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Royal Apricot "Enya"


Royal Brown "Geo"

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     $2,500     Bruno, now neutered with Tes, yet frozen semen for AI.

Naming Park contest for TX: We have the Park naming winners...stay tuned...I will send a 1/2 size pet bed to the winner/s!

Bluebonnet Park 

Bruno Park 

Royal Announcements

Royal Family Park (AZ)

Spooland Park (EB)

At the TX home:

1. Brown, Black, Red, Apricot and Phantoms are colors born in my program. 

2. My focus is Giant in size, Mother Nature has the last say. A standard in every litter :o)


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Dear People - I DO NOT do text messaging - DO NOT text message me. You may fill out the form found on the tab at which I then provide my email address. Thank You.

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What is a perfect standard poodle in your world? Here at Royal Standard Poodles you'll find home raised, parent tested, structure evaluated, standard size, large, giant, or what I categorize as our Royal Standard Poodles (the large to giant size).

Grand Caniche is French meaning Royal - there use to be a website that defined Royal standard poodles, but as websites come and went :o( So, Royal has become known and defined for some standard poodles as STRICTLY a marketing term - the larger then usual standard poodle. All ARE Standard Poodles per AKC standards. AKC defines a Standard Poodle as ..."over 15" at the highest point of the shoulders."  There is no cap on a standard poodle height.

Please do not let some breeders discredit a good breeding Royal Standard Poodles program. Ask those individuals what tests they are doing on their standard poodles to find out why they are murmuring and nattering about another? It's fact some of us do all the testing and structure analysis as should be done by a good breeder, assuring we provide the healthiest top quality pet for you and its future. If a breeder can't answer your questions on testing, move on and find a reputable breeder that can...if that is what you're desiring. Here at Royal Standard we do our best to do all testing per breed standards and then more where applicable. Education from AKC and other forms is VITAL for us! Researching and more helps me to do the best I can for their future and your future pet.

It's the simple fact they are larger than what may be common in the show ring. And MANY of us LOVE our Royal Standard us they have a MUCH DIFFERENT character then most have to have/had one to experience this. I have had both, and I will have nothing other then a Royal Standard Poodle in my life anymore. It is so much my joy and pleasure...and isn't that up to us as individuals? Not someone else telling us what we should/shouldn't have?? Those are the pleasures of life! Yet ALWAYS ask your questions, home raised, health tested, structure analyzed, registered???

  Let us help decide that perfect pet for you.

I invite you to personally visit my TX home of fenced parks and meet the spoos or peruse the website to see if we may provide you with your next family pet. Royal Standard Poodles, Breeder - LIVING to LOVE them! 

We've all heard the phrase "In a Perfect World"...well in trying to create "A Perfect World" Standard Poodle line one must look at what a good breeder is doing for their potential customer's desire (health and structure of the breed, larger spoos). Testing parents to better the odds for "healthier" pets, observing and analyzing structure, research, research, research, time, time, time, it all takes time. In the above picture some Standard Poodles come into my home hopefully to be in my breeding program. Some do not make it due to my standards of, some come and some go...some are awaiting travel for other countries...some are going through testing...

Dr. John B. Armstrong writes it well, "All dogs (and living organisms) are carriers of multiple mutations. If a genetic disease is produced in an animal, it is not necessarily the result of poor breeding practices, but is the nature of inheritance as a random event. There is no such thing as a perfect animal". (Mutt, Designer breed or Purebred)

The best a consumer can do is research who you would like to get your next pet from, asking breeders to test and working with one who health tests parents. THAT is looking out for the standard poodle's future, that we have them there to enjoy down the road.

Royal Standard Poodles, Apricot, Cream, Brown, Phantom, and Black

More on the term Royal (some redundancy): Many ask for the definition to this with our AKC Poodle Puppies for Sale. There are many viewpoints in the world of what designates them. Most of my breeding poodles are, and their offspring, 90% all Royals due to my years of research in watching their growth from the great customer support you'll see on the "Customer Poodles" tab.

Just remember-it's strictly a marketing term and referencing the larger size standards which I breed. We do have "Standard Poodles" yet "Royal" is what I TOTALLY live for and enjoy.

The one book that actually defines Royal - the dictionary - you'll find the word "regal". This exemplifies these poodles size and temperament to a T!

October 1, 2006; It has been agreed by individuals in communication with me; Toy, Miniature, Standard, and "Royal" should be a new category to the Poodle world. They should start at a shoulder height of 26" and over. Adulthood weight at 60 pounds and up. Those who think of their poodles as "Giants"; which would you rather name them? Most surveyed wanted "Royal". The name says it all. If you want to see this new category write AKC. The more who write in, attention will be given to this new category. American Kennel Club (AKC): Visit them to learn more.

