Standard Poodles 2020 ExD

SOLD - "Animal" Red/Apr Male mc 4042; 9wks 14.6 lbs Tiny white on back paws, LOTS of white on chest. Tes gave me the start of a go-tee to help tell me apart :o)

Last pup available until July pups ready for homes!


Standard Poodles 2020 ExD Puppies ready for homes now :o) Picture updates: just updated 9 wk pic update 3/20/20; next pic update 11 wks old 4/3/20 (if any left)

- Protocol in place for visitors -


Pups can ONLY fly out of Houston at this time to major Hubs. Scroll down 2/3rds of the page link below to find United cargo ISA Hubs March & April  domestic network updates >

Tracking stats for Standard Poodles 2020 ExD puppies:

  • 9 wk fresh haircuts for TX summer temps :o)
  • 8 wks bathed, dewormed Pyrantel
  • 6 wks old dewormed Pyrantel
  • 5 wks bathed, face & paws groomed back, toenails clipped, anal glands secreted
  • 4 wks old dewormed Pyrantel
  • 3 wks old toenails clipped, first hand bath
  • eyes are now open, starting to stand on their paws
  • 2 wks old toenails clipped, dewormed Pyrantel
  • 2 days old Toenails clipped 
  • DOB 1/17/20

Remember to start at the bottom of the web page and scroll up to watch us Standard Poodles 2020 ExD  grow up onto the page, as pictures are added upward every two weeks :o) Tes does her best to share what is done as a breeder in growing us up for you. Having 12 is a huge litter so Tes wants to assure all stay healthy as well as keeping momma Enya fit for caring for us.

Order your Nuvet supplements to keep us pups growing healthy and staying nutritionally balanced, especially our first year with you.

NuVet Plus​ Natural Dog Vitamin Supplements

Click Here To Order NuVetPlus Or Call 800-474-7044


The theme for Enya's litter will be Cookies! So delicious it's hard to have just one ;o)

Not made from the average cookie cutter :o) 

<- Parents - >

click here Apricot Enya

Dash web page

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD
4 Females
mc = microchip

"Milano" Apricot Female mc 4003; 3wks 4 lbs

"Milano" Apricot Female mc 4003; 7wks 11.4  lbs

"Milano" Apricot Female mc 4003; 5wks 6.6 lbs 

SOLD - "Milano" Apricot Female mc 4003; 9wks 16.4 lbs Tiny white on back paws. I'm going home to WY > Austin, TX - YEA!!!


SOLD - "Cookie > now Ginger" Apricot Female mc 4011; 9wks 12 lbs I'll be a "Standard" :o) Tiny white on back right paw. I'm heading home with - WNM > Horseshoe Bay, TX :o)

"Cookie" Apricot Female mc 4011; 7wks 7 lbs

"Cookie" Apricot Female mc 4011; 3wks 2.8 lbs

"Cookie" Apricot Female mc 4011; 5wks 4.4 lbs 

"Strawberry" Red Female mc 3342; 3wks 3.6 lbs

"Strawberry" Red Female mc 3342; 5wks 6.8 lbs

SOLD - "Strawberry > new name Scully" Red Female mc 3342; 7wks 10.2 lbs Tiny white on chest, back paws and white on front paws. My new owners are SW > Austin, TX - Woo Hooo!


SOLD - "Lotus > new name Jordan" Red Female mc 4040; 7wks 11.2 lbs Tiny white on chest and back paws. I'm heading home to LS > Lake Havasu City, AZ with another older spoo from Tes :o)

"Lotus" Red Female mc 4040; 3wks 4.2 lbs

Here Red "Lotus" shows her white bit on chest and back paws.

 "Lotus > new name Jordan" Red Female mc 4040; 5wks 7.2 lbs 

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD
7 Males

SOLD - "S'more" Red/Apr Male mc 2951; 9wks 15.2 lbs Small white on back rt paw. My new owners are KD > Round Rock, TX - Woo Hoo!

