Royal Standard Poodles

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This web page is dedicated to International Royal Standard Poodles Customers who send in pictures. It is built on the following protocol: Each time pictures are sent by a customer, that customer will be bumped to the top of a page unless long standing customers are ahead of them :o)

Royal Standard Poodles

Hong Kong December 2013

Last updated 2/28/24 (TI)

Click here to see "Monkey" grow in Hong Kong

Information on purchasing a pet to travel overseas

On a rare occasion puppies are sold to overseas customers as International Royal Standard Poodles. It is detailed focused time and work to maintain extra growing spoos so this is not something wanting to do often.  

Due to a puppy needing to stay longer for vaccinations, cost to start for an International puppy is $4,000. It is not a fixed price and due to each country's laws and regulations it could have added costs + $1,000-$7,000 vaccinations, grooming, months of USA hold time here with breeder, bigger crate + $5,000 (or more) for an IPATA licensed agent relocation price which includes flight cost (their heightened terrorism fears)..."Puppy FINAL price" for the buyer may range from $10,000 - $25,000 (Australia) price is depending on country, airline, quarantines...sometimes having to stay with breeder until 9 months old or more. 

A licensed IPATA agent must take over to your country since 911 - Hong Kong, Australia or most parts of the World, with your information provided. Tes Ingebritson (or another, ask) is willing to fly to your country with the pet to assure its safe arrival to you! That is an additional cost for flight.


  • All that is received in the "regular" pet price.
  • A much larger kennel appropriate to age and size to travel overseas ($300+).
  • Spay/neuter of pet before leaving (up to $1,000), unless a breeder able to show testing available in their country the pet can come intact.
  • All required vaccinations for importing. This includes lots of coordination, miles, and time at the vet's ($300+)
  • Months of grooming, heartworming, deworming, flea and tick care, food and training ($600+)
  • A sale is dependent on breeder's home timing of litters and life. With living in Texas, Winter/Summer litters make it manageable to quarantine a pup, time can be given to a growing puppy for training.
  • Breeder coordinates with USDA licensed vet, and customer's good communication. Request a discussion of availability at time of an interview where cost variable can be discussed.
  • All USDA requirements met
  • All paperwork prepared and sent accordingly
  • Crate for transporting with lots of home smells
  • IPATA Agency price may vary depending on location $5,000 - $10,000?
  • Good communication to assure transaction moves forward smoothly

Australia Jan 2015

Click here to see Max grow as he works through quarantine in the USA to go to Australia in early 2016.

Last updated 2/19/16

Australia 2012

Click here to see "Rosco" - Australia 

Click here to see "Ciwa" - Australia 2011

check out Ciwa on Gift Cards for Sale

Asia 2011

Click here to see "Mr. Brown" - Chengdu, China

Philippines 2010

Click here to see "B-B" - Philippines

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