Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh

Oh how I've GROWN!

Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh, now that's one HAPPY puppy! 3. Smile!

Love Loving life!

Updated 4/9/22

Shiloh lives at home with GM and family in Austin, TX. Born to Brown Geo x Red Dash 08/02/20. Now Sapphire has joined the home to make a great joy to keep Shiloh company :o) They're doing GREAT together as you'll see in their Facebook page.

Watch us on Facebook >    https://www.facebook.com/glenn.mcconnell.33

Start at the bottom of the page here and watch Shiloh grow up onto the web page :o) How big will Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh grow to? We stay tuned...

Tracking Shiloh stats:

  • 7.5 mo 60 pounds and 26.5"
  • 6.5 mo 55 pounds and 25"
  • 5.5 mo 51 lbs
  • 4.5 mo 42.8 pounds and 23.5"
  • 3.5 months 38.5 lbs
  • 18 wks 35.8 lbs 23" at whithers
  • 11 wks 21.6 pounds
  • 10 wks 16.1 pounds
  • 8 wks 11.13 lbs
  • DOB 8/2/20

He has mastered sit; shake hands; lie down; high five; say please; get in your crate; go for a walk; go for a car ride; check the mail; go outside; and probably a few others. 


I'm growing and Master says the zoomies have certainly declined, and I'm doing extremely well with my obedience :o)

I'm looking so Handsome, aren't I getting all grown up ;o)


And life is good in Texas after the freeze and snow again ;o)

The Fish! YAY, they're still here after the melt :o)

Texas 2021...first we had an ice storm, then SNOW in February!

The REAL me! 4. My mug shot wins me a Royal Standard Poodle mug!

See how big I'm getting? I LOVE watching the fish as I grow...truly keeps me busy and out of trouble :o)


She won't be able to hold me like this for long...

Ahhhhh, growing, growing, why don't I fit on this chair anymore?

I'm definitely adding height and weight to this growing thing ;o) It's a beautiful thing to watch :o)

Fall is coming upon us with the wonderful colors around.


I think I can? I think I can? It's a fish? Can I Dad and Mom? 

Wait for it...here I come!

Checkin' life out in Austin, TX!

ON THE MOVE, and time to rest...then zzzz....

2. Ears flapped back! Reach to see what's around me like I did at Tes's, Play, and Zzzzzz...where I use to curl up and zzzzz isn't so easy anymore!

Be curious, Play, and Zzzzzz...with snuggly toys...zzzz....

What puppies do best while they grow...zzzzzzzzz....1. Four legs up picture!


Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh is 7 wks old below, growing, growing, growing, watch me grow up onto the page for you :o)

I was "Clove" at Tes's house, until I came to my new home :o) 3 wk picure below and 5 wk picture above of Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh.

For your Standard Poodle puppy, fill out form and contact Tes!

Apricot Standard Poodle Shiloh

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