"S'more" Red/Apr Male mc 2951; 7wks 10.2 lbs

"S'more" Red/Apr Male mc 2951; 3wks 3.8 lbs

"S'more" Red/Apr Male mc 2951; 5wks 6.2 lbs

"Bear" Red/Apr Male mc 2502; 3wks 3.8 lbs 

"Bear" Red/Apr Male mc 2502; 7wks 10.8 lbs

"Bear" Red/Apr Male mc 2502; 5wks 6.4 lbs 

SOLD - "Bear" Red/Apr Male mc 2502; 9wks 15.6 lbs Tes looks to see I'm a solid color. Tes gave me a mustache to help tell me apart :o)


SOLD - "Animal" Red Male mc 4042; 9wks 14.6 lbs Tiny white on back paws, LOTS of white on chest. Tes gave me the start of a go-tee to help tell me apart :o)

"Animal" Red Male mc 4042; 7wks 9.6 lbs

A picture of "Animal's" chest and back paws having white.

"Animal" Red Male mc 4042; 5wks 6.2 lbs 

"Animal" Red Male mc 4042; 5wks 6.2 lbs

"Valentine" Apr/Cream Male mc 3714; 3wks 4.2 lbs

"Valentine" Apr/Cream Male mc 3714; 5wks 8 lbs

SOLD - "Valentine" Apr/Cream Male mc 3714; 7wks 12.6 lbs Tes looks to see I'm a solid color. Tes has chosen me to be her next up and coming Royal stud - Woo Hoo!!!


SOLD - "Emperor > new name Togo" Red Male mc 3687; 7wks 10.4 lbs Two white spots on chest and all paws. I'm heading home to be loved by EA> Utica, NY :o)

"Emperor" Red Male mc 3687; 3wks 3.6 lbs 

"Emperor > new name Togo" Red Male mc 3687; 5wks 6.8 lbs

"Matt's" white chest and paws...

"Matt" Red Male mc 3653; 3wks 4 lbs

"Matt > new name Risley" Red Male mc 3653; 5wks 7.2 lbs 

SOLD - "Matt > new name Risley" Red Male mc 3653; 7wks 11.6 lbs White on all paws, LOTS of white on chest. My double cookie eating owner will be DRB > Saratoga Springs, NY. I'll be with my relative/half sister "Sevro" :o)


SOLD - "Chip > new name Sky" Apr/Cream Male mc 3709; 7 wks 11.2 lbs  White on back paws, small white on chest. My wonderful loving family is KD > Spring, TX :o)

"Chip" Apr/Cream Male mc 3709; 3wks 4.2 lbs

"Chip" Apr/Cream Male mc 3709; 5 wks 6.6 lbs

Come and get one of us soon! It's hard to have just one cookie so two of us would be twice the joy and laughter :o)

Momma! You dug this hole? Tes has bricks to fill in the holes where in MN she had big rocks and boulders to grow instead...hmm, I can tuck in here for a nap nicely ;o)

Soooo much space to play and learn in!

HEY! Check this space out for us to learn and grow in!!! Come and get us so we can learn from you :o))) Tes is giving us our haircuts for the warming TX temps. Those warm temps will certainly kill off Covid see what Tes has learned in simple terms is it is a jelly like virus that melts/breakdowns in warm temperatures. We will be Happy Happy in TX for our hot days ;o)

MYyyyy! Tes has moved us from Puppy Park to Blue Bonnet Park with 3 x the reach and be even more curious in learning...COOOOL!

We like to come and rest around Tes in her office chair while she works on our web page for you :o)

Momma wants to play with us...she loves us ;o) That thing in the background is a HUGE Himalayan salt lamp for positive ions to be dispersed into the air for healthy living. 

WOW, Tes now has us reaching independently into the great room where the office is...Sooo much to smell and be curious about! Tes can teach us more now too..."Don't bite, Calm, Potty Outside" and more...


