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"Royal Standard Poodles Puppies for Sale" web page is updated weekly, if not every other day! 
2015 Puppies for Sale
Spring/Summer price $1,650 M/F
Fall/Winter price $1,750 M/F

This web page Last Updated Weds. 3/25/15

Update/s 1. Down payments for Fall/Winter litters. 2. 2016 Spring/Summer list started...

This page has 4 sections

1. Protocol in getting a puppy

2. Litter lists

3. Color clarification

4. Form to be filled in and sent if interested in A Perfect World puppy

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Boys just wanna have fuuunnn ;0) ...Rosco and Bruno...


Our Royal Standard Puppies for Sale are sometimes sold out early due to the truly appreciated response of customers planning ahead and wanting one of our pups - Thank You!

1. Protocol in getting a puppy

Life Happens: Down Payment Lists can change in an instant! Stay Tuned...after many years of breeding I have had many variables that a customer is unable to get that pet once a down payment was made, even at the last minute ready to fly out; legitimate "Life Happens" situations. A List can open up so all I can share is "Stay Tuned...," if you have contacted me, you just might get a call when something happens!


Our first dam Zain (below), 55 lbs, had an Apricot 100# Royal father who established our Royal line of A Perfect World puppies. She is retired and was a talker always making us smile. Thank You Zain!

1. The Form found at the bottom of this page is needed to be filled in and sent. It is how I can reference your date of contact and pull up your interests when you do get in touch. It is important that you share a bit about yourself. It is important that you share a bit about yourself.  I'm sorry, have I shared yet - It's important that you share a bit about yourself!

2. In contacting me for an interview, depending on your questions and mine, we may take an hour. It would be great if you can have the computer and this web page up to walk through. Our interview will cover the opportunity for bump ups as I take only so many down payments, knowing more pups may be born to accommodate the balancing of the customers desire. Assure you let me know your definite interests! We will place in parenthesis (bump up) accordingly.

3. When we are comfortable in moving forward together you may place a $400 down payment for Royal & Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale. 

4. Your pup NOT being born as desired: understandably, it disappoints you and I :o( I can fully refund you, or place you on a future list unless we have already placed you on a list with a "Hold". The situation in placing you on a future list that you did not get a "Hold" on is the fact people have made plans to possibly be at the VERY top of a litter to get first pick. I ask those customers in not getting their desired pup in a litter to understand you would be placed at the next opening of a down payment list you desire to be on, or we can start a new litter with you as #2, #1 is generally a "Hold" for breeders. Remember, Life Happens, and one never knows when bump ups, or bump backs may occur due to Mother Nature and all that in between.

I do my best to be fair to all involved. This is the best I can figure out over the years of Life Happenings and Mother Nature. Your patience is truly appreciated.

5. Due to interest of our spoos so far in advance the following protocol is in place for future season's litters beyond a current season...

  • Being placed on a future season's list one understands they will be placed with their date of down payment, in order 1, 2, they desire to move forward.
  • There will be a list only. No pairings established as I cannot know in advance what Mother Nature has in mind in the months ahead.
  • You may request a desired spoo pairing, yet understand it might not happen...thus open to other pairings is appreciated. If you designate a specific pair, you may be passed over when something opens up that could have been your color/gender/ size. Mother Nature has the last say in what is born to who! Just making sure you understand that here.
  • Once the current season's litters are born and a wk old, and more puppies are born to what has been initially established for their down payments, I start calling those on the future season's list to see if they'd like to be bumped up.
  • Of course if one is open to color and gender one will be able to get their puppy sooner then later. 
  • When I call you from the list and I get an answering machine, it is important you call me within 24 hours as I must keep moving forward to place the pups into their loving home. Others are anxiously awaiting to hear from me to get their new pet. If you tell me "Life's Happened" that you can't take my call and hang up, I will have to move to the next person. I do respect that "Life Happens", my sincere acknowledgement to that, yet the puppies need to know who will take them home.

6. After I have sorted through and placed puppies accordingly, THEN I start the next season's actual pairings...and build their down payment lists by calling people that have made their down payment.

With all that may understand how a down payment is important. I will receive 2-6 forms and phone calls in a day and cannot keep track of so many wanting me to contact them when those placing down payments on future lists are trusting in us for their next pet...and patience! THANK YOU!

2. Litter lists

2015 Down Payment lists


$1,650 Pet Only Spring/Summer price

AKC Fire x Daniel - M/F $1,650

Click link to see 6 growing Red Puppies born 1/24/15


 Ready for homes and to fly 3/23/15 - mark your calendars!


NEXT upcoming litter below...

AKC Cleopatra x Daniel M/F $1,650

Cleopatra will be retiring after this Spring litter. Looking for a loving MN home ONLY to retire to...give me a call if interested...MN ONLY! You agree to pay for spaying, otherwise Free to the right interviewee, will visit home with her before placing.

