Standard Poodle Breeders

Standard Poodle Breeders; the information on this page will be in alphabetical order of what I have personally observed since breeding from 2004 to date. Gained from Seminars, Symposiums, Googling with discernment, and my breeding years of experience. There are certainly many viewpoints, these are mine. I hope it will help you in your program or those lookers who want to understand...

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A Breeding Spoo from Tes:

Artificial Insemination (AI)

Hand Help AI:

Frozen Semen AI:




Dew Claws or Removal of Dew Claws:


Natural/Organic Help:

Alive Coconut Oil:

Cedar Oil products:

Epsom Salts:

Essential Oils:

Manuca Honey:

Tail Docking vss Non Tail Docking:


Satin Balls