My name is Valentine. Tes is keeping me to be a future Royal stud for the girls. I can hardly wait ;o)

Now that we're getting MORE adventurous with age, we've figured out the steps to the deck where Momma Enya would get away from us for a break. We are weaned yet Tes has placed Momma back in with us for learning submission and other adult stuff, like how to play with her ;o)

8 & 9 wk growth pictures above...

Tes teaches us Potty Outside with the nummy food and we just keep on a growing for you..see any difference :o)

Once we start shredding the painter paper that Tes has laid for catching all our pee and poop, she doesn't put it down anymore...and just a whole lot of mopping goes on...

Crates have been added for some of us going to fly out...getting lots of our smells for comforting :o)

We've got baby teeth coming in and now Tes adds beef bones to help us chew on...nummy nummy! at least until momma takes them away...


Our wet food is canned with ground dry dog food now...transitioning us to eating more and more solid, which we are now pretty much eating too where momma eats :o)

Momma's always trying to figure out a better to feed 12 of us...If I stay on the pet bed then not all of them can get to me ;o)

We're learning to climb up on things, onto the Kuranda beds and so much more...


We LOVE this hole dug back here...for whatever reason Tes doesn't want to fill it in as she has too much joy watching us play in it ;o) That's one of the joys she gets in having puppies :o)

Tes has a GREAT Puppy Park for us to learn to Reach and learn in :o) Come and see for yourself...

And look here, we can go through some tunnels to learn to get out the other side :o)


Look! We've done it!! MORE SPACE to reach into!!!

Well, we've reached this far so good...but we can't get to momma :o(


Okay, so Momma's out there...should we go get her? It's soooo far! Can I reach out that far?

a...and we chew on her pant legs to get her to pick us up for cuddling...but she does soon say "Tssss" to not bite her...

Tes comes in to work with us teaching us how to pull on shoe strings we get a "Tsss" and when we get too rough with each other we get a "Tsssss."

Hey, Pet Beds are being added. We LOVE sleeping on them! Check them out and bring one home for us to enjoy the smells of home :o)

Tes calls us in to eat as it's too cold outside yet...we're learning to "Potty Outside" with food and to "Come in" with food. We LOVE food and that's a great way to train us...she's saying "Owee" and we learn NOT to bite her :o( and then there's learning to be gentle in licking food off her fingers...oh so gentle she says :o)

Wow, this is the way to do it momma!

HEY LOOK! Tes has her mural she painted of a scene from her fantasy book, first of a trilogy, "A Perfect World" . She painted it on her garage door in MN and brought it to TX. It's a great canopy for us to stay cool from the hot TX sun in the summer. She names her spoo parents from characters in the book and some customer names will be in the upcoming trilogy as characters...having fun with life and all that she brings to you :o)

Okay; grass, space, more grass, reach, reach and legs under us are getting us curiouser and curioser...

So now we're going into our 6 and 7 weeks of age. We're now reaching off of the pea rock into GRASS! This is interesting...steps...


So in the 6 & 7 weeks ahead, 7 wk picture update Friday 3/6/20, you'll see us Reaching into the Puppy Park, clear to the end, learning crates to travel home in...and so much more to learn while with Tes... 

Here's how she keeps up with all the blanket and pet bed laundry...the largest washer dryers on the market.

WOW! Bones!! This is REALLY AWESOME smelling stuff!!!

Tes has to watch us closely, making us come in with the doggy food to learn, "Come In" when it gets too cold outside...

Now the slurry is made SUPER THICK that we start to use our teeth on it...we can start to learn eating dry dog food with this new knowledge...of course our tummies push us to as well ;o)

In and out we start to learn...and THEN we're strong enough to push them open on our own - Woo Hoo! 

Tes helps us learn the doggy door by engineering a metal bar strapped across the top of the doors, opening it up, then adding wool blanket that we can learn to desire to Reach through it to the outside, and food, "Potty Outside!"

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

Instead of one dish, Tes has to make it two for us growing pups to get around!

