Standard Poodles For Sale


Standard Poodles For Sale - SOLD- "Florentine" - Brown Phantom Female, 4 months old mc 6215; 13 lbs. I've gone home to my new loving owners in TX. A gorgeous lemon-yellow fancy color diamond consists of 137.27 carats. Originally it was in the possession of the Medici Family in Florence in 1657. This was then placed within the Habsburg Crown in the 18th century, and following this used as a brooch. However, from 1919 this diamond's whereabouts is unknown to everyone and remains a mystery.


"Florentine" - Brown Phantom Female, 3 wks old mc 6215; 2 lbs 7oz.


"Florentine" - Brown Phantom Female, 3 wks old mc 6215; 4 lbs 7oz.


"Florentine" - Brown Phantom Female, 7 wks old mc 6215; 5 lbs 9oz.


"Florentine" - Brown Phantom Female, 9 wks old mc 6215; 7 lbs 14oz.


Tracking Geo Standard Poodles For Sale Puppies: 

  • Florentine; 2nd vaccination, haircut and bath, toenails, heartworm
  • 9 wks, 2nd grooming, toenails clipped
  • 8 wks, dewormed with Pyrantel
  • 6 wks, dewormed with Pyrantel
  • 5 wks, first haircut and shampoo, expressed anal glands
  • 4 wks, dewormed with Pyrantel, toenails clipped
  • 2 wks, dewormed with Pyrantel
  • Toenails clipped 7 days old
  • Full Tails and due claws :o)
  • Born 1/17/23

* Geo puppy customer list *

1.  9/7/22 paid, Royal F, Black "Shira", SS > Woodbridge, CT (Returning customer $200 disc. 2023 Spring)

2. 12/7/22 paid, Royal/open F, Apricot "Chula", KM > Tucson, AZ 

3. 2/1/23 paid, Royal M White "Atticus", BB > Pembroke, VA (Returning customer $200 disc.)

4.  3/26/23 paid, Royal F Black, "Daisy Mae", WK> New Orleans, LA ($200 returning cust disc, UO discount)

5. 3/12/23 paid, M Black Phantom, "Mic" PSD > Fayetville, NC (returning customer + two puppy & military discount)

6. 3/12/23 paid, M Cream, "Leo", PSD > Fayetville, NC (returning customer + two puppy & military discount)

7. 4/6/23 paid, Royal F Black "Tiffany", MG > Round Rock, TX

8. 5/15/23 pymt, Standard F Phantom Brown, initials > city, TX


Remember, start at the bottom and scroll up as they grow up onto the page in the coming weeks :o)

* Standard Poodles For Sale GxR 2023 *

Each litter I choose a theme to celebrate in creating their names until chosen by customers. The names this time are after Famous Diamonds (I enjoyed the faux large diamonds from the last story board ;o). Micro-chips will be inserted for the 3 week individual picture update when you'll see their storyboard names and pictures. See pictures of their diamonds at > 10 top diamonds.


3 M + 6 F = 9 puppies; 1 Brown Phantom F, 1 Apr F, 3 Black F, 1 Black & White F + 1 White M, 1 Cream M, 1 Black M

* Geo puppy customer list *

1.  9/7/22 paid, Royal F, Black "Shira", SS > Woodbridge, CT (Returning customer $200 disc. 2023 Spring)

2. 12/7/22 paid, Royal/open F, Apricot "Chula", KM > Tucson, AZ 

3. 2/1/23 paid, Royal M White "Atticus", BB > Pembroke, VA (Returning customer $200 disc.)

4.  3/26/23 paid, Royal F Black, "Daisy Mae", WK> New Orleans, LA ($200 returning cust disc, UO discount)

5. 3/12/23 paid, M Black Phantom, "Mic" PSD > Fayetville, NC (returning customer + two puppy & military discount)

6. 3/12/23 paid, M Cream, "Leo", PSD > Fayetville, NC (returning customer + two puppy & military discount)

7. 4/6/23 paid, Royal F Black "Tiffany", MG > Round Rock, TX

8. ____ down pymt, Royal F/M color, initials > city, state

3 Males


"Cullinan" (Cullin for short) - Black Male showing ever so slight phantom markings on some legs and butt. We watch his hair grow, 3 wks old mc 6307; 3 lbs 13oz. 


