Royal Phantom Standard Poodle Customers

Last update 8/6/20  Royal Phantom Standard Poodles    "Phantom Wolf" - click here to watch Wolf home in Palmyra, PA. Parents are brown Magic x phantom Vyke Born 10/21/2018.

This web page is dedicated to Royal Phantom Standard Poodle Customers who send in pictures. Calendars built every two years from at least those 10 good pictures sent to Tes each year. Only given to those customers, can never sell due to customer copyrights.

This page is built on the following protocol: Each time pictures are sent by a customer, that customer will be bumped to the top of a page unless long standing customers are ahead of them :o)

"Moose" is an Extra Large Phantom Standard Poodle. He is a mixture of brown and apricot. Parents are Brown Falcon II x Red Daniel.  Born 05/07/2017. He is at home in Greensboro, NC where he enjoys both turf and surf.

"Spartacus & Hannibal" click here are at home in Richmond, TX enjoying his new family. Parents Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno 2014 and the new kid Hannibal's parents are Angel x Daniel 2016.

Last updated 5/14/19 (PJ) "Gemma" - click here  at home in Vero Beach, FL. Parents are brown Geo x black Vyke 2018. Royal Standard Poodle Gemma has black agouti coloring.  Scroll through her webpage and see her colors and how she is growing.

"Sancho & Chappy" - click here at home in Minot, ND. Sancho parents are Black Zeddy x Brown Bruno and Chappy parent Angel x Daniel 2016. Watch us grow with new loving family!

Royal Phantom Standard Poodles

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