Okay, the temps are in the 60's so Tes opens the gate and door and bangs the doggy slurry dish saying "POTTY OUTSIDE"! And we start to learn to go outside, get use to loud clanging noises...and of course to learn to Potty Outside :o)))

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

Hmmm, HI Momma! Can we come out there where you are?

We're DEFINITELY gaining weight, getting around, but not outside yet as it's been too cold in TX. Tes adds the left over slurry into Momma's dry dog food, which she LOVES! And, we now learn to start to try to eat it with our teeth coming in. We watch Momma going in and out the doggy door and become curious where the heck she goes!

Tes comes in and sits with us, letting us crawl all over her, we bumble over her...and Momma LOVES to lay next to her and get petted too, which we take advantage of and get some nursing in ;o)

Okay, Tes is always rubbing us behind the ears, patting our heads, rubbing us under the chin...why does she do that? She's so nice to us, yet we want to see if we can play with her...hmmm we're learning...learning we like to be petted :o)

Momma, you're soooo loving...we nurse and then fall asleep...and then you get up and leave? Tes gets a good giggle at the scenes we leave her.

Momma is resting, hmmm Tes is always looking us in the eyes.

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

Tes has turned down the heat in the Wing to be around 72 degrees. We slowly acclimate every week and for some reason after slurry eating we get to shivering and snuggle in to each other.

Here is Tes's Circle of Life she always likes to take of a litter :o) Wool blanket scraps beneath our feet keeps us from being swimmers...VERY IMPORTANT!


Here Tes is comparing me "Cookie" to one of my siblings. I'm the smallest of the litter, to be that "Standard". Possibly 50-55 lbs for Tes kind of small to her Royals :o)

Tes has to put on her rubber crocs as we get her shoes pretty slurry covered when we're learning to eat ;o) We want to walk on her feet for some reason!


This is Momma licking the bowl...I mean us puppies!

Starting at 3 weeks Tes feeds us Standard Poodles 2020 ExD a slurry, includes baby rice cereal Royal Canin Mousse for our developing tummies adding water to be soupy. She's figured to grind down the dry dog food and stir in to help our stools NOT be diarrhea like from the slurry...REALLY helps make a difference...and prepares us for eating dry dog food.

We are REALLY playing with each other, learning to bite, and for some reason we want to mouth each other...our teeth are just starting to come in...let's see how much we can gum each other...see any teeth?

With 12 of us, Momma Enya is now sitting to deal with us rushing at her...and us getting bigger...I can't get in there Tes! The one guy is upside down!

Let's sleep on what we've learned in being moved to the Wing...zzzz...

Tes has moved us Standard Poodles 2020 ExD to the Wing. LOTS of sunlight, and a LOT more room...although we only want to stay on the wool blankets we're so use to for now...then we quickly see there's more room, and start to REACH into the new space we have, learning to Potty on paper...learning to reach, Reach, REACH more and MORE as we grow...

Okay, I have to add now, I purchased Dog Training 101 by Jean Donaldson from click here "The Great Courses" this month (February) in keeping up with my annual education. TOTALLY recommend for those that have no clue in training your new pet. Now I certainly have my viewpoints in being labeled a Professional Breeder vss those who are Professional Dog Trainers. Remember, I use Cesar Milan's technology for the base of my program, keeping good control of hormonal canines. I need them to feel safe and comfortable...from each other! Dog Training is a totally separate entity in my view. So, I finally got what some consider essential to a dog's training...after 15 years! These are Two TOTALLY different animals ;o) And then standard poodles are soooo much smarter that I honestly fast forwarded through 3/4 of the classes, picking up what I needed. AND, I CERTAINLY DID PICK UP SOME TECHNIQUES! And it was SO COOL to see my instincts in raising them to my protocol was validated in Donaldson's considerations in looking at breeders that one should get pups from or NOT!

