Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

This Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale web page is updated weekly, if not every other day! Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale located toward bottom of page.

Things can change in an instant, one day a litter sold out, the next a puppy can be back up for sale with "Life Happens" so do visit often to see if there are any openings:

Steep price reduction


for 9/21/22 remaining 3 pups, see litter pictures below. No other discounts apply.

Contact via form for an interview! 


last updated 12/3/22

Update / s:

1. Geo x Rumor have mated! See below.

2. I have decided to end my breeding career by the end of 2023 due to back issues and am handing the reigns over to Kate Bauer from Mason, TX. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. The website will move forward with Kate as will the Bruno line. Others as well to come on side tabs.



- This page has 3 sections -

1.  Royal & Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale on this page showing Down Payment lists and litters or up & coming...see below...

2. click here Protocol in getting a puppy

3. click here Color Clarification Coat Differences New DNA update to come! Stay tuned...


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1. Regular Pup Price


Male or Female

$500 deposit NON-Refundable unless pup not born to desired request.

Discounts available for Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale customers :

1. $200 off when getting 2 pups or coming back down the road for another pup from me - Thank You!

2. As of 11/21/22 a $200 discount for each referral of a new customer getting their pup (bumped up from $100) No cash value, just discounted off for your next pup ... which can truly add up: o) Always provide referral name and address please that I can add to your folder once transaction completed. My Thank You!

3. Military: with proof of "In Service" you receive a $200 discount - Thank You for serving in the US military, past or present! Thank You, Thank You !!!

4. As of 11/21/22 Teachers: with proof of "Teaching Service" you receive a $200 discount - Thank You for serving our many students, past or present! Thank You, Thank You !!!

5. Umbilical Opening (UO): any UO that's found by 5 wks of age receives a $200 discount.

Royal Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale!

All of the standard poodle parents are health tested, structurally analyzed, and temperament chosen to bring healthy offspring balanced puppies to you. Annual education in the best practices of being a canine breeder; that includes canine nutrition, breeding considerations, and puppy health. The larger size standard poodle is the focus called Royals in marketing terms, yet standards every litter. Standing behind A Perfect World poodles no matter where you live with a 2 year health contract. 

Pups come with Full Tail and Dewclaws.

What gets written for a customer on any list below becomes pretty much written in stone as people watch the site often anticipating their pup. Bump ups are done when more pups are born. Bump backs when not enough born to desire ... that's what HOLDs are for on any one list :o)

... next ...

Males & Females For Sale!
steep price reduction
DOB 9/21/22

Get your holiday pup!!


click link >  Royal Juno Royal Holiday pups born 9/21/22 to see puppy pictures growing up, ready for homes NOW




has mated with Rumor

Geo may retire after this litter...I stay tuned...



You'll see brown and phantoms in our litter :o)

Geo x Rumor have mated! Estimated birth around 1/20/23

My new DNA with EMBARK allows me to know (Mother Nature has last say) it will be 50% Brown, 25% Red, 25% Black with 25% Phantoms in the colors, we stay tuned...

1. Breeding HOLD

2. 2016 down pymt, Royal, Brown/Black/Phantom, JGBF > Hollywood, CA ($200 discount returning customer)

3. 3/31/22 down pymt, Royal, F, open, LL > Winnipeg, Manitoba

4. ____ down pymt, Royal F/M Black, initials > city, state

5. ____ down pymt, Royal F/M Black, initials > city, state

6. ____ down pymt, Royal F/M Black, initials > city, state

No more down payments until litter born.


 - Cairo's spring litter is canceled due to down payments :o(

- 2023 Fall? if down payments come in? up and coming Royal Parti Phantom girl Jaxxi, will throw phantoms with Royal. 

stay tuned...

If you want to get onto the Puppies For Sale list, fill out the form below for an interview.

Future Litter Down Payments 2023-2024

Thank You for helping me plan!

Tes Contacting when matings / litters come:

 9/24/20 down pymt, Size - larger F, color - NOT white or gold, JC > Tucson, AZ

- 8/14/22 down pymt, Royal M, Brown/Phantom, RR > Barnesville, OH (Spring/Summer 2024)

- 8/31/22 down pymt, Royal F, Brown, EH > Butte, MT (Febr/Spring 2023)

- 9/7/22 down pymt, Royal F, Black, SS > Woodbridge, CT (Returning customer $200 disc. 2023 Spring)

About Down Payment List - - -

       Bump ups and Future litters          Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

I don't build a parent Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale list until parents get closer to mating / actually mating. Then:

  • I email / call down payment customers on the list above to know if they want to be placed on that new mating list.
  • This list does not mean they are at the top of any mating with those ahead by "date" coming on board, only means they want a puppy from me at that time. 
  • Bump backs may occur from a litter just born that did not provide their pup, or bump ups occur when more pups are born in a litter allowing openings for those committed in having made a down payment. 
  • Call if you need clarification. Thank You!


"LATER LIST" Tes waiting for customers to call her

Thought I would provide a puppy fix for those of you interested in watching puppies grow. These are SOLD OUT litters of course from the past, yet posted for your enjoyment.
- Magic puppies  dob 11/21/20
- Enya puppies dob 1/17/20

- Magic puppies dob 4/25/19
- Geo puppies dob 4/17/19 
- Jasper puppies dob 9/26/14 
- Falcon puppies dob 7/21/13  

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

Click here to see my Customer pictures of past Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

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