Falcon Fall 2012 Royal Standard Poodle Puppies

This is an example of past puppies and how I set up their web page to show customers of their pups growing. Always start at the bottom of a page and watch them grow up :o)

Watching Falcon Fall 2012 Royal Standard Poodle puppies grow!

Falcon Fall 2012 Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale - above "Oberon's" family is here checking us all out...lots of fun!

Next picture updates August 20, 2012 when they turn 7 wks old and have their first grooming. Enjoy the pictures as they grow :0) Always more recent will be added to the top with some pictures dropping off.

Flying date set for these pups is Monday August 27th. Due to Summer heat index potential of being to hot to fly in cargo, please be ready to take pup as a carry-on or drive here...see the Traveling Pets tab for your pets trip home.


Tracking Falcon's Fall litter 2012 stats:

  • 6.5 wks old shampooed with eucalyptus, sprayed with natural cedar, toenails clipped, and dewormed a 3rd time.
  • 5 wks old sprayed with cedar to protect against bugs.
  • 4.5 wks old second de-worming done. Toenails clipped.
  • 2.5 wks old first de-worming done. Toenails clipped.
  • 7 days old, toenails clipped to not scratch mommy's tummy
  • day 1, due claws removed and tails docked 1/3 from tip - AKC regulation
  • 8 puppies born July 1, 2012: 6 males, 2 females - 1 male has a white abstract on his chest. These pups will certainly be Royals. * Remember - start at the bottom and work your way up to watch us grow....
  • We're the two girls:

    SOLD I'm "Callie", heading home to Ogden, IA soon. 6.5 wks old - weight 10# mc6649, truly love running between the bushes playing tag with the other buds.


    SOLD And I'm "Baylen", heading home to Taylors Falls, MN, weight 10# mc4625, enjoy sleeping on my cool new blanky from my new owner - and the spinners she crocheted are so fun to play with!

    We're the 6 boys:

    SOLD "Duke", I'm heading home to Maple Grove, MN, 6.5 wks old - weight 12# 4oz mc4593, and I'M a BIG boy! Wait until I'm full grown, that'll be interesting!


    SOLD It's "Oberon" here heading to Princeton, MN, 6.5 wks old weight 8# mc7614, definitely growing fast!!

    SOLD It's "Bosco", here heading to Phoenix, AZ, 6.5 wks old - weighing in at 10# mc8820, ready to magically win your heart :0) I have magically enchanted others to find me wonderfully calm and loving :0)))


    SOLD "Chaco" here, my new home will be Seattle, WA, 6.5 wks old - weight 8# mc0374, I'll be riding home with my new owner before we know it! I have a teeny, tiny white speck on my chest.

    SOLD I'm "Rio", excited to go home to Castaic, CA, 6.5 wks old - weight 8# 6oz mc6685, checking out everything that interests me. Move out of my way, that's my new owner ;-)


    SOLD "Tucker", I'll be heading home to Carmichael, CA, 6.5 wks old - weight 9# mc0320, enjoys all the space Tes provides him and his litter mates to experience life. I'll look forward to flying into your arms!!!

    We're making our new blankies good and smelly like home :0)


    This brush is several generations old!

    We're loving hiding and playing in the youth park bushes!!


    "Duke's" owners have come to pick me out - YEAY!!!!

    Tes has graduated us from the puppy park to going into the youth park now where there's lots of bushes to play and hide in, under and between - woof woof - run and play :0)


    Owner of "Baylen" has picked me out of all the other pups - tough decision!!! But I'm SOOOOooo HAPPY :0)))

    Enjoying the crate - without doors - we like dragging the blankets out ;0)


    This is how we nurse now...which is going to be the last time as we're being weaned off of momma - boo-hoo :0(

    We've been introduced to dry Dick Van Pattens Ultra Premium dog food now - nummy!


    The crates are here for getting smelly of home that we can feel comfortable in flying to our new owners...and smelling up our new blankies to go home with :0)

    Starting 8/16/12 we have had NO bowel movements in the house now - Tes says YEAY!!! no poopy puppy papers to pick up...we've learned the doggy door and so much more!

    We're pretty smart!


    We've completed garden hose cart - whew what a challenge!

    ....working harder...


    We're helping Tes build a garden hose cart...watch us work.

    Hi, we see you taking those pictures :0)


    Still need and love that momma's milk...but it's hard for her to lay down with all of us so hungry for her.

    We've just been introduced to dry dog food...Nummy!


    This is called the Puppy park...we'll grow out of it into the Youth Park before you know it.

    Say, this dolphin should be in the water! I'll put it in...and all these other toys...


    ...and then there's learning about the doghouse that we can crawl into.

    Now we're starting to adventure...here's a leaf barrel to tug on and run through.


    Tes is ready to snuggle and comfort us to adjust to outside.

    A good smelly blanket from indoors help us adjust to the outdoors.


    And now we're learning to go potty outside...what's the secret to why we're running......Tes has food ready for us out there!

    ...and more toys to keep us busy!


    With growing we get toys to play with...

    With eating food we now have water added to our space to drink.


    Tes has opened up our family room space to learn to potty on paper and besides that we are getting soooo big we need more room.

    ...and why momma loves licking us a whole lot!


    We're around 3 wks old and this is called the circle of life :0)

    Peek-a-boo, I see you ;0) Momma's milk is still the best!


    Sunday 7/22/12, we had our first slurry, ohhh so messy :0)))

    The brown boy with white on his chest - Mhmmmmm,check me out!


    Hi, our eyes are open. Yeah they look blue now yet will change colors when we're older.

    We love being picked up and cuddled by you Tes ;0) please....


    It's time to start socializing... Soon we'll be climbing even higher.

    Within 2-3 days of eyes opening and starting to scoot they instinctively want to potty off the wool blankets onto the newspapers. So, the board comes off and I've expanded their space from just the whelping box to another 4 foot area.


    Having a loving mom is great!

    Hey, kisses are important ;0)))


    With our eyes open we can start to scoot into a lot of places....that bone, I'll try it when I'm older...

    We're going on 3 wks old now and are beginning to be scooters...


    My eyes are just starting to squeak open ;0)

    Mr. Snuggles is worth snuggling :0)

    Yeah, they're mine :0))))


    We're all together!

    Snuggling into mom's arms is the best resting point :0)


    Check us out > absolutely love resting on the legs :0)

    What do Falcon's puppies do best during their first week? Sleep....Sleep... suckle ..

    There are 8 of us...2 girls, 6 boys...we want your heart ;0))

    1. Full Payment - Royal M, Brown - Maple Grove, MN > "Duke"

    2. Full Payment - Royal F, Brown - Ogden, IA > "Callie"

    3. Full Payment - Standard M/F, Brown - Taylors Falls, MN > (Angel - Name to come)

    4. Full Payment - Royal F/M, Brown - Seattle, WA > "Chaco"

    5. Full Payment - Royal M, Brown - Carmichael, CA > (Jupiter - Name to come)

    6. Full Payment - Royal M, Brown - Castaic, CA > "Rio"

    7. Full Payment - Royal M, Brown - Phoenix, AZ > "Bosco"

    8. Full Payment - Royal M, Brown - Princeton, MN > (Tiger - Name to come)

    Falcon Fall 2012 Royal Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale - see other puppies for sale

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