"Our" Standard Poodle Parents are between 55-80#, 26"-30" at the shoulder. With the correct matings, I grow the puppies "UP" in size 80% of the time. I do my best as a Royal Standard Poodles breeder by testing each of our standards to known acceptable practices which you can see under each parent's link on "Our Poodles" tab on the left.

Check out the "Customer Poodles" tab for pictures and the "Tracking of ___" (their pet's growth if shared)! When the girls or boys are spayed/neutered, on average they grow taller instead of fuller when done within 5-6 months of age. Their hormones, when done early enough, do not focus on filling out masculinely or working to become a dam. Instead the body continues to grow in another dimension :-) I learned from my husband who part-time farmed, one can see this in s bulls vss steers.

Bull pasturing outside the Royal Standard Poodle parks...full, chesty hormones a flowing for that next girl ;o)

Steer having been neutered getting ready for market...lean, taller, hormones go to bone growth...

Some lookers ask to get a Royal spoo looking just like brown Bruno...I apologize sharing they will never look just like Bruno as the above occurs once neutered...


"Lickin' good time Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!"


Walking the spoos with Cesar Millan's knowledge in being the Pack Leader.


Will continue to add here, what would you like to see?

Spoo; Standard Poodle

Spring/Summer; means Spring months pups are born, ready for homes in Summer months

Summer/Fall; means Summer months pups are born, ready for homes in Fall months

Fall/Winter; means Fall months pups are born, ready for homes in Winter months

Winter/Spring; means Winter months pups are born, ready for homes in Spring months

Dew claw; Unused digit (fifth toe) on the inside of both the front and rear legs. Dewclaws are usually removed at birth. Poodles generally have dewclaws on front feet only.

Dock; To surgically remove the tail or a portion of the tail; a docked tail; stumped tail. > Spoos tails are docked 1/3 from the tip to AKC standards of the breed.

DHA; Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid also known as Omega oil found in Fish, google and read on DHA to learn more for brain stimulation (thus dogs and some animals need) is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain in infants. DHA is also required for maintenance of normal brain function in adults. The inclusion of plentiful DHA in the diet improves learning ability, whereas deficiencies of DHA are associated with deficits in learning. DHA is taken up by the brain in preference to other fatty acids. The turnover of DHA in the brain is very fast, more so than is generally realized.

Further NOTE on this: LOL - I have had customers come back to me sharing I have SMART poodles compared to a spoo they purchased in the past...Thank You GOOD dog food with DHA!!! DHA during their youth is essential in my viewpoint :0)

Harness; A combination of straps around the chest and back, attached to an animal to control him in walking.

Kids; Often referred to ones' pets living with them :0)

Neuter; An animal whose reproductive ability has been surgically altered. Males are known to be neutered.

Omega oil; Fish oil, also related to DHA - see notes under DHA above.

Spayed; Female whose ovaries have been surgically removed.

White Paper; What is a White Gordon Graham ...The content of a problem/solution white paper provides useful information for readers seeking to understand an issue, solve a problem, or do their jobs better. This can include explaining a certain product, service, technology or methodology.

Artificial Insemination; Semen is placed into the female's vagina or oviduct in order to achieve pregnancy through other ways than copulation. This is the medical alternative to sexual intercourse.

The White papers I write are to help take a look at the many situations put to me over my breeding years. I have been an engineer, helped organize businesses in the past and in so doing have written white papers to take a look at situations and resolutions. Please take a look when you have questions, concerns, and see if they help you. Current white paper is on dog food under the Must Read tab.

Withers; First nine dorsal or thoracic vertebrae; bony projections of vertebrae in the vicinity of shoulder blades; highest point of the shoulders behind the neck.


1. "Royal Standard Poodles" is a marketing term and what I named this website for advertising my large to giant size standard poodles. "A Perfect World" is the name of my standard poodle line.

2. I do NOT sell to anyone for cross "oodle" hybrid breeding! If you hear, or find out of someone who has one of my offspring and is being used for cross breeding PLEASE, Please, PLEASE get their information and contact me via the phone number above that I may contact them to cease and desist per their contract of spay/neuter. It is trust and respect that we sign contracts that are legally binding. Those very few who break that trust and respect must be corrected to get their ethics in, making A more Perfect World. Thank You to all who have gained that trust and respect by spay and neutering your pet from me per our contract. You have made A more Perfect World :0)

Copyright laws on images; TI will permit image use by her customers only.