"Cullinan" (Cullin for short) - Will be a Royal Black Male showing  light phantom markings on face, legs and butt. We watch his hair grow, 5 wks old mc 6307; 6 lbs 12oz. 



"Cullinan" (Cullin for short) - Will be a Royal Black Male showing  light phantom markings on face, legs and butt. We watch his hair grow, 7 wks old mc 6307; 9 lbs 8oz.


SOLD - "Cullinan" (Cullin for short) no Mic from Michelangelo  the Ninja Turtles - Will be a Royal Black Phantom Male showing  light phantom markings on face, legs and butt. My returning loving owners are PSD > Fayetville, NC. We watch his hair grow, 9 wks old mc 6307; 14 lbs 14oz. Like Cullinan I (Star of Africa), this diamond was also cut from the world’s largest rough diamond ever found. This stone consists of 11.50 carats in a beautiful marquise style cut. It was set into the crown of Queen Mary, but was designed to be removed so it could also be worn as a brooch. 


"Dresden" - Cream Male, 3 wks old mc 5785; 3 lbs 10oz.


"Dresden" - Royal Cream/White Male, 5 wks old mc 5785; 6 lbs 11oz. 


"Dresden" - Royal Cream/White Male, 7 wks old mc 5785; 9 lbs 9oz.


SOLD - "Dresden now Leo" from Leonardo Ninja Turtles - Royal Cream/White Male, 9 wks old mc 5785; 14 lbs 9oz. My returning loving owners are PSD > Fayetville, NC. Displaying a hypnotic green color, this fancy diamond consists of 41 carats and is thought to originate from India. It gained its name from its place of security – the Green Vaults in Dresden, Germany.


SOLD - "Koh-i-noor now Atticus" - Royal White Male, 9 wks old mc 0796; 16 lbs 5oz. My wonderful loving returning owner will be BB > Pembroke, VA. Once a round stone of 186 carats belonging to the Indian Raj, then plundered in 1739 by the Shah of Persia who named it ‘The Mountain of Light’, or ‘Koh-i-Noor’. Later it came under possession of the English East India Company and presented to Queen Victoria in 1850. Here it was recut into the 108.92 carat jewel it now sits as. The Koh-i-Noor was set into the crown of Queen Mary, and later the crown of the Queen Mother of Elizabeth II. 


"Koh-i-noor" (Kohin for short) - Royal White Male, 3 wks old mc 0796; 4 lbs 11oz . 


Atticus" - Royal White Male, 5 wks old mc 0796; 8 lbs.


"Koh-i-noor now Atticus" - Royal White Male, 7 wks old mc 0796; 10 lbs 4oz.

5 Females


"Hope" - Black Female with white back toes, 3 wks old mc 0878; 4lbs.


"Hope" - Royal Black Female with white back toes, 5 wks old mc 0878; 6lbs 4oz.


"Hope" - Royal Black Female with white back toes, 7 wks old mc 0878; 8lbs 14oz.


SOLD - "Hope now Daisy Mae"" - Royal Black Female with white back toes, 9 wks old mc 0878; 13lbs 7oz. I'm going home to be with a half sister! Returning customer WK is taking me home to New Orleans, LA :o) This beautiful fancy deep blue diamond consists of 45.52 carats and appeared within the trade in 1830. There are beliefs that this stone was recut from a previously stolen gemstone, however this is unconfirmed. It was brought by a banker by the name of H. Ph. Hope – hence the coming of the name ‘Hope’. Hope now resides in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

SOLD - "Tiffany" - Black Female, 9 wks old mc 7436; 9 lbs 3oz. MG > Round Rock, TX are my new owners - YAY! Tiffany had an ear injury at birth, momma chewed sack off to close to ear? Healing but not sure ramifications. See picture inserts. We stay tuned to watch her grow and see ear development.

