and other items.
  • I will list the items out on the invoice which will allow you to use your payment option choice...fees will apply where applicable.

Standard Poodle Pricing TX Sales Tax: I pay for the TX sales tax in your puppy price. Sales tax is applicable to other products with TX customers.

6/21/18 the Supreme Court voted to compel out of state retailers to pay state sales tax on internet sales to all states requesting compensation. As I only have my business in TX, I am not required to pay other state taxes. That is your responsibility as a consumer to pay a "Use Tax" to your state by reporting this to your tax consultant. I will take the sales tax out of the purchase price of my standard poodle pups in a Texas purchase.

Dear People - I DO NOT do text messaging - DO NOT text message me! I email ONLY via the form on side tab at which I will provide my email in return. Thank You.


Standard Poodle Pricing

1. In your decision to move forward with one of my Royal Standard Poodles after an interview, a $500 deposit may be sent.

Please assure you have sent the form for interest in one of our standard poodles that we may track communication from your desire of gender, color and size when we visit. With your down payment, TI is committing administrative work, time and money to do her best in communicating and working with you. This form then becomes the start of my file with you...I cannot save text messages which lead to poor communication in my viewpoint and business. 

  • You interview me as much as I want to interview you, so please make your list of questions and thoroughly read through my site. Many of your questions can be answered by doing so :o)
  • Deposits place you in line for a pup in the sequence you have sent your down payment according to date to another...1, 2, 3... UNLESS
  • a) sometimes a customer may change their mind and switch to a different litter after others have known they are getting from a specific litter. This will place them behind.
  • b) The earlier date switching to this litter will be placed for example AFTER the #2 customer as you changed your mind. I am not here to disappoint those who chose certain litters...I do my best to place "Bump UPs, or Bump Backs in areas". 
  • c) Please Do Not ask to be bumped ahead of others if you were to pay fully, it just won't happen. Some customers have been waiting a year and more and I only want a down payment until the pups turn 6 wks of age. d) NOTE: If someone comes along and purchases a pup for breeding within a litter, they will be given priority to the degree that I must choose the best tested pup for them to continue healthy offspring for all of our future pet desires. I will note this on the down payment list for a heads up. If no one comes on for breeding by 6 week pick out date everyone gets bumped up :o)
  • In making a deposit "before" a pup’s birth, Tes Ingebritson (TI) hereby notes your “INTENT” to purchase one of my pups. TI sends the contract to be filled in with your “INTENT” to buy.
  • If one comes on board at one price, example $2,800; and life happens beyond 6 months or one changes mind and needs to wait into another year, and a price increase may occur in any later year, the new price will be adjusted in the contract...waits beyond the normal time frame of a planned litter year must adjust (to any price increase) due to extra work now in more communications to keep going with updates on potential litters.  I do my best to make you happy yet the standard poodle pricing does not make me rich, it does allow me to live to keep bringing you your loving pets.
  • 2. If using an online payment method, please ask for details in using one or another.

    3. I do my best to offer you honesty and integrity in making you comfortable with a purchase from a standard poodle puppy for sale. Purchase only when you are in full agreement with your pet desire and my contract. I want my puppies to be loved no matter what their standard poodle pricing and that comes from your committed agreement to love one of these standard poodle puppies :o) Please move forward with confidence that I will deal honestly with you at all times, as we ask of you.

    4. Refunds:

  • Full Refunds are given ONLY if: You wanted a pup in a specific litter and it was not born according to your written request. We can switch you to a different litter, hopefully filling in where a "Bump Back" might be.
  • NO Refund is given if you simply change your mind - if a refund is requested at any point before receiving pup, there is NO refund. Your down payment will always be available for your return for a purchase when you are ready for a pup from TI at which you will be given priority accordingly. Things happen in life that are not expected, I respect that...and as long as I am still breeding you will have this's just that I have invested time and work in placing you on the down payment list, possibly turned away buyers after your placement, et al. I need commitments to the best of your ability at the time to plan for each litter. I don't breed to just breed! I want to know our standard poodle dams have a good start on placements before breeding.
  • I am here for good will not ill will, but please understand to randomly give back money leaves me with re-marketing Royal Standard Poodle pups, telephoning contacts I have had to turn away (and possibly lost to buying from someone else), so that has paid for time and marketing of this pup. It is hard to know what Mother Nature or life is going to do, yet I want to do my best in providing you with a pet to love, whatever gender, color or size. It's all a part of finding A Perfect World pet to be in your perfect world :o) It is a commitment.
  • 5. TX State Sales Tax: pets are a luxury item and sales tax may need to be paid to your state. Talk to your tax accountant on this for further information on what your state requires. For pups coming out of Texas - I pay the Sales Tax in the standard poodle pricing for any pup purchase over $1,001. This is balanced with out of state customers who "fly" their pup by giving them their crate and health certificate within their pet price. If driving, I DO NOT provide a crate. They lose a lot of equilibrium in a crate while riding and even though they will throw up while in your lap (bring along towels and water for clean up), you are comforting them and helping them bond to you...this is my viewpoint.

