Large Red Standard Poodles-Kolby

Updated 2/08/2019 

Standard Poodle Red Kolby at home in Houston, TX. Parents Red Fire x Red Daniel born 06/29/14 -"I am already getting so much attention, I love it!"

Tracking Kolby:

  • 1 year, 78 lbs
  • 11mo, 71 lbs
  • 8mo, 61.1 lbs
  • 7mo, 51.7 lbs
  • 5mo, 44 lbs
  • 14wks, 31 lbs
  • 12wks, 22 lbs
  • 7wks, 12 lbs

My human took a picture of me with my ear flipped up, I think it is a terrific look ;o)

Somebody doesn't looked to pleased. She had a blast playing with her doggie friends, not so much the picture part.


Kolby asleep sitting up and with an ear flip! :0) *4. ear flip*

Carmen, Tes, Vanessa and Of course Me (Kolby)


Taking a break from playing

Royal Spoos!


I'm smiling for you mom!

I get to have a play date with Hannibal and Spartacus Woo Hoo!


Ahhh back rubs..... :0)

Happy Happy because I get to see Tes!


Dog Tired :0)

so relaxed...yawn....


Oops maybe a little too relaxed :0)

*4. Look it's the ear flip! *


I such a pretty girl :0)

love my toys

I know the treats are in there, maybe if I stare at the door long enough it will open....


Is mom coming to get me one yet, can't she see I really want one? :0)

Yes!  Finally my snack! Woo Hoo


Look I am licking my lips, I am ready......

Look I am sitting pretty.....


Momma it is snack time.....

We have so much fun together that when we are done playing we come in and lay by each other too!

Its a spoo play date with Kolby, Spartacus, and Hannibal!

Happy Happy Momma :o))))


It's a play date with Spartacus! Spartacus is Zeddy x Bruno's boy...who my owner's sister loves, and we get together to play when we can :o)


Tes thinks she needs to add a "Gotcha/Mine" photo to the winning water bottle contest!



Here Kitty, Kitty...where are you?

Nighty night loving binky ;o)


Come on Jazz, give me a with look so pretty pretty ;o)...even with a Mohawk?

Uh huh, picture time...uh huh, pretty pretty ;o) mug shot with mommy ;o)


"I am trying to hide behind this pillow...." :0)

"Peek- A- Boo!"


"Come on mom throw the ball....."

"I GOT IT....."


"Lets do it again, and again, and again....." :0)

"This looks like a good spoo bed, nice and comfy." :0)


"Get Ready....."

"Get set....."


"Go, Woo Hoo, look at how gently the wind blows my hair!" *3. Smile*

Her owner shares: "Kolby got a new bow collar today for being good a the vet. She wanted to show you as she sits for a profile picture. Such a DIVA"

"We love each other so much and love to cuddle together!"


"I love my new doggy sweater!" :0)

"Playing in my fenced in backyard, Woo Hoo!"


"Mom and my sister Jazz....."

".....Let me get in this picture!"


"We are some beautiful ladies!" :0)

"After a busy day outside playing, it's nice to come in for a nap!"


"I think Moms bed is the perfect dog bed, so comfy." :0) *2. 4 legs up*

"I sometimes share my bed with my little big sister Jazz....can you find her?" :0)


"I love my new fenced in back yard, it is so much fun Woo Hoo!"

Her owner shares: "Kolby and Spartacus love to play together.  Spartacus wants Kolby to chase him.  It is too funny! :0)

"I am enjoying my new backyard at our new house! Woo Hoo!"


"No mom, I swear I didn't do it!" :0)

"Jazz I think we need a bigger dog bed we can't cuddle very well on this one..." :0)


"Much better!" 

"It was a beach party at my doggie day camp, I am such a guy magnet don't you think?" :0)

Jazz took over my bed today because she wanted to play with my
birthday toys. I finally turned 1yr Woo Hoo!!"