Recently, the Tiffany diamond was worn by Lady Gaga on the 2019 Oscar’s red carpet. A fantastic 128.51 carats, this fancy brownish-orange diamond was found in Kimberley, South Africa, in 1878. It was originally cut from a rough stone of 287.42 carats by Tiffany the Jeweler. The cutting took place in Paris and turned the gem into a striking 90 facet-faced jewel. 


"Tiffany" - Black Female, 3 wks old mc 7436; 2 lbs 12oz. Injured ear at birth, below 3wks healed, ears opening.


Tiffany's ear above at 5 wks old. Her ear opening has opened and the canal is fine, just damage to the outer funneling, fully healed.


"Tiffany" - Black Female, 5 wks old mc 7436; 4 lbs 8oz.


"Tiffany" - Black Female, 7 wks old mc 7436; 5 lbs 12oz.


"Nassak" - ROYAL Black Female, 3 wks old mc 0025; 4 lbs 12oz.


"Nassak now Shira" - ROYAL Black Female, 5 wks old mc 0025; 7 lbs 10oz.


SOLD - "Nassak now Shira" - ROYAL Black Female, 7 wks old mc 0025; 9 lbs 13oz. My forever loving new owner is a Tes returning customer SS > Woodbridge, CT. The Nassak diamond was originally 90 carats and sat within the Temple of Shiva in Nassak, India (hence its name). This diamond was looted by the English is 1818 and recut in New York in 1927. The now 43.38 carat diamond was then acquired by the King of Saudi Arabia in 1777.

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

SOLD - "Sancy now Chaba" - Apricot Female with white mismark on chest, 9 wks old mc 0327; 10 lbs 1oz. My new loving owners are KM > Tucson, AZ. This sparkling white diamond was worn by Charles the Bold in 1470 and was later bought in 1570 by Seigneur de Sancy from the French Ambassador to Turkey. Consisting of 55 carats, the Sancy now resides in the Louvre in Paris to be adored by many.


"Sancy" - Apricot Female with white mismark on chest, 3 wks old mc 0327; 3 lbs 1oz.


"Sancy now Chaba" - Apricot Female with white mismark on chest, 5 wks old mc 0327; 5 lbs 8oz.


"Sancy now Chaba" - Apricot Female with white mismark on chest, 7 wks old mc 0327; 6 lbs 9oz.

9 wk picture update below


Florentine stands oh so proud with Tiffany next to her saying, "Let's PLAY!"

Call today for Florentine! 737-932-5030


Tiffany and Cullin enjoying the weather in TX. 


Tes thinks we're standing so magnificent ;o) Chaba gets to go home Tuesday to her new home.


Tes gives us bones to help with our baby teeth now in.


We've snuck into Blue Bonnet Park and Tes has to bring us back to keep an eye on us. Next week she'll open up the gate for us to have both parks until we're brought to our new loving homes.



Our hair is growing long as Tes doesn't want to cut it with the cooler temps here in TX, and some of us going home to colder states.


We're 9 wks old 3/21/23! We've got a second haircut and playing LOTS!


The puppies that are sold will be going home at 8 wks old. Those remaining will have a 9 wk picture update, only a lot fewer pictures.


I'm looking for you to choose me and I'll love you back :o) Oh so soon...


We're certainly outgrowing the Wing. So ready to come home to you to be loved and learn all we can out their in the world :o)))


Tes says, "I am Loved" and loves relaxing with us.


Look at the size difference ;o)


Dr. Angela is giving us our 2nd adjustment...ahhh feels so good!


Kuranda Bed! Royal Pet Bed on top!! We love them both!!!


Tes has really been using phrases to teach us in and out when she calls.


And now we've reached further into puppy park, play, play, play! Reach, Reach, Reeeeaaach!!!


Tes LOVES to come in and love us...we do love it too :o)


Ahhh, a crate, interesting...


Lots of pea rock for us to learn to potty on. Then Tes flushes the toilet with the hose, pea rock and grass to keep it all healthy.


