Large Red Standard Poodles-Zane 

Updated 10/24/15

Royal Standard Poodle Red Zane at home in Park Rapids, MN. Parents Blue Cleopatra x Red Daniel born 04/09/13 -His owners say, "He “points” chipmunks and flushes grouse.  He would rather hunt than eat."

"I am helping mom hunt for wild cranberries!" :0)

"What can we find in this tall grass...." :0)


"Share the Stick!!!" :0)

"What a good looking group!" :0)


"I'm camouflaging myself, no one will be able to find me!" :0)

"Such a handsome face!"


"Nothing beats laying in the warm sun." :0)

"Taking a break in the snow."


"Isn't this a great picture, with all the flowers, and of course me!!!" :0)

"It is a lot of work pointing chipmunks and flushing grouse, I think I'll take a nap with Happy." :0)


"I am learning from the best!! (Happy and Lassie pictured below)"

"These are more of my siblings who are teaching me how to become a wonderful hunter, and I must say I think I am doing well! Happy is the lab and Lassie is the springer." 

"This is one of my furry siblings, her name is clover, watch out for the claws!!!" :0)


"Couldn't you just cuddle me all day?"

"Meeting my family for the very first time, Woo Hoo!!"


"My very first mug shot, come watch me grow!"

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