Brown Royal Standard Poodle - Rosco

Brown Royal Standard Poodle - Rosco, 1 yr old above, is the next up and coming stud for the future. One smart guy we love having as a part of the family. What a strut!

We look forward to his testing as both of his parents have been fully tested and are GREAT Show Stoppers with Best of Show and Champion ribbons :-)

A very dark brown chocolate coat. His best friend is Daniel, romping and enjoying their youth together.

Watch him grow here with his fun antics and with the others we're nick-naming them the "Hoodlums!"


"Here's one of my first pictures in Australia"

Tracking AKC Rosco:

  • Half brother to Bruno
  • 1/8/13 CERF (eyes) free of observable inherited eye disease
  • test 5/23/12 Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - DNA test - Normal
  • test 5/23/12 Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - DNA test - Normal
  • 8 mo 62 lbs
  • 6 mo PennHip done: in comparison to OFA would be registered as Good - Fair.
  • 6 mo, 54 lbs, adorably loving!!!!
  • 4.5 months old 42 lbs, smart as a whipper snap, comes when called without hesitation, lickety split in moving when needed
  • Rabies shot done, lymes disease and innoculations done, heartworm along with flee and tick control given monthly
  • 3.5 months old 34 lbs, all vaccinations completed for his youth.
  • 8 wks old 13 lbs

    "I like to sit up for pictures to be taken :0)"


    Tes was told that "Rosco" twirls in his sleep.

    A picture of Rosco getting his monthly chiropractic adjustments at Tes' house. Rosco just melts into Dr.Mark's when he goes for adjustments.


    "My dad is giving me attention. And I am loving it! :0)"

    Still playing and being a pup at 1 yr old!


    Here I've turned 1 year old - stance is everything ;0)

    I know how to stay cool - the air conditioning vent is right underneath me :0)))


    Love playing with Bruno and Zeddy!

    Out for a walk with Tes who watches over our structure, gait, and overall health to assure we're doing great! Taking Zeddy and I for a walk assures we're in top shape for what your future pups will be - HEALTHY :-)


    I'm growing fast at 5 months below.

    Learning to sit is easy :-)))


    Keeping cool in the MN winter...Let's have fun!

    Happy Holidays 2011 I'm growing fast!

    When your tired your tired...and sleeping in a shoe seems like the thing to do :-) And I've chewed one pair up pretty good ;-)


    Daniel is my very best bud helping me feel at home :-)


    Winter is coming on...snuggling in is the way to go. By the above picture I think I won't fit on this very well by 8 months old.

    I'm learning the ups and downs of stairs...can you tell?

    Daniel is helping me learn to navigate the steps :-)

    * Brown Royal Standard Poodle - Rosco

    Rosco has arrived!

    Brown Royal Standard Poodle - Rosco puppies for sale like him

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