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The ABC's for Standard Poodle Breeders; the information on this page will be in alphabetical order of what I have personally observed since breeding from 2004 to date. Gained from Seminars, Symposiums, Googling with discernment, and my breeding years of experience...and you the consumer wanting a breeder to do their best for the poodle and customer. There are certainly many viewpoints, some links on this page are helpful, yet does not mean TI agrees with all information provided on links. I hope it will help you in your program or those lookers who want to understand...

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TI may/may NOT agree with all viewpoints on any one site link, yet has information that can be VERY useful in educating oneself on how to be a canine breeder.

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A Breeding Spoo from Tes:

Artificial Insemination (AI):

Hand Help AI:

Frozen Semen AI:


Breeder HELP!  TI does NOT agree with all viewpoints on this site, yet has information that can be VERY useful >






Dew Claws or Removal of Dew Claws: TI does NOT remove dew claws since 2020. 

A) The removal of dew claws is not a professional surgery done by vets or breeders. At around three days old the vet/breeder simply may nip off the thumb with scissors cutting through the soft bone. Some may dig into the knuckle assuring the entire bone is removed to the knuckle. Then glued shut. 

B) The nipping off has caused bones to continue to grow through, or continued lifelong irritation, and with poodles nicked on occasion. WORSE, the muscles in the area are no longer in use, damaged, and can atrophy causing unstable ligaments. 

C) With unstable ligaments, as they grow and play, they tear :o( This has occurred to TI's offspring in loving owners care. This creates pain the rest of their life. With one leg bad, the second goes in time from constant misbalancing of the now harder working leg.

D) LAST BUT NOT LEAST! NOT removing, keeping whole, puppies do not cry in pain that first week after removal. Everyone is happy and calmer as the crying always stresses Momma, wondering what is wrong. Let alone a good attentive breeder wondering if something else is wrong, like milk not dropping, too cold? The vibrations are now calm all around bringing a more stable pup to you, with the breeder handling the correct indicators of why :o)

E) If one tears when older, one out of a thousand?, yes it will be painful, yet the vet will take care of it professionally at that time.


Dog News: TI does NOT agree with all viewpoints on this site, yet has information that can be useful >



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Heaters - Infrared instead of any other type!





Litter Numbers - How many pups can a dam have?

What influences a litter size?



Mentoring breeders:

- Ground Zero - Destruction & Preparation *Zoom


- Standard Poodle Health Testing *Zoom

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- Steps in your pup becoming a breeder

- Considerations: Grooming, Cedar Oil, products to sell



Natural/Organic Help:

Alive Coconut Oil:

Cedar Oil products:

Epsom Salts:

Essential Oils:

Manuca Honey:


Supplements/Vitamins for breeding purposes: 

1. I purchase Oxy Stud for preparing the stud to produce optimum results. Start one month before mating.

2. Oxy Mate is for providing a now impregnated dam with supplements during puppy growth, those extra nutritional needs.

3. Oxy Momma helps milk production and extra support after pups are born.

I have been VERY happy with the results in using these products.



Tail Docking vss Non Tail Docking:



Satin Balls help add weight on for thinner dams.


Tes personal notes for her apprentices in becoming a Standard Poodle Breeder. Contact Tes for address to enter _____.

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