International Standard Poodles - Hong Kong

Last updated 12/11/20 My name is Monkey. I was born to Falcon x Bruno in 2013. TI worked with my owners to get me to Hong Kong where I've flourished under their love. Thank You!

My human male isn't small any more :o)

"I really am a Gentle Giant!!" :0)

I love spending time with my siblings!


This looks like a great spot to hang out!

Look how big I have gotten!


I match my owner ;0) Long days equal sleepy pup and kid :0)

"I'm with my siblings now :0) I enjoy the quality of time I get with them"

"Looks like I might be the only happy one here."


"Ahhh, attention from my best bud!" :0)

Walking time with my family.


I love this warm whether. It's so much better than Minnesota's below zero temperatures. 

I just arrived at my new home, and they give me bone to eat on this comfy chair! :0) 

Monkey with Dad Bruno, Mom Falcon, so anxious to head home to International Hong Kong owners. He is in quarantine at Tes Ingebritson's home in Staples, MN USA until Dec. 18th when he will fly home :0)

Watch Monkey grow while in quarantine to his new home. Start at the bottom and work up.

International Standard Poodles - Hong Kong - Monkey will be going home in December 2013 :0) 

Tracking Monkey stats:

  • 5 months - 49 lbs > Time to head home to Hong Kong!!!
  • 4 months - 42 lbs
  • 3months - 26 lbs; rabies vaccination, lymes disease vaccinations, 3rd booster shot, fresh hair cut :0) Monthly heartworming.
  • 8wks second vaccination, 
  • 6 wks first shot, Parvo & Corona virus, dewormed 
  • 5 wks shampoo, cedar spray, nails trimmed
  • 4 wks old dewormed nails trimmed
  • 2 wks old dewormed nails trimmed
  • Day 3: dew claws removed and tails docked 1/3 from tip at the vet's - the AKC breed standard
  • Born July 21, 2013 Falcon x Bruno

Hey, here's my 5 month old mug shot just after my haircut, bleh, haircuts! But Tes says I do really great compared to some of the others drama...


Everyone gets a haircut every month, mom looks pretty spiffy as her coat grows for the Winter cold. We've got to keep longer hair on if we want to play out in the snow whenever we want.

Zeddy is really going to miss me when I go - we play all the time!


Middle Park sure is pretty with all the white stuff...look at my size in catching up to my parents at 5 months old :0)


What's back here? Oh Cleopatra puppies.

GOT SNOW?!?! It just keeps coming now that Winter is here...


Monkey at home in the kitchen nook at Tes' food? This is the place to be for organic raw treats of carrots, apples, and all the goodies while she cooks :0)

I'm out playing with the big boys - Woof WOOF~ let's go Mom & Dad!!!


Uncle Daniel likes watching over me, seeing how my structure looks as I come down the path to watch...I can soon fly away!!!

Tes has added the crate for me to get lots of smells for going to Hong Kong. She had to get the x-large size as the Large was just going to be too tight in me growing so fast and I must be able to stretch out while in flight.

I really like playing with my Dad and the others. I'm neutered so they don't feel any threat with me around...we can just play and have fun :0)

*I'm waiting for Uncle Daniel to move over for me to eat. Dad Bruno likes watching over me. 

Uncle Daniel is great to snuggle with and get some zzzz's in with.


This is a great chew toy ;0) Had a bath and am all fluffy!

I absolutely LOVE playing with Aunt Zeddy! We play and play and play!!


This Kuranda pet bed is really sturdy for outdoors, no rusting, won't break down with my jumping and chewing ;0)

Look! Another puppy!! They'll go home just one week before I fly out...they'll be 8 wks old and I'll be 5 months old...wanna play he's asking.

Tes is outside vacuuming leaves...let's see if I can sneak out with her into the pasture...nope, she caught me :0(

Monkey is learning steps now! He wants to stay close to the watch him go at 4 months old I'm learning all kinds of new things.

I love kids coming to visit! They get to play with me which I enjoy :0)

I'm 3 months old above, great mug shot :0)

"Monkey" & Mom Falcon

Monkey on a trip to the Brainerd, MN Arboretum with Tes and Mom Falcon at 3 months old...I've learned to walk on a leash - so easy to do with Momma leading the way :0)) See more story board of the Arboretum trip below.

Cool - it's like a fairy land at the Arboretum! Learn more of it at Tes is a member that we can go on walks here.

Look at everything - an old fireplace to let people cook around in the outdoors Mom. This was fun, can we do it again soon?

My cousins Nico and Pirate are no longer here to play with, they've found loving homes :0() Yet I've learned Zeddy, my Aunt is just as fun to play with :0))

Ah, a new pet bed to try out and play on...and snuggle on...

Look - I've figured out the adult doggy door! Tes has found I'm best in playing with Zeddy and Bruno. She's keeping them together for their 2014 planned love affair ;0)


See these eyes? Soon I'll be with you...soon before you know it...I've grown into another harness.

Daughter of TI's staff member loves socializing Monkey :0)

Can I come home yet? Patience - Hong Kong's quarantine is until 5 months old. December - great Christmas present to your new family and you!!


Look how handsome I am!! Keep in mind I am a very curious puppy;0)

I learned from the best royal standard poodle ever - Bruno! Like Father like Son ;0)


Sure it's as big as I am and there's room on the other end, I share ;0)

All that eating tuckered me out. great for teeth cleaning...and snuggling when you have something others want :p)


I can't lay on my tummy... Neutering hurts. If you look close enough you can see my stitches. Yeah, that's right ladies, I'm a bad boy ;0)

Snuggle time with Aunt Cleopatra, Nico and Pirate. 


Ahh now this is the best pillow ever! These pet beds are the best to sleep on - machine washable - every week :0)

Outside enjoying the sun with my cousin Nico :0)


Sleepy time again :0) I can't seem to get enough sleep these days. spent with my cousins Nico and Pirate still waiting for their new owners.

Now I know I'll be the only one to get food. I've got to catch up to my siblings somehow. ;0)


Monkey 9 wks old in the Youth Park at Tes's home.

Hmmm, smell, what do you smell? Monkey is living with Zeddy's puppies until they go home. He is 2.5 wks older, yet they are growing and catching up fast.


Daddy Bruno, can't I play with you? Let's tear down this Youth Park fence and open it up to the Middle Park!!!

Hi! We like to potty on this gravel most of the time...I have not pottied in the house now for quite some time - Tes is VERY HAPPY!


We love running and playing under the bridal wreath bushes...playing peak a boo for hours :0)

Oh, Oh, let's help Tes put the new gate door in!


Tes has crates in the family room for us to get use to going in and out of for flying...lots of smells :0) I'll have to have a really big one when it's time for me to fly at 5 months old...

Got my eye on you ;0)


Only a few of my brothers and sisters left before they fly out. Tes has added a blue harness on me to get me potty outside for training. Lot's of toys and spinners are added to play with.

Now I'm 7 wks old with my first hair cut...don't we grow fast! Wt 7.2#


Here I'm 5 wks old with my AKC microchip inserted, first bath and alone picture. Wt 3.9#

Here I blend in with Zeddy's puppies as my brothers and sisters have all gone to their new's nice to have cousins to keep me company :0)


I was born in a litter of 12 brothers and sisters- Woo Wee Momma!

Born to Brown Falcon x Bruno July 21, 2013

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