Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

3 remaining available Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale, ready for homes July 28, 2017

AKC Royal Standard Poodles available For Sale Brown Male micro-chip (mc) #7694


For Sale Red/Apr Male mc #8228

For Sale Red/Apr Male mc #8717

See many more pictures of them with their litter under section 2 below Pickles x Daniel litter.


"Royal" in Marketing terms, that's our focus!

Our Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale include Red/Apricot, Black, Brown, and Phantoms. MOST offspring range in size from Large to Giant and are always an AKC Standard Poodle.

Registered with AKC

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Right now we have available Reds For Sale in Pickles litter, see section 2 below - ready July 28, 2017

Male & Female pups

$2,000 MN/pup

$2,500 TX/pup

Taking down payments for Summer/Fall/Winter litters :o)

...see Section 2. below for puppy availability and down payment lists...


This Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale web page is updated weekly, if not every other day! You will read about the updates each time in the following notes:

last updated 7/17/17 (TI)
Update/s 1. Added 3 puppies available for sale above

2. Jewels x Eagle are mating!

3. New customer - Thank YOU :o)


This page has 4 sections

(look for Red 1., 2., 3., 4.)

1. Protocol in getting a puppy

2. Litter/down payment lists

3. Color clarification & Coat Differences

4. Form to be filled in and sent if interested in "A Perfect World" puppy

Dear People - Hi - Tes DOES NOT do text messaging - DO NOT text message her! Tes emails ONLY via the form below at which she will provide her email in return. Thank You. (texting is chaos in our type of work here)

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*

Boys just wanna have fuuuunnn (to music ;o)

Rosco and Bruno just playin' around :o))


Our Royal Standard Puppies for Sale are sometimes sold out early due to the truly appreciated response of customers planning ahead and wanting one of our pups - Thank You! THANK YOU!!

1. Protocol in getting a puppy

Life Happens: Down Payment Lists can change in an instant! Stay Tuned...after many years of breeding Tes has had many variables that a customer is unable to get that pet once a down payment was made, even at the last minute ready to fly out; legitimate "Life Happens" situations. A List can open up so all TI can share is "Stay Tuned"! If you've made a down payment for a future litter, you just might get a call when Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale opens up!

9/28/15; TI has to share those who ask to be put on a later list in a different year must understand that in that year the price may have gone up, when one comes back on board, TI needs to charge that new price with an updated contract... more juggling and administrative work to keep track of each wait and wait ... TI needs your commitment sooner then later. TI will continue to work her best for you...

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*

Our first dam Zain (below), 55 lbs, had an Apricot 100# Royal father who established our Royal line of "A Perfect World" puppies. She was a dark (holding) brown talker always making us smile. Thank You Zain!

1. The Form at the bottom of this page needs to be filled in and sent by all interested in one of our pups. TI references this with your date of contact and interests if/when you call for an interview. It's important that you share a bit about yourself on the form. Sorry, has TI shared yet - It's important that you share a bit about yourself?

2. In contacting TI for an interview, depending on your questions and her's, it may take an hour. It would be great if you can have the computer and this web page up to view. The interview will cover the opportunity for bump ups/bump backs as TI takes only so many down payments per litter, knowing more pups may be born (or less) to accommodate the balancing of the customer's desire. Assure you let her know your definite interests as; M, F, or either M/F! She will place in parenthesis (bump up and other info) accordingly.

3. When we are comfortable in moving forward together you may place a $400 down payment for our Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale. 

4. Your pup NOT being born as desired: understandably, it disappoints you and TI :o( TI can fully refund you, or place you on a future list unless we have already placed you on a list with a "Hold" as a bump back. The situation in placing you on a future list that you did not get a "Hold" on is the fact people have made plans to possibly be at the VERY top of a litter to get first pick. I ask those customers in not getting their desired pup in a litter to understand you would be placed at the next opening of a down payment list you desire to be on, or we can start a new litter with you as #1 or #2, #1 is generally a "Hold" for breeders. Remember, Life Happens, and one never knows when bump ups, or bump backs may occur due to Mother Nature and all that in between.

