Gretchen Royal Standard Poodle

Last updated 5/1/20 Gretchen Royal Standard Poodle was born to Black Zeddy x Red Daniel in 2017. She's living at home in Hutchinson, MN and loving master GL. George was GL's first spoo from Tes in 2006. Bless him in helping Gretchen come into her new home :o) Do start at the bottom of the page and see Gretchen grow up onto the page with George.

Tracking Gretchen Royal Standard Poodle:

  • wts ?
  • Gretchen born 2017 
  • George born 2006

Yes, I do live in MN, cuddling into a warm blanky ;o)

Looking like an artist sculpture here ;o)


Now, Tes sees me, and she ALSO sees the statue in the back, is that an "Erte"...because she has many of the artist's books :o)

Didn't I grow oh so pretty pretty?!?!

GROWING ;o) Note: George passed away at 12 yrs old. Thanks for helping me grow George ;o)

Gretchen, growing, growing...

Momma GL shared it was time to bring in another puppy. Gretchen is attached tightly to George's love and friendship ;o)

Growing, growing, I'm now 11 years old!


Tes micro-chips her pups that she can get you your specific puppy by proving it with a's George!

George arrived with lots of his brothers and sisters because Tes was flying most of them out to other states and GL was gracious to help Tes out ;o)

Gretchen Royal Standard Poodle

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