Pet Tag Bag


The Pet Tag Bag - Patent Pending - is here!

These are great for all size poodles and pets. They range in colors from brown, gold, green, black, red, and blue or more. Long lasting in water and brush!

$9.50 each

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* See pull down list for available colors at this time *


The story:

Odu's owner wanted me to create something for the many tags that had accumulated. The clanking was getting annoying and sleep was being lost.

I went to work with the leather I have in making my journals and book covers to create this wonderful organic sound barrier.

Wallah - durable, long lasting leather for Cats or Dogs, we have one for you. Tell your friends :-) Great gifts!

1. Place Pet Tag Bag over tags.

2. Pull Lace tight around neck of metal ring and lace for bow.

3. Tie into bow, then tie bow into a knot.

FREE Shipping!



Pet Tag Bag - free with your puppy purchase