1/24/15 Cleopatra and Daniel estimated their birth around March 28th, ready for homes at the end of May?

Cleopatra x Daniel pups will MAYBE have a blend of these colors, BL, Brown, Red/Apricot/Cream...Mother Nature has the last say on color, gender, and size of course...and her age will determine (generally) a smaller litter...stay tuned for more...and bump ups?

  • Click here to Cleopatra stats & pictures
  • Click here to Daniel stats & pictures
  • 1. Breeding F Black/Brown for Tes  (for Bruno ;0)

    2. Breeding M - Red - DS > Brooksville, FL

    3. Breeding F - BL > DB > Middleton, MA

    4. "HOLD" Down Payment M - Royal BL - KB > Penncock, MN (bump where opening, Zeddy x Bruno preferred, not Winter litter)

    5. Down payment F - size open BL - DW > Brandon, SD (bump where opening)

    No more down payments will be taken until litter born...stay tuned...


    NEXT upcoming litter below...

    2015 Spring AKC Zeddy x Bruno Royal pets $1,650 - these are VERY Royal - Giant size once grown!

    Zeddy X Bruno have mated - Woo Hoo! Estimated litter date April 12th, to go home mid June. 6 wks along in above picture. If in hot states you may need to plan to take pup as carry-on instead of cargo if heat embargo comes into play with a particular airline you use.

    Royal Black Zeddy x Royal Brown Bruno will have DEFINITE ROYAL Blacks/Blues and Browns. Estimate large litter of 10.

    ...stay tuned for bump ups...

  • Click here to Zeddy stats & pictures
  • Click here to Bruno stats & pictures
  • 1. HOLD

    2. Down Payment F/M - Royal Color open - GE > Mahtomedi, MN (would take upcoming new female Jasper pup, definite 2015)

    3. Down Payment M - Royal #1 Brown #2 Black - JH > Greenacres, WA (definite 2015)

    4. Down Payment F - Royal Brown - LG > Livermore, CA

    5. Down Payment M - Royal Brown/Black - JF > Hollywood, CA

    6. Down Payment M - Royal Brown - SK > Coon Rapids, MN (Zeddy 2015 Spring or Fall)

    7. Down Payment F - Royal color open - KM > Renner, SD (Spring litter 2015)

    No more down payments will be taken until litter born ...stay tuned...


    NEXT upcoming litter below...

    2015 Spring AKC Jasper x Daniel Royal pets $1,650 - these are Royals - Giant size once grown!

    AKC Royal Jasper x Daniel have mated - Woo Hoo!!

    Estimated litter date May 26th, to go home end of July. If in hot states you may need to plan to take pup as carry-on instead of cargo if heat embargo comes into play with a particular airline you use.

    This litter will/may have Black/Blue, Brown and/or Apricot/Cream? puppies. Limited Pet Only registration. These are definite Royal sizes as Jasper is a huge female and her first litter with Daniel have produced some gorgeous Royal offspring! See Spartacus link from their last litter > tracking Spartacus future stud for A Perfect World

    Click here to Jasper stats & pictures

    Click here to Daniel stats & pictures

    1. Down Payment M  - Royal Brown - TG > Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

    2. "Hold"  Down Payment F - Royal color open - KM > Renner, SD (Spring litter 2015)

    3. Down payment M - Royal #1 BL, #2 Red/Apricot/Cream - MC > Staples, MN

    4. Down Payment F - Royal #1 BL, #2 Brown - JL > Westboro, WI

    5. "Hold" for bump backs

    6. Down Payment F - Royal BL - MDH > Palatine, IL (bump up where opening)

    No more down payments will be taken until litter born...stay tuned...


    NEXT upcoming litter ... will open after some of 2015 Spring litters have come and gone to see who all has bumped up ... or needed to be bumped back ...


    2015 Fall/Winter litters $1,750

    2015 Fall (born)/Winter (ready for homes) list:

    1. 1/19/15 Down Payment M - Royal BL - KB > Penncock, MN (bumped back for Fall desired litter, Zeddy x Bruno preferred)

    2. "HOLD" 2/9/15 Down Payment F - Royal BL - MDH > Palatine, IL (bump up where opening)

    3. 2/10/15 Down Payment M - Royal Brown - SL > Chicago, IL (bump up where opening)

    4. 2/13/15 Down payment M - Royal #1 BL, #2 Brown - TS > Livingston, NJ (bump up where opening)

    5. 2/14/15 Down payment M - Royal #1 BL, #2 other - JPG > Denver, CO (bump up where opening)

    6. 3/5/15 Down payment M - Royal #1 Br, #2 BL - EM > Marfa, TX (bump up where opening Zeddy or Jasper)

    7. 3/7/15 Down payment M - Royal BL or Red/Apr - JJ > Avon, CO (bump up where opening)

    I draw this line ------------------------------------- to signify at this point there is great potential down payments below would be for the Fall matings..."Life Happens" and I will not know until all Spring/Summer litters have transpired and customers placed accordingly...these lists can change quickly over night!