So, from here on out you're going to see dreaming clouds around sleeping puppies, from Donaldson's perspective, of what canines do during their sleep in how I work with them from my home ;o)


The next Standard Poodles 2020 ExD update will be their 5 wk picture update showing them moved into the wing and reaching through the doggy door and into Puppy Park :o) 


12 pups...NO 12 nipples...Momma has 8 :o) A lot of hickies on mommas tummy ;o) Tes is constantly rotating us yet we're definitely looking like tubbies! Tes gives momma lots of vitamins and nutrients to keep the milk and health up. She'll drink at least a gallon of water a day in the month to come, so lots of fresh water is vital!

Thank You momma :o)))

Snuggle and warmth, we all need it :o)


With our eyes open and legs beneath us, we definitely start making music for Tes...and momma, "Come feed us!"

Hey, smile...we'll have new owners before you know it :o)))

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

"Emperor" below now can see you...a his eyes develop...I'm red, see my white paws? Then there are two smaller white spots on my chest.

Hey! Paw slapping NOT allowed!! Oh, stretching? Okay :o)


Wow! Our eyes might not be fully open, yet we can get onto our paws to figure out how to get around!!

Our eyes are slowly squeaking open into the two-three weeks of age, some sooner then others.


Ahhh, such a range of hue coloring...and size...just like cookies :o)

Hey, that's an arm? We're smelling, maybe there's a nipple close by?

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

We'll get it any way we can ;o)))

Delectable cookies all in a your back ;o)


See what little tubbies we are :o)

Hey there...we're doing FANTASTIC in our growth for you...momma has lots of milk for us all...some of us sleep, some nurse, sometimes Tes helps and around she goes throughout the day and night...

The blue wool blankets certainly allow a color shade showing.

It's a puppy pile! We're full of milk, Thanks momma :o)))
Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

And you think your busy? Momma, you don't have enough teats for us! Where is one? Where is one? Where is one???!!!>>!?!?! Okay, after a bit Tes pulls a large away and let's us smaller ones in :o) Thank You ;o)

Look! I'm a solid color pup...Tes will label us for now Apr/Cream until we really start to show our growth color in the weeks ahead. The AKC papers will have to have one color designation...and she's the one who has to decide.


Below you see Female "Cookie" on top, snuggling her bro...She'll be a Standard Poodle for those interested. Aaaah so love her bro ;o)

The next 3 wk picture update above for our web page Standard Poodles 2020 ExD will show our eyes opening and starting to stand and move around...making a lot more music for Tes. Definitely getting ready to move into the Wing with 12 of us by 3 wks old :o) Stay tuned...

There are definitely going to be Royals & Standards in the can see by the two above side by side, Royal Apr/Crm on left and Apr/Crm on right will be a standard. Many have white on their paws.

*Standard Poodles 2020 ExD *

We're already starting to crawl...then drop and zzzz any way we can ;o)

Guess what we're doing...zzzz....our eyes will be opening next week ;o)

We can't excrete on our own right away, so momma warms our groins by licking us and away we goooo.....

A lot of us have white mismarks/abstracts on our chest and paws.

4 legs up is telling Tes we're plenty warm and she can start turning the heat down, whew ;o)

Every litter has us doing the leg thing...momma cradling me is a rare picture catch for you :o)

A range of color from red to cream, from Royal to Standard Poodles 2020 ExD. Having lots of room for momma to circle around us is important. Some of us nurse, some of us zzzzz....

Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. Tes has a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o) An electric pet heater is under the upper back right corner to keep us pups in an even warmer area for the first several days. Such scooters we are...

 And come, and keep coming!!! Tes has to be right here pulling the sack off to get us breathing, rubbing us and momma licking us to get us breathing and moving around.

Here we come! Already trying to sniff out that nipple to start suckling. We always look redder when we're wet ;o)

In raising Standard Poodles ExD Puppies For Sale, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80-90 degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. 


If you're interested in one of my pups, please fill in the form below. I would look forward to hearing from you :o) 

Standard Poodles 2020 ExD

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