Royal Standard Poodles TX


Royal Poodles TX is the name of. You will find Kate Bauer's daughter Kyra Bauer, owner of Jaxxi and her web page link here. Upcoming litters will have their down payment list here with links to past litters for your viewing below.

Royal Poodles TX

Kyra Bauer

Mason, TX


last updated 5/31/24 (TI)



click for more pictures and stats



click for more pictures and stats

"Jaxxi x Royal" have mated! Puppies estimated arrival May 31 +/- 2 days, ready for homes end of July. These will be TRULY ROYAL puppies! Taking down payments for Royal Large Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale TX 2024 Summer litter with "Jaxxi" x "Royal".

There storyboard web page will be built in 1 wk 6/___/24 where you'll learn the numbers, gender, and colors of puppies with their name theme which is a "Sporting Theme", like the "Wilson" soccer ball or "Ally" for alley oop in basketball...stay tuned! 

Royal Standard Poodles, that is the focus with their first litter together. DNA Embark shares BOTH have LARGE body size and they will throw 50% Apr/Cream, 25% Black and 25% Phantom with some white abstracts. Average Male weights as adults to be 70 - 90+ lbs and Females 60 - 75+ lbs. Mother Nature has the last say!

You will receive a checklist upon coming on board to know steps along the way in working with Kate Bauer's protocol for your next pup/puppies.

Here's Jaxxi's last litter with Daniel. There were VERY Royal offspring and standards in their litter together.

This will be a Spring/Summer litter. We'll write when she's in her heat cycle and must decide who to mate at that time with those wanting colors desired. Puppy frozen litter numbers average 5-7 pups.

1. Tes Ingebritson Royal Phantom Male, "Wilson", Woodburn, OR

2. HOLD 2/18/23 down pymt, Royal M SOLID Black, JA > Fayetteville, TX (May move to Breeder Susan R. Litter, Cairo/Bruno line preferred)

3. 05/05/23 down pymt, Royal M 1. "Light color", 2. Brown,  JA > Wyoming, Delaware (Potential to have to wait until later litters)

4. 1/29/24 down pymt Royal M, "Onyx Orion Morgan" #1 Black #2 Black/open, TAJM > Lawrenceville, GA ($200 Military discount - Thank You for your service!)

5. 5/29/24 down pymt Royal M, open, KC > Plymouth, MN

6. ____ down pymt size F/M, color, name > city, state

7. ____ down pymt size F/M, color, name > city, state

8. ____ down pymt size F/M, color, name > city, state

Each litter born gets a theme in naming each pup for the story board of pictures to come on a linked page in watching them grow up for you. The chosen theme is _______. Start at the bottom of that new page and watch them grow up onto the page in their growth. You can see sample storyboard litters below with past "A Perfect World" line parents.

- no more down payments until litter born - 

...stay tuned...

No more down payments until litter born.

Do review the ABC's tab to learn all kinds of things on raising your next pet.


Royal Standard Poodles TX

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