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A. Books, Poodle Forums, and Canine News

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links 

last updated 5/30/19 (TI)

  • First; here are some great book comparison sites:

1. Excellent book price comparison shopping website

Another used book site:

  • Second; Books and CDs educate us, inform us, and enlighten us! My top picks are at the top of this list, then graduate down...the top three here I can only say are MUST WATCH and READ/audio book listen to anyone wanting to educate themselves more on our canine friends and their lives with us! Yes, yes, everyone has an opinion, YET, it is those with viewpoints that have actually experienced, observed for themselves, that I perk my head up and listen, observing for myself to see what they see...and continue to learn and add to my program. These top three meet and educate those willing to learn...find out for yourself...purchase and share with your friends :0)
  • Consumer (and breeder) awareness: The "Puppy Puzzle" DVD by Pat Hastings is one that will help consumers understand the bone structure of your dog - and why you may/may not be having problems. Look for a breeder that understands Pat's research when choosing your next pet! Excellent books found here as well.
  • Consumer and Breeder awareness: www.Puppy by Jane Killion: The Powerful First 12 weeks that can shape your puppy's Future. I have instinctively used the methods shown in the series developed by Jane Killion. There are many viewpoints and technology available at which I blend many to bring the best possible pup to you. It is MOST important that consumers become aware of how they should also learn to work to better the environment of their new pet.
  • Troubled, Problem, Neurotic dog? Okay - buy every season of Cesar Millan the dog whisperer and watch - then DO what he shows you! You CAN DO IT!! Excellent! You MUST be the pack leader!! Purchase the show on or his "Mastering Leadership" at
  • This audio cd Pukka's Promise by Ted Kerasote (also book form) shares on longevity of dogs, vaccines and the development of kibble dog food, a perspective I feel we should all give a dog ear to! Thank You Judge JB for sharing with me :0)
  • Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Richard H Pitcairn, DVM. GREAT information on dog feeding recipes, eating living things as greens like humans and MUCH more! The 1982 copyright may be a bit behind in what is known today, yet GREAT information and invite all to have in their pet library.
  • Dog Training 101 by Jean Donaldson by "The Great Courses" Okay, I finally have gotten the fact MANY have no idea in what it is to be a Breeder (and some breeders :o( in bringing up a pup for you) vss Dog Trainer (teaching your pet to do what you want)...this is for people AFTER they get one of my pups. I have more to come on this on the ABCs page under B. Being a Breeder and D. Dog Training (to come soon, end of March 2020?) Do you want to spend money on watching and learning yourself? Or, paying a Dog Trainer?
  • The Monks of New Skete book or DVD on raising your dog left me calm and relaxed, picking up several tips to raise the puppies and validating many things I currently do. Ebay or on book links above.
  • Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz, gain a canine's perspective - smell - Smell - SMELL!
  • Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin, understanding your dog/pet in the pack mentality - it's actually "Family!"
  • Ski spot run a book on skijoring, equipment and how - exercising with your dog, purchase it here - A customer of A Perfect World line, her brother wrote this book and is located in Minneapolis, MN..can purchase skijoring items from his company.
  • Poodle Clipping and Grooming by Shirlee Kalstone. It shows you all the do's and don'ts, what to look for in showing an AKC poodle and more.
  • Poodles A complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Joe Stahlkuppe
  • Dog Breed Handbooks Poodle by Bruce Fogle. It helped finalize my decision on purchasing my brown standard poodles (though none specifically referenced "Royal poodles").
  • Poodles A complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Joe Stahlkuppe
  • Poodles by H.J. Ullmann and E. Ullman
  • This book has training tips, jokes, and stories:
  • Your Dog His Health and Happiness by Louis L. Vine, DVM
  • The Complete Book of Dog Training and Care by J. J. McCoy
  • The Complete Standard Poodle by Eileen Geeson
  • ABC's of Dog Breeding by Claudia Orlandi Learn the ways of being a good dog breeder.
  • Dog Breeders’ Handbook by Ernest H. Hart
  • Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way by Mark Beckloff - Great cooking treats for your pet :-)
  • Dog Walks Man by John Zeaman: a fun poodle story and six-legged odyssey
  • A couple of Blogs for Standard Poodle owners to check out: and Tauren's blog > Email News Letters:
  • Join Canine News / - to stay aware of health, regulations, issues, and more! Here's their link to checking -> Dog Food Recalls!!

My fantasy novel trilogy, "A Perfect World" is the name I have given our Royal Standard Poodles, most of the kids are named after the characters in the book and customer poodle names will be in the rest of the upcoming trilogy - having fun :o) by T.K. Hall, Fantasy/Science Fiction, children, youth, adult reading


Read about Poodle History here.

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*Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links*

B. Canine Food

  • Life's Abundance dry Grain Free All Life Stages is what Royal Standard Poodles feeds their pets, rotating with other high quality dog foods to avert allergies which can occur when constantly feeding one brand of dog food. 

You may order > Life's Abundance dry Grain Free All Life Stages , an on-line order product, not found in pet stores. 

Other Life's Abundance Products available!


C. Canine Care

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links

1. Nuvet supplements, use code #89093 when ordering, are used in TI's/DG's home to help during stressful situations, early bone growth and more. Recommended during puppy transition to new home, mating time for stud and dam and then continuing on during pregnancy for dam, use when going on trips, or any time their is a new situation to help balance their stress.

