Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

This Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale web page is updated weekly, if not every other day! Things can change in an instant, one day a litter sold out, the next a puppy can be back up for sale with "Life Happens" so do visit often to see if there are any openings:

last updated 4/10/21

Update / s:


1. Returning customer - Thank You!

2. April - June matings planned with Females Enya, Geo, and potential Cairo? All to be with Red Male Draco.


- This page has 3 sections -

1.  Royal & Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale on this page showing Down Payment lists and litters available or up & coming

2. click here Protocol in getting a puppy

3. click here Color Clarification Coat Differences 

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* Covid 19 Protocol in place *

  • Wear mask / scarf to cover mouth
  • Wear gloves or bring disinfectant wipes (I can provide)
  • WEAR Tennis Shoes to step into disinfectant solution
  • Social Distance!
  • I will wash pet then you handle from that point on
  • My Poodles have NO IDEA what Social Distancing means, you can teach them if desired; o)


*flights updated 1/29/21*

 I will keep  flight updates posted here, yet do go to the traveling tab for more details:

- United: Not accepting pets for cargo yet. Carry-on has been changed from 8 wks to must be 3 months old, thus one is unable to take my pups as carry-on via United.

- Spirit Airlines are taking carry-on to FL at 8 wks old.

- Alaska Airlines are accepting cargo pups to CA at 8 wks old.

- Until further notice one must plan to travel and pick up pup by car. My pups are too large at 8 wks old to take as carry-on for most airlines. One airline told this CA customer "no, pup too big" and he had to rent a car to drive back to CA with new pup last year 2020.


1. Pup Prices


Male or Female

Bruno, Daniel, or Harrison Frozen semen pups will be $3,000 IF & WHEN I may choose to do again. I do not see this for many years.

I can no longer keep up with demand. With cross bred "oodle" dogs selling for $3,000, I am selling health tested, structurally analyzed to be correct for healthy offspring, purebred Standard Poodles here, and standing behind my poodles no matter where you live. I do have two new breeders of Bruno sons on the side tabs to continue to bring Bruno and my line to you. By 2025 I will be down in breeding size to 2 dams, then 1 dam as I plan to retire.

If you do not get your pup in the year of your down payment I will give you a refund, otherwise a price increase does take affect when price changes occur in our contract.

My 2021-2025 Royal program will include two Brown Royal Bruno daughters that will mate with a couple of hopeful Royal males. One Red boy Draco, and a Phantom boy Axel. There tabs will be added when they're tested and ready for breeding.

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale!

My pups come with Full Tail and Dewclaws.

What gets written for a customer on any list below becomes pretty much written in stone as people watch the site often anticipating their pup. Bump ups are done when more pups are born. Bump backs when not enough born to desire ... that's what HOLDs are for on any one list: o)

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale Discount program for customers :

1. $200 off when getting 2 pups or coming back down the road for another pup from me - Thank You!

2. $100 discount for each referral of a new customer getting their pup. No cash value, just discounted off for your next pup ... which can truly add up: o) Always provide referral name and address please that I can add to your folder once transaction completed. My Thank You!

3. Military: with proof of "In Service" you receive a $200 discount - Thank You for serving in the US military, past or present! Thank You, Thank You !!!


... next ...

 Royal Apricot Enya

Enya x Harrison should produce Black and Apricot pups...maybe a few Browns?

Upcoming Red Draco's web page will be up in March 2021 for everyone.

Apricot Enya x Upcoming Red Draco

I've started calling those on the future down payment lists and starting it here below. Making 5 down payment placements as I can never promise how many will be born, as someone may even get bumped back due to not enough males born in Geo's litter. Mother Nature has the last say, PLEASE work with us Mother Nature :o)

Enya's Frozen AI didn't take with Harrison :o( Doing my best to look at the glass half full, it will help her rejuvenate and come into her heat cycle in June 2021? 6-7 months for their rotation...she could come in sooner, it has happened. We stay tuned...

Enya x Draco will bring us an Apricot - Red litter of puppies.

1.  HOLD

2. 2014 down pymt, Royal M color open,  SL  > Chicago, IL

3. 12/6/19 down pymt, Royal M color open -  KK >   White Bear Township, MN ($ 200 discount returning customer, Bruno offspring) 

4. 7/8/20 (2nd) down pymt, Size open F/M color open, TW > Zachary, LA

5. 9/24/20 down pymt, Size - larger, F color - NOT white or gold JC > Tucson, AZ

...we stay tuned...

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale


Royal Brown Geo

Geo x Harrison will produce Brown and Black pups...maybe a few Apricots?