    6. In purchasing 2 "Pet Only" pups I deduct - $200 from the sale no matter the time-frame of purchase. I LOVE seeing more than one of my pets together and hope down the road you see me worth coming back to with this in the standard poodle pricing for you!

    7. "Breeding" - Breeding pups are a totally different contract and the standard poodle pricing for breeders is $4,000, at which a separate contract would be sent that includes many steps in assuring their future to continue to be healthy and be an ethical breeder.

    8. IMPORTANT - With the current ethics of 20% of society, it has come to the point I must:

    • Google your name to assure you are an honest citizen 


    So, if you're interested in moving forward with  A Perfect World pup and agree to the standard poodle pricing, I invite you to fill out the form on the side tab.

    9. Included in my standard poodle pricing of $3,000 from Texas:

    ...but first...

  • I do not breed to just breed. It is important to have down payments to know the litter will have homes - See side tab "Our Poodles" for pictures and testing done/completed on our AKC Standard Poodle parents.
  • If "Breeding" pup purchased in a litter, around 3 of that gender sometimes must wait until 7.5 weeks of age for structure evaluation before one is chosen. So sorry to have to make any one wait, yet it is the best for future breeding poodles :o)
  • Now -> Standard Poodle Pricing includes:

  • Week 1; picture update notification and litter web page built -> Click here to see SAMPLE web page link of a Falcon x Bruno litter 2012 or Click here to see -> SAMPLE web page link of a Cleopatra x Daniel litter 2012. Watch from bottom of page up as pictures added. -> week 3 more picture updates added of growing litter -> week 5 individual pictures and weights added -> week 7 individual pictures with first haircut grooming
  • FULL Tails - NO docking, due claws kept...19 yrs of learning...ask me why if you'd like...see contract...
  • First parvo vaccination done at 6 wks old, this is the time frame I invite customers to come and visit, picking out their puppy, before that time pups are in QUARANTINE, not allowing visitors to interact with them.
  • In your standard poodle pricing I either pay for the Health certificate for flight/out of state travel (this is the law), and crate to fly, or TX sales tax. Pets are a luxury item in TX and must be taxed. 
  • 8 wks of caring 24/7, up every 2-3 hrs at night to check on puppies, then potty outside when old enough, tons of laundry, tons of love, lots of food, lots of picture taking, and hours and hours of time updating the website for you, all with a hug and smile with adorable loving pups wanting to climb all over me asking when they will go home to you - and I share "It's a part of my job for you" :0)
  • Dewormed and nails clipped every two weeks (it's a law for breeders). Nails and ear cleaning must be accomplished every 3-4 weeks.
  • Lupine step in harness placed on at 7 wks old in the standard poodle pricing - this guys name was Pirate with his parrot in the background ;0) The harness is to get customers to wait to put on collars until they get their new home all figured out...accidentally jerking their atlas out of alignment happens by grabbing collars, here one can grab the back of the harness and "Potty Outside" safely...the collar can be put on around 4 months of age once rabies vaccination tag arrives.
  • Two pet chiropractic adjustments are done before they come home to you (one each month with me) - Click here to find Vet clinics in MN with Dr. Mark LaVallie in the Twin City area. In TX Dr. Angela Stephens will come directly to your home!
  • Cedar oil Shampooing and first clipping at 5 wks of age , then a face clipping for flight pictures!
  • Crate or carry-on for flight, getting lots of smells starting around 6 wks old...some people purchase a larger crate for me to start getting lots of smells for their new home...along with their new pet beds :o) I never put doors on the crates until time to fly.
  • 8 wks of age, if flying, I pay for gas to drive ALL pups to the airport. By law I must then stay in the city until they actually fly out on the designated flight itinerary time frame to assure all is okay...I can meet customers at the cargo area as well to pick up their pups. 
  • 2 yr health guarantee per contract qualifications
  • Audio book "Pukka's Promise" by Ted Kerasote to help consumers learn about the canine world from a viewpoint that looks at their heritage and how to keep a pet living healthier and longer.
  • Don't forget - Health and structure Tested parents ;0) ABOVE picture - Cleopatra has been THE best momma! Always with her pups no matter what age!! Other mommas have always been, "I'm done with you - I'm outta here!!" Cleopatra is now retired in a forever home in Minneapolis...THANK YOU for all your love!!!
  • Home raised puppies, Spring/Summer/Fall months almost fully potty trained coming to you; Winter litters, sorry, you'll need to wrap up potty training...
  • Starting to learn commands and "Potty Outside" training, even in the MN cold!! Acclimation is VERY important to be done SLOWLY in cold weather or hot with young puppies - being vigilant in watching over their care for you!!! ONLY 15 min at a time until aging appropriately! ALWAYS cautious for their protection.
  • Perfect - Size - Royal or Standard