I do my best to be fair to all involved. This is the best TI can figure out over the years of Life Happenings and Mother Nature. Your patience is truly appreciated. Smile, we're doing our best for you with testing each parent in what is required for the poodle breed and more, see each parents link at the left tabs to see what tests have been completed for each to their age :o) Their size and weight are included. In breeding, we work with our largest parents to breed up to the same size and larger "Royal" pups.

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *

Royal Standard Poodles retired Cleopatra smiles with joy at your getting a pup!!

5. Due to interest of our spoos so far in advance the following protocol is in place for future season's litters beyond a current season...

  • Being placed on a future season's list one understands they will be placed with their date of down payment, in order 1, 2, they desire to move forward.
  • There will be a list only for seasons beyond the current ones. No pairings established as I cannot know in advance what Mother Nature has in mind in the months ahead.
  • You may request a desired spoo pairing, yet understand it might not happen...thus open to other pairings is appreciated. If you designate a specific pair, you may be passed over when something opens up that could have been your color/gender/ size. Mother Nature has the last say in what is born to who! Just making sure you understand that here.
  • Once the current season's litters are born and a wk old, and more puppies are born to what has been initially established for their down payments, TI starts calling those on the future season's list to see if they'd like to be bumped up.
  • Of course if one is open to color and gender one will be able to get their puppy sooner then later. 
  • When TI calls you from the list and gets an answering machine, it is important you call within 24 hours as TI must keep moving forward to place the pups into their loving home. Others are anxiously awaiting to get their new pet. If "Life's Happened" that you can't take my call and hang up, TI will have to move to the next person. "Life Happens", sincere acknowledgement to that, yet the puppies need to know who will take them home.

6. After sorted through and placed puppies accordingly, THEN TI starts the next season's actual pairings...and build their down payment lists by calling people that have made their down payment.

With all that may understand how a down payment is important. We do not keep "contact me please" lists. TI will receive 2-6 forms and phone calls in a day and cannot keep track of so many wanting her to contact them when those placing down payments on future lists are trusting in us for their next pet...and patience! THANK YOU! Thank You!!

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *

Check out the Gift Cards for Sale link


A recipe on how to calculate a pups adult weight:

8 wks old weight x 7 = Adult average wt.

14 wks old weight x 3 = Adult ave. wt.

REMEMBER - Mother Nature has the last say and we have had the underweight 9 lb pup at 8 wks old turn into a 90# adult male!

2. Litter/Down Payment lists

Spring/Summer = (born Spring months, going home Summer months)

Summer/Fall = (born Summer months, going home Fall months)

Fall/Winter = (born Fall months, going home Winter months)

Winter/Spring = (born Winter months, going home Spring months)

How to read a down payment example of what you read when coming on board:

1. 6/4/15 Down payment M Royal - BL - TI > Staples, MN (ZxB or bump up when opening)

To me it reads like this from our phone interview request:

You are now number 1. on 6/4/15 (the phone interview date) a down payment commitment was made (check will get into mail today/tomorrow or cc payment to be made, I am respecting you send this as promised immediately as I have now committed the spot for you) for a here would come if one shared specifically a "Royal" size or a "Standard" size desired, if it didn't matter what size I either place nothing or I may write "size open"... then...a Black/Blue pup choice was committed to by Tes Ingebritson of Staples, MN (one may desire a specific mating...Zain x Bruno or bump up when opening), or other specifics may be placed in parenthesis.

It is important to let Tes know gender; M, F, or M/F, as customers on the list are looking to know if they have an opportunity for a gender opening or must wait until that customer chooses their pup by 6 wks of age (that's the MUST pick date). Changing genders becomes a frustrating point for those watching on the list as they considered themselves to have that pick before you changed your mind. So, it is important to know your desire; M, F, or M/F...either.