Our owners have come to pick one of us to go home with when we turn 8 wks old - YAY! Great socicalizing for us :o)


Tes has to stop the paper now as we become paper shredders, eating it as well which is dangerous to our health! The gray mats are machine washable so there's always a lot of wash going on. The dog crate is added to get smells and us use to going in and out of it for those customers who may want to use one.


And of course we love to snuggle into her lap and get a good Zzzz going.


Tes climbs in with us, getting us to chew on her that she can feel how our teeth are coming in and then if we bite she says "Owee OWEE" that we know to stop or be gentle.


The scoop on poop leaves Tes cleaning several times a day. She places the scoops into empty dog food bags to send to the dump for recycling Mother Natures earth.


We've started to reach into the grass...oh so interesting.


We've DEFINITELY figured out the in and out of the doggy door. "Potty Outside" Tes will call out and out we go. And now she calls us to "Come In" and certainly want to get her love and petting :o)


So now we're DEFINITELY nibbling on dry kibble to fill us. YUMMY!


We're overwhelming Momma...she wants to get away from us pretty quick when we get to nursing...we wonder why?


In the upcoming 7 wk puppy pictures watch us learn to reach into the Puppy Park, and to the back of it. Stay tuned...


Okay! We've figured out how to go out the doggy door because momma kept popping her head in and we'd work to get out to her. Now we have to figure out how to come back in next :o)

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

Wheeeeee! Florentine LOVES to climb onto the stool and go for a ride!


Tes gave us our first haircut and bath, and is taking pictures of us now...


Momma got a haircut, we'll be getting our first haircut now.


KURANDA beds! We've found them SUPER comfy to get up off the ground. Seems to be that leg challenge Tes gives us works out for a lot of things in life ;o)


It's been too cold in TX for us to go outside, yet today was in the 60's so Tes uses "Potty Outside" now and we come a running to find our slurry mix :o) Tes uses Momma to help lure us out for the first time. We'll figure out the doggy door soon enough ;o)


Ahhhh, snuggling, playing, love is soooo important for ALL of us :o)


Tes starts checking out our teeth by letting us suckle her fingers, and then she can feel our teeth coming in.


Maybe I shouldn't take this sitting down?!?!

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

Tes can always tell it's ADORABLE me "Tiffany" ;o) We all want her attention now :o)))


And now the sun comes shining in where we can warm up by laying in the wonderful sun beam :o) The white squares on the wall in the above picture are natural heating elements that bring healthier warmth then just a furnace.

...okay you do see mostly a clean Wing room because Tes hates to take pictures of it dirty...


Okay...the toys are now becoming interesting...


And after a good lunch we're a bit wet creating us to get chilly and get into a Puppy Pile to warm up! Just how it goes :o)


Hmmm, this licking my sister tastes pretty good ;o)


"Potty Outside," We come a running making LOTS of music! The slurry now starts to get thicker and we circle around where Tes calls this her "circle of life".


Then we finish getting full on momma and ZZzzzzz. Nummy and ZZZzzz is what we do best as puppies...zzzzz....


This is momma's opportunity to lick us even more after we eat :o)


MMmmhhhhmmm! TASTY!


We slurp up the tasty liquid, then start learning to eat the more solid dog food. The phrase "Potty Outside" is sounding TASTY!


As we grow so fast, we're starting to get hungrier and needing more nutrients to not drain momma. Tes makes us up a slurry made from Purina puppy Mousse, thins it out with water and adds dried ground lamb dog food. She likes Health Extension Lamb kibble to get our sensitive tummies going. Over 19 yrs of breeding, this has become the protocol to avoid diarrhea from just the canned mousse (ALWAYS had diarrhea with only canned) then in adding the dried grounded kibble it made their stools nice that they no longer have swollen sensitive anal areas from the loose stools irritating them. SOOOO MUCH healthier!

AAAND, now she starts calling and banging on the pan, "Potty Outside!"


Here we go...GET TO MOMMA...YAY :o)))


Tes gives us challenges, like putting us on the other side of her legs, climbing over them to get to momma.


Tes comes in to cuddle us and socialize us to knowing about people :o)


We're wanting to play with each other, so what if we have lots of toys around us! My sisses and bros are more interesting right now!!