Brown Geo x Upcoming Red Draco

I've started calling those on the future down payment lists and starting it here below. I am only taking so many down payments as I can never promise how many will be born, as someone may even get bumped back due to not enough males/females born. Mother Nature has the last say, PLEASE work with us Mother Nature :o)

1.  HOLD

2. HOLD 2014 down pymt, Royal M color open,  SL  > Chicago, IL

3. 12/31/19 down pymt, Royal M Brown  "Lincoln II" SN > San Pedro, CA ($200 discount returning customer, Bruno son/grandson) 

4. HOLD  

5. 8/13/20 down pymt, Royal F # 1 Brown, # 2 large Red, LH > Brandon, FL

...we stay tuned...

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale


Thought I would provide a puppy fix for those of you interested in watching puppies grow. These are SOLD OUT litters of course, yet posted for your enjoyment.
- Magic puppies  dob 11/21/20
- Enya puppies dob 1/17/20

- Magic puppies dob 4/25/19
- Geo puppies dob 4/17/19 
- Jasper puppies dob 9/26/14 
- Falcon puppies dob 7/21/13  

Down Payment Customer List for

Bump ups and Future litters  Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale 

I don't build a parent   Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale   list until parents get closer to mating which I email / call down payment customers on the list below to know if they want to be placed on that new mating list. This list does not mean they are at the top of any mating with those ahead of date, only means they want a puppy from me at that time. Bump backs may occur from a litter just born that did not provide their pup, or bump ups occur when more pups are born in a litter allowing openings for those committed in having made a down payment. Thank You!

2021 continued Planned matings

* Brown Royal Geo x ? (Spring 2021) TX

* Apricot Royal Enya x ? (Spring 2021) TX


Future Litter Down Payments

Section A - Tes waiting to hear from LATER then sooner:

 2014 down pymt, Royal F/M "Hector" # 1 BL # 2 Brown - JV > Minnetonka, MN

- 8/9/16 down pymt, Royal F/M # 1 Phantom # 2 color open - AY > Upland, CA 

- 1/18/17 down pymt, Royal F open -  KD  > Cannon Falls, MN

- 1/25/18 down pymt, size open M Brown - ST > Houston, TX (Bruno frozen semen) 

- 4/19/19 down pymt, Royal M color open, EE > Waianae, HI (moving to Austin, TX $ 200 military discount)

- 1/31/20 down pymt, Royal F Red/Apr/Crm, SC > Rockville, MD ($200 discount returning customer, will call when ready)

- 6/21/20 down pymt, BREEDING F Royal, color open -  ED  > Ely, IA (Service dog focus, Enya mating?)

- 11/2/20 down pymt, Royal Cream F, RW > Seattle, WA

Section B -  Tes Contacting SOONER then later:

- 1/10/19 down pymt, F color open DB > Maple Grove, MN 

- 7/5/20 down pymt, Royal M color open,  JM  > LA, CA (looking for June 2021)

- 7/8/20 (1st) down pymt, Size open M color open,  GK > MN (June - summer 2021)

- 7/9/20 down pymt, Royal M Black, JM > Clearwater Beach, FL (definite Royal 2021)

- 7/11/20 down pymt, Royal M Color open, SF  > San Antonio, TX (March and after 2021)

- 7/13/20 down pymt, Royal M Brown, GF > Waco, TX

- 7/17/20 down pymt, Royal M Color open, LN > Ashland, OR  (want to wait for right puppy in Royal size)

- 8/3/20 down pymt, Royal M # 1 Black, # 2 color open, ASJ > Fort Worth, TX (Spring 2021 opening)

- 9/20/20 down pymt, Royal/open M Black, RB / KW  > Urbandale, IA

-10/14/20 down pymt, Standard F Brown, DO > San Antonio, TX (bump to opening)

- 10/18/20 down pymt, Royal open open, JT > Forest Lake, MN 

- 11/1/20 down pymt, Royal Black M, SJ > Charleston, SC (bump to earliest opening, Magic x Eli preferred)

*11/3/20 Lookers must Understand at this point, forms and calls coming in would be potentially looking at Fall/Winter matings! Mother Nature must do her work :o)*

Summer/Fall/Winter 2021/22

- 10/10/20 down pymt, Open, Open, Color Open accept no black (lighter preferred), PZ > San Angelo, TX (Summer/Fall 2021)

- 12/26/20 down pymt, Royal Brown/Black Male, KFG > Round Rock, TX ($200 military discount, bump when available)

- 12/31/20 down pymt, Royal #1 Red, Phantom, color open, Gender open, JB > Southlake, TX ($200 returning customer, Fall/Winter 2021 or Spring 2022)

- 1/4/21 down pymt, Size open color open, F, CD > Fulshear, TX

- 1/23/21 down pymt, Royal Color Black #2 open, M, PA > Lakeland, FL

- 1/25/21 down pymt, Size open Red F, TK > Austin, TX

- 3/5/21 down pymt, Royal #1 Cream #2 Brown, F, JN > Valley Stream, NY

- 4/9/21 down pymt, Royal color open, F/M, BS > Austin, TX 

No more down payments until litters have arrived...

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

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