So that is how it story boards to the initial agreement in the interview. Tes does her best to get it on the site right away, becoming pretty much set in stone. In getting it onto the site right away you see Tes respecting your commitment in coming on board at that point in time. If you see it isn't quite what you desire you need to let her know RIGHT away! This is how things are pretty set when litters are born from these descriptions. To change your mind at time of birth doesn't work with those around you on the list hoping for their choice as listed.

Being open to gender, color, size sure helps you and me of course, yet totally understand when you have a specific desire, please keep these things in mind when we make these notes for your placement.

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*



Litters / Planned

F/M $2,000  from MN
F/M $2,500 from TX

Fill out the Form at the bottom of this page if interested in one of our pups, section #4...Review the website to learn of us and see if the site can answer your questions...Form FIRST, then Tes responds to it, Then you call for interview if further interested > Tes 737-932-5030 (best reception) or 218-414-0023  - Thank You for your interest :o)

2017 Summer/Fall mating from MN
Black Pickles x Red Daniel
Available - Standard Poodle puppies FOR SALE
2 Red/Apri Males, 1 Brown

Click Here to Watch Puppies Grow


Click here Black Pickles stats & pictures 

(Bruno x Red Fire's daughter)

click here to Red Daniel stats & pictures

Pickles x Daniel, pups born 6/2/17, mark your calendars > MSP airport fly date set for Friday July 28, 2017 ...pic updates  7 wk 7/21/17...have an option B travel plan if flying pup in cargo due to heat indexes...stay tuned...

Royal Black Pickles x Red Daniel - this is her first litter and produced lots of reds, a few blacks and a brown (grandpa Bruno ;o)  

stay tuned...

Black Pickles x Red Daniel

1.  10/17/16 paid M "Royce" - Red - EB > Aurora, CO

2. 5/31/17 down pymt F "Honey" - Red - DB > Urbandale, IA 

3. 6/9/17 paid F "Georgie" - Black - NAV > Ankeny, IA

4. 2/9/17 paid M "Jasper"- Red/Apr - DL > Stillwater, MN ($200 discount for returning customer)

5. 3/3/17paid "Shadow"  - BL - JV > Hammond, WI (Life Happened to move to this timing)

6.  6/30/17 paid M "Brick" - Red/Apr - RS > Belle Prairie, MN

7. 7/8/17  paid F "Rose" - BL - HW > Duluth, MN

8.  7/12/17 paid "Jean Luc" - Royal Red/Apr/Crm -  BV > Highlands Ranch, CO

* 2 Red Males available, 1 Brown Male *

9.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for M

10.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for M

11.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for M

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *

... Next ...

2017 Summer/Fall mating from MN
Brown Jewels x Brown Eagle

These will be gorgeous Royals!

Click here Brown Jewels stats & pictures 

Jewels x Eagle, they are mating! Estimated litter born 9/14?/17 Puppies ready for homes mid November? This will be an all Brown litter, their first litter together.

Click here Brown "Eagle" stats & pictures

Bruno x Zeddy son

Mom Zeddy

Dad Bruno

1. Tes/Dani breeding Brown F

2. HOLD 6/2/17 down pymt M - Royal Brown Male - JB > Waynesboro, PA 

3. ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

4.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

5.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

6.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

No more down payments until litter arrives and placements transpire ...stay tuned...

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*


2017 Summer/Fall mating from MN
Brown Angel x Red Daniel

Angel and Daniel are mating! This leaves an expectation of their litter around September 18, 2017, ready for homes in November. They produce FABULOUS Royal Phantom, Brown and Black pups! Stay tuned...

1. 8/9/16 down pymt M/F - Royal #1 Phantom #2 color open - AY > Upland, CA (Fall Angel x Daniel?)

2. HOLD for bumps

3.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

4. ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

5.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

6.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

No more down payments until litter arrives and placements transpire ...stay tuned...

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*


2017 Summer/Fall mating from MN
Brown Jasper x Red Daniel

Jasper went out of her heat cycle - Mother Nature for you - we stay tuned for when she comes in fully. She is always mated to Daniel producing FABULOUS Royal Brown and Black pups! 