Tes is washing 2-3 loads of blankets now a day. Wool blankets wick urine away and keep us dry, a rubber backed absorbing blanket is underneath that so the wool blanket stays in place, so lots to wash in the coming weeks. This lasts several weeks until we figure out how to go out the doggy door to potty outside.


Tes is Cleaning morning and night now keeping up with our potty on paper as we've certainly reached off the blankets to check out the world.


We're going to be reeeaaaching into the Wing more and more! Tes puts down painters paper now for us to learn feeling of different types under our paws and easier to clean up when we do learn to potty on paper.


Diamond Star: Mother Nature bought the Diamond back just before 4 wks old. It's what I share as "Life Happens". She'll be a Star in my night.

Geo x Rumor Standard Poodles For Sale next 5 week picture update Tuesday February 21, 2023 will be seeing them reaching into the Wing, starting to go in and out the doggy door and more :o) Stay tuned...


A sweet trick is where she rubs us behind our ear and we YAAAWWN :o)


Tes climbs in with us, socializing us where we can climb over her, learn texture cuddling, petting, and of course her many kisses AND momma Magic needs some petting and affection too :o)


WOW! Tes moved us to the Wing with our eyes open now, and moving around she wants us to start getting lots of sunlight which the Wing definitely has!! AND LOTS of room to start Reaching into, to learn to potty on the paper and eventually find the doggy door to learn to go outside and potty. AND lots of room for momma to lay around us to nurse :o)


Momma Geo tells me she needs her bangs cut ;o)


The largest white male is definitely WHITE! The next light male I'm pondering between Cream or White. SO tough to call thus I wait to see their coloring as they get older. This was a just "Too Cute" photo shot :o)




Two of us have white mismarks. I'm the apricot girl below and one doesn't see all of the white until I'm older and my hair's grown out more to see the difference in color.


It's a loving snuggle while we all rest and LOOK! Our eyes are sneaking open to better see you with :o) And, AND our legs are getting stronger beneath us! Our ears open up around 3 weeks old and we start making a LOT more noise. Tes calls this our making music picture although she REALLY wonders about how quiet and happy we are, being so quiet. GOOD milk, GOOD temps in the room, GOOD love, NO tail or due claw dockings make us OH SOOOOoooo HAPPY HAPPY!!!


Standard and Royal, can you figure out which we'll be?


Lick, lick, momma keeps licking to get us to potty until we can do it on our own...and now Tes starts changing the wool blankets twice, to three times a day until we start going on the paper when we're moved to the wing, then outside.


Here we have a small puppy pile...zzzzzz....4 legs up...Momma's butt is a nice sleeping spot.

 *Royal Standard Poodles For Sale*

Tes assures momma Geo has lots of room to move around us and lay down for us to nurse as we grow and take up more and more room...especially with 9 of us!


And then our eyes are OPEN!


And you think your busy? Momma, you don't have enough teats for us! Where is one? Where is one? Where is one???!!!>>!?!?! Okay, after a bit Tes pulls a large away and let's us smaller ones in :o) Thank You ;o)


Our eyes are ever so slightly squeaking open...


See what little tubbies we are :o) 4 legs up, or down, we're keeping nice and warm with full tummies. Some of us are black with white in our toe pads and I'm the brown female with phantom markings on my chest, legs...and butt...for right now ;o) As my hair grows you may see more coloring come into play.


Here's how it works, some of us nurse, some of us zzzzzz.... We're FULL of milk as momma has SO MUCH, Thanks momma, and Geo's still smiling, tired, yet smiling :o)))


Years ago I had a customer tell me the pictures sang off the page for them. I pondered, looked at the pictures, and especially when I'm working them, I go, "Oohhhh, Aaaah, aaaaaaahhhhh"...and just melt at some of them. Then I knew what she was singing about. Hoping some make you sing :o) ENJOY!