"These days I play at doggy day camp in the parks too and get ooohhh soooo pooped out when done!" :o)))

"My new summer hair cut!  Such a Beautiful girl!" ;0)

"Come on Jazz let's play!"


"Don't I look just like a big teddy bear?" :0)

"I am one fancy poodle!!" :0)

"Don't worry sister Jazz, I will keep you warm."


"ZZZ....ZZZZ.....ZZZZ..." :0)

"I am trying to get my beauty sleep!" :0)


"Playing with toys is fun, but playing with toys on Mom's bed......priceless!!" :0)

"Look at how vicious I can look...grrr...."


"Before my haircut, I think I look like a cute and cuddly teddy bear!" :0)

"Can I get up on your lap please, momma?"

Her owner shares: " Kolby went to vet today for routine check
up and she now weighs 61.1lbs. WooHoo she's a big girl. The vet said she still has more  growing to do."

"I am such a proper girl!"


"That no sun feels so nice!"

"All Spoos love to go for car rides! Woo Hoo!"


"I am such a sweet and beautiful girl!"

"My mom is so much fun, we love to take selfies together!" :0)



"I think I would rather sleep on the couch!" :0)


"Jazz and I taking our afternoon nap...."

"Hmm my sister Jazz is eating my bone......"


"Jazz is blocking me from MY BONE...."

"Maybe we will try to share it...."


"Mom, Jazz is trying to take MY BONE again!"

"MY BONE! I WIN!" :0)


"This rug looks pretty comfortable!" :0)

"Jazz and I like to cuddle together, I'm a big pillow for her." :0)


"I'm a spoiled girl. I love to lay in my mommy's lap, after I push my little big sister Jazz out...."

 "And just like that I am knocked out. Night. Night." :0)


"Look mom I picked up all my toys!" :0)

"New Christmas toys Woo Hoo!!!" :0)


"Nap time, I wore myself out playing with all my new toys!"

"Nap over, time to play some more!"


"My big sister Jazz (who is smaller than me), really loves me!" :0)

"I let my owner know when I need to go outside by ringing this bell, great idea huh!" :0)

"Even though I have my raincoat I am a Diva and don't like the rain!" :0)


"Modeling my new raincoat!" 

"So happy!" :0) *1. Mug shot*


"I think we make a great pair, don't you?" :0)

"Look how much I have grown, but I still have that beautiful red color!"


"Here I am having a play date with a spoo that also came from Tes!  His name is Spartacus.  The best part is that my owner and his are sisters!! :0)

"You may be bigger than me Spartacus (black) but I will get you!" :0)

"Look at my new fancy bows and my hair cut, I am a stylish pup!" :0)


"This is my sibling her name is Jazz, we are becoming great buddies!" :0)

"Jazz and I love to play together...."


"And we love to nap together when we are done playing." :0)

"I love to sit in my dog bed and chew on my bone!" :0)


"Look how much I have grown! This bed won't fit me for much longer!!!" ;0)

"Do you want to play, please......"


"It will be fun...." :0)

"GO!" :0) *1. Mug shot*

"Done playing, now it's nap time!" :0)


"Kolby and Her big sister Jazz in her cage. They both went in there on their own." :0)

"Out of all these toys I think this elephant looking one may be my favorite!" :0)


"I love to play!"

"Look at all my new toys, what should I play with first?" :0)

"My mom loves to take pictures of me, I am pretty cute!" :0)

"Check out my new bow, I think it makes me even more adorable!" :0)

"My new hair cut, it is too hot in Houston to have that fluffy fur.  That feels so much cooler!"


"My new dog bed, ahhh this is the life!" :0)

"Wow is this just for me? Woo Hoo, what fun!"


"Hmmm, what is going on over there?" :0)

"Meeting my new family for the first time, Woo Hoo!"


"Its my new mom, lets go home please?" :0)

"Smile!" :0)


"Before I went to my new home I got to spend some time with Yarrow (up and coming breeding female of TI), she was tons of fun!!"

"I am patiently waiting to go to my new home."


"Look at this face, I am such a doll!"

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