Royal & Fun Standard Poodles pictures from our home to yours.

Updated 7/15/16

Royal & Fun Standard Poodles - check out photos and their quips of our brown, black, apricot/red, and cream poodles.



...pulling Dani on the lawn mower out of the one could take a picture of it :o(

"Say cheese"


"I'm Stuck"

"Don't Look, don't look!"


"How many pictures does it take to catch a smile?"







".....5.....Happy Happy!"

"The Princess (Jewels) And The Pea"


"3 Blind Mice and Counting....."

(Tes can't stop laughing, As of 8/4/2015, 12+ caught so far...instead of placing in house, we now place outside and catch far more!!!)

"Our Puppies talking on Dani's cell???" She recorded them talking while they were eating slurry :o)))


"Got Sobe?"

"Only 6 red puppies?"



"Pack Leader"


"Ceasar's technology!"

"We're back...."


"Help I am stuck in your collar!!!"

"Movie time!"

"No leash needed!"



"Don't be a back seat driver!"


"Puppy Spoo Pile!"

"Big Spoo Pile!"


"Got Love?"

"Royal size pillows"

"Hang in there!"

"Counting sheep - one snuck out"


"My blanky!"

We're not in the park! She is - let us in!"


"Snow Balls"


"Wish Book"

"Talk to me!"


"Time out"



"Paper shredders"


"Traffic is for the dogs!"

"Toys on line"


"Butting in"

"Valen - Time"


"Twisted Dream"

"Pillow Talk"


(antique cast iron "Schnauzer" boot scraper)

"Under the Weather"

"In the office"


"Trail Making"

"Trail Finding"


"Trail Jumping"

"On the Trail"


"Off the Trail"

"On Her Trail"


"Family Room"

"Licking the bowl"

"Love in all sizes"



"Santa came!"