    8. HOLD Down payment M - Royal Brown or Apricot/Cream - MP > Short Hills, NJ (Fall Zeddy x Bruno)

    9. HOLD (date) Down payment opening - F/M

    10. 3/16/25 Down payment M - Royal BL - KS > S. Salem, NY (bump where opening or Fall Zeddy x Bruno) 

    11. 3/16/15 Down payment M - Royal color open - MS > Orinda, CA (Zeddy x Bruno Fall or Jasper x Daniel)

    12. 3/18/15 Down payment F - Royal BL - YM > Los Alamitos, CA (bump up where opening Zeddy x Bruno or Jasper x Daniel)

    13. 3/23/15 Down payment M - Royal BL - SC > Rockville, MD (Winter 2015 or Spring 2016 Zeddy x Bruno)

    14. 3/25/15 Down payment F/M open - Royal color open - NB > Chattahoochee Hills, GA (bump up where opening ZxB or JxD)

    15. 3/30/15 Down payment opening M - Royal Brown - MU > Allison, IA (bump up where opening ZxB or JxD)

    16. ____(date) Down payment opening - F/M

    Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to inquire further...

    or Call me for any questions > Tes 218-414-0023 


    2016 Spring/Summer list $1,850

    1. 2/27/15 Down payment F - Royal Black - CW > Richmond, TX (Zeddy x Bruno 2016 Spring)

    2. HOLD Down payment M - Royal BL - SC > Rockville, MD (Winter 2015 or Spring 2016 Zeddy x Bruno)

    3. ____(date) Down payment opening - F/M

    4. ____(date) Down payment opening - F/M

    5. ____(date) Down payment opening - F/M


    3. Color Clarification

  • We no longer have a holding red program (red to red mate), darker apricots may be born. If I ever come across a Royal red line to continue with red Daniel I would pick it up again. There is no guarantee the color will hold, may fade, may not.
  • Black/Blue - "Slash = /" means "or" here, Black "or" Blue. I am not professional enough to differentiate between these two colors at such a young age and have erroneously stated this one would be a Black where the pup turned out to be Blue disappointing the customer. I do not want to disappoint anyone and state here that on the form the pull down list shares Black/Blue which means you may get one or the other but I cannot be sure which it will be once full grown. Sorry, your agreement in choosing this color needs your understanding and agreement.
  • Browns - ALL browns fade in one way or another....some lighten, some get grey hairs growing in.
  • Apricot/Cream - "Slash = /" means "or" here, Apricot "or" Cream. I am not a DNA gene color Mother Nature professional to know if the Apricot is going to stay apricot or fade to Cream and do not want to disappoint the customer. I do not want to disappoint anyone and state here that on the form the pull down list shares Apricot/Cream which means you may get an Apriot or Cream with possibly the Apricot fading out. Sorry, in choosing this color your understanding and agreement is needed.
  • *

    Daniel's smile truly keeps us laughing out loud :o))

    Click here to see our Customer pictures of past Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

    4. Form to be filled in and sent if interested in A Perfect World puppy

    Don't even think about filling out this form if you are a large kennel or puppy mill. I only believe in loving family environments for my AKC Standard Poodles for Sale.

    * Stars are required input in the form below.

    • If you do not receive a response that your form has been sent, double check the starred items. If you place random letters (some do) it won't recognize it. 
    •  If you're email is set up to block incoming emails, you won't get my response, they are kicked back to me. Call me if you don't get my response in 24 hrs! You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • Will ask that you fill out the form at some point if moving forward. 

    Contact Tes at 218-414-0023 > cell phone (no land line)

    • People with blocked numbers leaving a message: I cannot get back to you :o( Please leave your contact number in the message. If you don't hear back from me shortly - CALL AGAIN PLEASE - You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • Or you called and we have a bad connection and I say I will call you right back - OOPS you have a blocked number I can't get back to you! PLEASE call me back in an hour as I always respectfully respond within minutes. You ARE IMPORTANT :o) 
    • So many variables like these have come up - You ARE IMPORTANT. Do call back please.

    Thank You for your interest in us! 

    Interested in Purchasing a Pet - stars * Must Fill In

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

    Please enter the word that you see below.


    When I keep pups for upcoming breeding, they transition into the office to be a part of my pack ;o) The picture below is just for enjoyment...Spoo pups (SOLD and gone) loafing under the 10' long desk made out of an old steel plow my husband welded for me in the office where they love to be by my side :o)