1. Breeding Brown Female for Dani Goeden MN

2.  4/17/17 down pymt M Royal #1 Brown #2 BL/open - SW > Georgetown, MA (?Magic x Zach or Jasper x Daniel)

3.  3/27/17 down pymt M/F "Eddy/Georgina" - Royal Color open - JP > Santa Rosa, CA (placed here as changed time)

4.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

5.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

6.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

No more down payments until litter arrives and placements transpire ...stay tuned...

*Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*


2017 Summer/Fall mating from MN
Brown Magic x Cream Zach

Click here Brown Magic stats & pictures 

- Out of Texas -

Magic x Zach; False alert of heat cycle :o( Zach is owned by Daniel's breeder Carolyn Carrol in TX. Magic is in TX with me, Tes. If they mate by the end of July, pups born end of September, ready for homes end of November? He's a true Royal Apr/Cream male which will provide some fabulous Royals for customers. Color potential ? Phantom, brown, Apr/Cream, black ? Weights F up to 80#, M up to 100#?

Zach is fully tested, I have met him and very much approve :o) I'll be placing a page for him with stats soon. 

1. Breeding Female for Dani Goeden MN

2.  HOLD 3/27/17 down pymt M/F "Eddy/Georgina" - Royal Color open - JP > Santa Rosa, CA

3. HOLD 4/17/17 down pymt M Royal #1 Brown #2 BL/open - SW > Georgetown, MA (?Magic x Zach or Jasper x Daniel)

4. 6/2/17 down pymt M - Royal Brown Male - JB > Waynesboro, PA 

5. 6/14/17 down pymt M - Royal not Black - SG > Winter Haven, FL

5.   ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

6.  ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

No more down payments until litter arrives and placements transpire ...stay tuned...

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *


2017 Summer/Fall/Winter Litters

I do not build the rest of the Summer/Fall/Winter lists until the Summer/Spring litters have come to pass. This list does not mean they are at the top of any mating with those ahead by number above that may need to be bumped back, only means they want a Summer/Fall/Winter pup...bump backs may occur, or bump ups, Life Happens...

1.  8/9/16 down pymt M/F - Royal #1 Phantom #2 color open - AY > Upland, CA (Fall Angel x Daniel?)

2. 1/18/17 down pymt F Royal #1 BL, #2 color open - KD > Cannon Falls, MN (could be 2018?)

3.  3/27/17 down pymt M/F "Eddy/Georgina" - Royal Color open - JP > Santa Rosa, CA (Pickles x Daniel)

5. ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M

6. ____ (date) taking down pymt for F/M


                2018 List                    (no numbers, only dates right now)

- 2/28/17 down pymt M - Royal Red/Apr - CZ > Miami, FL(Pickles x Daniel)


Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *

3. Color Clarification

Solid Colors vss Abstract/Mismark vss Phantom/Agouti

Clarification: A Solid Color puppy will be one color on the body. They may/may not have white hairs on paws as you see in the picture.

Solid Colored bodies will be brown, black/blue, or apricot/cream with no white abstracts on their chest. Sure, they may have white hairs under paw pads, they are still considered solid colored poodles.

This puppy is considered a Non-Solid color having a white Abstract/Mismark on its chest. This is a throw back of evolution having started with the wolf. It takes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING away from the health of a puppy. It simply makes them unique "Like a Diamond in the sky" ;o)

This coloring is called a Phantom, markings of a Doberman or Shepherd. This is a recessive gene from wolves  first existence in developing into the canines we have today. We have black with apricot markings, brown/apricot, and brown black blend with apricot markings that have  been born.