NuVet Plus​ Natural Dog Vitamin Supplements

Click Here To Order NuVetPlus Or Call 800-474-7044


Order NuVet Plus Click Here NuVet Labs.


NuJoint Plus Dog Hip and Joint Supplement

Click Here To Order NuJointPlus Or Call 800-474-7044


Order NuJoint Click Here NuVet Labs.


2. Chiropractic care for pets! Royal Standard Poodles in MN & TX consistently use chiroractor pet care monthly for our breeding spoos: 2009, for many years I researched and looked for a vet that works with chiropractic services for dogs in MN. MN finally passed the law in 2008. Finding Dr. Mark LaVallie from Minneapolis, MN who travels to the upper Mn area to work with our pets and is licensed to work with small animals. It is my viewpoint, and proven through continual chiropractic care, all our pets benefit in major ways and should be adjusted and then maintained accordingly throughout their lifetime. It handles allergies, urinary problems with pelvic out of adjustment, eye mucus from an atlas out of joint, muscle/tendon strains from slips and falls, and much more.

Visit this web page to see Dr. Mark LaVallie's vet clinics he visits in the Twin Cities and how to check to see when they need care > Standard Poodle Chiropractic Care

3. Essential Oils can help with the health of your pet. I do sell essential oils and refer those who are interested to purchase the following books to see what variables are available - call me with your questions and considerations - Tes 737-932-5030

  • ADR Animal Desk Reference - Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton DVM
  • Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends by Sara Kenney & Mindy Schroder
  • Essential Oils & Pets by Dr. Mary Hess

4.  5 Reasons to use Hemp Oil for dogs - Health Rangers website > Hemp Oil For Sale   Note: if feeding your pet mostly chicken based dog food, feed another type of oil as hemp oil will cause an imbalance. I use this oil when I rotate my dog foods to the beef, venison and other flavors as well as adding to my salads.

5. Flea & Tick care - The Natural way! (Tes sells cedar oil products as well on the products page) Shared by customer of Bijou and Bentley of MT. Why flea and tick care - information:

6. Natures Specialties products (Crème Rinse & Shampoos):

7.  Probiotics - is your pet/pup taking antibiotics? It is important one help keep their gut flora flourishing as antibiotics destroy the flora, thus supplementing with probiotics to help maintain and replenish is vital. Probiotics is a source of live, natural occurring microorganisms.  It comes in a powder that you can add to your pets dry food. This is what I use > 

8. Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor remover - The Natural way! Spray your carpets, pet beds and furniture with this product to help remove naturally what you don't want to smell >

9. Incontinent pet? Accidental leaking? Help is here! A customer has found this product to TRULY make a difference!!!

10. Want a daily dog tip to come to your email - here's one I love to get click on the site and sign up!

11. Does your pet have cancer? Check out -> as well as the essential oils.

12. Register your pet FREE: 

13. Rehydrate provides electrolytes for that sports canine, replenishing them quickly. Great in hot climates. 

14. Kuranda Dog Beds Check out these off the floor dog beds for inside or out! You’ll earn 10% of the sale when your customer mentions your name after placing an order!

If your customer enters your name on their order acknowledgment, we thank them with a donation to Warrior Canine Connection (or your favorite charity) and you earn a commission!

Tes's 1/2 size Pet Beds fit nicely on the large size Kuranda! She uses these outside and in the puppies family room.

Kuranda Dog Beds

15. Dry and cracked nose on your pet - check out this product One can also use castor oil or vitamin e...another product that someone found works great is the human product Blistex, switch off between them to find what works best. Why a cracked nose? In observing my female Falcon who got a cracked nose, she was on antibiotics for awhile with an injury. She developed the cracked nose for awhile afterward. In stopping the antibiotics and using The Blissful Dog product she has not had a recurrence since 2009.

16. Discern information, here's a site to help us research and learn from...always discern with your research >

17. Allergic to cedar products? Here's a great site for alternative natural products > 


D. Canine Environment Care

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links


E. Canine Gear

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links

  • Life-time Guarantee on Collars, Harnesses, and leads at If your spoos chew through your harnesses or leash, THESE are GAURANTEED, replacements are yours! TI LOVES hers!
  • Boots for your pet: If you live in a city that salts on their streets during the winter months to melt off the snow, you will definitely want to protect your pet paws with boots. IF you live in HOT states, boots are great protection during the heat of the day.
  • SkiJoring for your exercise and fun for your pet:


F. Be Aware!

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links


  • SCAMMER of Dog & Cat Breeders, and now Real Estate, Furniture and more - check this webpage to assure you don't get scammed by Scammer Douglas Royster:
  • Scams to get your money ... CAUTION > Sit Stay: there kits for Service Dog certification DOES NOT make a dog validly so unless it has gone through much training...documentation is then provided by trainers as having been accomplished.  


G. Animal Rescue

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links

Whether you purchase your next pet from us or someone else, we want you to LOVE them and be LOVED by your choice :-) The following are some great alternative rescue choices if that is a direction you'd like to look at.


H. Breeders outside the USA I have talked to/worked with....

Royal Standard Poodles-Brown Ciwa


I. Travel, Bed & Breakfast - Food


J. Artisans


K. Other

  • Be at the top with your site - Royal Standard Poodles . com is built using the website provider Solo Build It! SBI
  • Sophie’s Attic – A different kind of auction site for everything chunky, clunky and funky. Turn your trash into treasure!
  • Ebay:

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links

Royal Standard Poodle Books & Links will help purchase your next puppy

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