Philippines Standard Poodle

With good communication and patience, B-B will be coming home to you soon. The paperwork has taken a good month to get into place. He will be a Philippines Standard Poodle :-)

He grew out of his blue halter and now has a black one on. Halters are used when they go for walks so their neck bones aren't jerked around as they might do while lurching during a walk, or in the pictures to help tell them apart. Collars are used to hold their tags.

He is fully clipped down for the hotter weather and to show there are no external parasites upon entering the country. No parasites is a requirement of the Philippines vet certificate. We use Frontline flea and tick repellent every month along with a natural eucalyptus shampoo during the summer months to help repel bugs. Heart-worm chewables are given every month as well to prevent internal parasites.

His hair will grow long before you know it ;-) We cut their hair every 4-6 weeks.

We hair clip his feet and toes close with the trimmer clippers every 4 weeks to stop dirt and sand being drug into the house. We use a scooping motion to get between the pads where the arrow is showing. You can see how nice and short his nails are. This is done weekly or every other week. If they get too long they can deform the dogs feet.

We clean his ears every week with a dampened cotton q-tip in dog ear cleaner liquid.

click the ABCs link to learn of "commands" (under C. - Commands) Tes uses with me and many other grooming and care tips.


We'll go for a countryside walk to see the neighbors horses and check out all the corn that's growing.

You can see at 4 months old I'm getting pretty big. That's my brown Aunt Ciwa on the left and black Aunt Cleopatra on the right.

Let's go!

Wow! With all this rain we're having bumper corn crops. Everything's so green!

Look at the neighbors horses :-))

There are some more neighbor horses. Living in the country is great!

We love playing in the parks while Tes mows them. My brothers Steve and James are still here waiting for their owners coming form Germany and Iraq.

Here's the apple tree that we jump up and snatch the apples off of :-)) Yum - our own treats!

Here's the crate getting lots of home smells for me to travel in and not be too frightened.

You will need to get me fixed (neutered) by 6 months of age so I don't run off looking for girls. Let Tes know when it is done as that is in the contract you signed.

In time you'll want to get me a playmate, so do keep in touch with Tes with pictures if you can and let her know how I'm doing :-)

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