This color is called Agouti. The phantom markings have black tips on top of the coloring. Now as I have mainly been a breeder of solid colors, my research was not in KNOWING what colors would come my way until my mating with Angel x Daniel had their first litter together. At that point in 2016 one of the many website watchers contacted me telling me the correct naming color for this particular marking...go ahead and google Agouti poodle/canine/dog color to see some of the beautiful spoos out there :o)

Graying, Lightening, or Holding their color

  • Clarification: in all the below colors, I cannot guarantee any one pup color can be correctly defined for the customer that it will Gray, Lighten, or Hold its MAY CERTAINLY Gray, Lighten, OR HOLD its color. I just CAN NEVER guarantee which puppy will be any one of these...please, it would be wonderful to know if ANY breeder could positively identify a Holding color, without a doubt, guarantee a customer they would be getting with certainty a Holding color. It may be a breeders continuous research to attain this - YES, but the centuries of mismatches have possibly caused an extinction of is #1 HEALTH, #2 Size, #3 structure (as spay/neutering ALWAYS shifts their body structure when done under one yr of age), then personality. These are what I personally breed toward in my program.
  • No Guarantee holding Red program at this time (red to red mating), darker red/apricots may be born, otherwise apricot and creams may be born to some of red Daniel's matings, WHICH SOME have held their red or apricot color. As my focus is on ROYAL and HEALTH, there is never a guarantee a color will hold. It is in matings to grow the size to Royal that I will be able to provide some Royal red/Apricot/creams for lookers - WITH HEALTH & temperament in mind! 
  • Black/Blue - "Slash = /" means "or" here, Black "or" Blue. I am not professional enough to differentiate between these two colors at such a young age and have erroneously stated this one would be a Black where the pup turned out to be Blue disappointing the customer. I do not want to disappoint anyone and state here that on the form the pull down list shares Black/Blue which means you may get one or the other but I cannot be sure which it will be once full grown. Sorry, your agreement in choosing this color needs your understanding and agreement.
  • Browns - some lighten, some get gray hairs growing in, yet you still recognize brown as being brown.  Some browns will not gray or lighten, Tes has talked about "chocolate" vs "dark chocolate". There is no way for us to tell if a puppy will gray, lighten, or keep its color. Here are some customers that have browns that have kept their color or "lightened" > Carlo, Brody, Duke, and Briggs. Here are some customers that have "grayed" > Juno, Fergie, and, Bear. Sorry, your agreement in choosing a brown needs your understanding and agreement of this.
  • Apricot/Cream - "Slash = /" means "or" here, Apricot "or" Cream. I am not a DNA gene color Mother Nature professional to know if the Apricot is going to stay apricot or fade to Cream and do not want to disappoint the customer. I do not want to disappoint anyone and state here that on the form the pull down list shares Apricot/Cream which means you may get an Apriot or Cream with possibly the Apricot fading out. Sorry, in choosing this color your understanding and agreement is needed.
  • More - Coat Texture

    My research in viewing their coat texture over the years of breeding the brown/chocolate large standard poodles...the differences can be found in the Red/Apricot/Creams as well as the Black/Blue.

    click here to see A Coat of Many Characteristics


    Red Daniel's smile truly keeps us laughing out loud :o))

    Click here to see our Customer pictures of past Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

    4. Form to be filled in and sent

    if interested in A Perfect World puppy

    Don't even think about filling out this form if you are a large kennel or puppy mill. I only believe in loving family environments for my AKC Standard Poodles for Sale.

    * Stars are required input in the form below.

    • If you do not receive a response that your form has been sent, double check the starred items. If you place random letters (some do) it won't recognize it. 
    •  If you're email is set up to block incoming emails, you won't get my response, they are kicked back to me. Call me if you don't get my response in 24 hrs! You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • Will ask that you fill out the form at some point if moving forward. 

    Contact Tes at TX cell #737-932-5030 > No Land Line

    • People with blocked numbers leaving a message: I cannot get back to you :o( Please leave your contact number in the message. If you don't hear back from me shortly - CALL AGAIN PLEASE - You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • Or you called and we have a bad connection and I say I will call you right back - OOPS you have a blocked number I can't get back to you! PLEASE call me back in an hour as I always respectfully respond within minutes. You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • So many variables like these have come up - You ARE IMPORTANT. Do call back please.

    Thank You for your interest in us! 

    Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale *

    Interested in Purchasing a Pet - stars * Must Fill In

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

    Please enter the word that you see below.