    10. My prices reflect the cost in which it takes to Love, Feed, Raise, Test, and Market these wonderful pets. Though, there is never a guarantee on size, I do have Royal & Standard Poodles in a litter. With my research an example of Zeddy x Bruno mating will be 1/3 of a litter 80-100#; 1/3 will be 65-80#, and the last 1/3 may range from 55-65#. With Jasper x Daniel 1/3 of a litter 80-100#; 1/3 will be 65-80#, and the last 1/3 may range from 55-65#...and that's usually the way it goes with the larger dams :o)

    11. "My" Standard Poodle Parents are between 55-85#, 24"-28" at the shoulder/withers. I go more by weight then height.

    Check out the "Customer Poodles" tab for pictures and the "Tracking of ___" (that pet's growth if shared)! When the girls or boys are spayed/neutered, on the average they grow taller instead of fuller when done within 5-6 months of age. Their hormones, when done early enough, do not focus on filling out masculinely or working to become a dam. Instead the body continues to grow in another dimension :o) One can see this in steers vs bulls.

    World - Working Together

    12. Contact Tes for an interview by using the form on the side tab. She will respond 99% of the time within 24 hours:-)

    13. Thoroughly read through the website tabs please.

    14. After reading through her email response to your form, you may telephone for an interview (will be on her email reply).

    You interviewing Tes as much as she interviews you. NOTE: Like going into a store to look and purchase a product, she sees your telephone call as that "Interest" to window shop. It is not our intent to bother you, only after several days of non-response to an email to you might she initiate a first phone call to assure it didn't get lost into cyberspace.

    15. If the two of us see that we can move forward in agreement, Tes will invite you to make your deposit via CC/Paypal or time allowing, funding methods above and will respond to your email with a checklist she provides customers of knowing steps along the way in working together. TI considers this as important as the contract!

    16. Upon receipt of your funds, a Priority Mail package is sent out to you containing the contract and data provided at that time.

    17. TI will keep in touch with down payment customers whenever news arises; the girls starting to show a large tummy, these will also be posted on the website - mark this in your "Favorites" please.

    18. Watch for updates under each Dam's picture. Once pups are born, picture will be posted after one week of age then picture updates occur every 2 weeks in the "Puppies for Sale" tab: 1 wk, 3 wks, 5 wks, 7 wks.

    19. Track the checklist you have received from Tes and check-off items as they occur, please asking questions or considerations when they arise.

    20. Good Communication is Vital in working together for a positive experience! Email is used frequently, yet a telephone call helps clarify points or making a long typing session more friendly with a call. Thank You in working with us!

    21. At 6 wks of age: Communication now ramps up in learning travel plans. Tes is ALWAYS ready to help when/if needed though!

    Your questions/considerations are a part of my job in providing a pet to you - no matter how new or old. I will do my best to help answer them - whether computer, dogs, or whatever life throws your way that you'd like to call and talk about!


    I hope this has helped you, and please do contact Tes if you have further questions and considerations to discuss, Contact via Form on side tab.

    Below, my first mating pair Zain and Kodi with their first litter :o) The original home has DEFINITELY taken a new look over the years!

    The mural is now in Texas under the canopy in Puppy Park.

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