There are definitely going to be Royals & Standards in the will see by the pictures above...never a guarantee on size...the HUGE White Male and Black girl will have the story board names of Kohin and Nassak diamonds. The weights in their individual pictures will show their fluctuations in size as they grow :o)


Geo x Rumor Standard Poodles For Sale next 3 week picture update Tuesday February 3, 2023 will be seeing their eyes open, starting to walk on all fours, ears open and making music :o)


Below is one of our first born pictures. As you stroll through the pictures below you'll see us get to be little tubbies with Momma Geo providing lots of milk. Do start at the bottom and watch us grow up onto the page.


Momma Geo has LOTs of milk that keeps us quietly HAPPY! AND Tes that she can sleep better at night ;o)

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

I know Tes writes I'm an Apricot...yet as I age I could be a Cream...yet Tes thinks I'm colored more like Enya was and my hair longer will show more Apricot than Cream. The computer doesn't give one the correct color either :o(


Ahhh, already REACHING...


The Brown Phantom Female is small, as is the Apr/Cream Femle.


Above we have the Female Black and White diamond chest and paws.

* Standard Poodles For Sale *

We grow so fast and smell so well, we become scooters fast until we get those legs beneath us!


There's always time to nurse nummy nummy and time to zzzz....


It's a puppy pile! One wants to keep the temps just right that they aren't too hot spreading all over that momma Geo can circle around them to lay down and let them nurse :o) With the warmth here in TX, even in the winter, it's nothing like my concern in MN where I thought 80 degrees was hot....I've become use to it now...LOL, how my life has changed ;o)


The milk is flowing beautifully to grow these pups FAST! The white males are VERY nice sizes :o) The Apricot may be eventually called out a cream? I stay tuned.


ALWAYS time to snuggle in and zzzzz....what puppies do best...zzzzz...and nummy nummy nurse ;o) Their first sense is smell. They come out ready to smell for the nipple and start nursing. In 11-14 days the next sense is the opening of their eyes, then around 3 wks old their ears open up to start hearing which THEY start VOICING sounds to let me know things aren't as they use to be...Quiet...

There's ALWAYS in every litter "The Arm Thing".


Take a look at some of the pictures with their ear leathers back, one can see they're closed down tight.

What they do sense, are vibrations, thus I do everything I can to keep life relaxed and calm for them :o))

*Standard Poodles For Sale *

What we do a LOT of,. "Nummy nummy...Zzzzzzzzz..."


As pups cannot pass their bodily fluids yet, it's momma Geo's responsibility to lick them, warming them, creating their passing of fluids until it becomes a pup's natural excretion.


I'm soooo happy I did not dock tails or remove dew claws, usually done at 2-3 days old. Why? In the past years, it was not uncommon that I would lose a pup from the stress on having it done (and other variables)...that's why I always wait one Week Through The woods of Mother Nature to let people know numbers. This gave pups the opportunity to not have stress and keep focused on their nourishing milk to help them recoup - and they're ALL doing GREAT :o) 


This is the only apricot female born, umbilical drying up and shortly falling off. Look at them going at it immediately! That shows some healthy born pups ;o)

Momma Geo is doing great and has lots of milk for them. When I occasionally need to pull a pup off from nursing, the milk pours out of their mouth, thus I see she's doing great as are they...and I am always checking teets to assure they're all being taken down so mastitis doesn't occur. 


To my HUGE surprise - Whites were born. It's vital that pups begin nursing within the first hour to get their colostrum to help their immune system. The picture below, 2 more new pups, the motion and nuzzling of the pups starting to nurse help bring the other pups forward to be born...and, I of course, can see their doing well in just having been born :o)


Brown Phantom Female first pup born, the only phantom born. They instinctively head immediately to the smell of a teat and start nursing.

In raising Royal & Standard Poodles, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80+ degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. I have a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o)

If you're interested in one of my pups, please fill in the form on the side tab. I would look forward to hearing from you :o) See my Customer page to observe how many have grown with their loving families.

Standard Poodles For Sale 2023

Interested in purchasing a puppy? The side tab "Contact Form" will get you in touch with me for an interview :o)

Thank You for wanting to love a Standard Poodle!


Standard Poodles For Sale

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