Giant Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

Remember to start at the bottom and watch us grow up onto the page...* UH = Umbilical Hernia

SOLD - "Astro" Black/Red phantom 8.5 wks 16 lbs - Woo Hoo! mc 4644 adult wt 80+ lbs I'm going to be one giant poodle :o) I've gone off to Canada! Tes has left my harness off, washed and cut me down so you can see my coloring. No UH. You'll hit a home run in bringing me home! That's me kissing Momma...I LOVE my momma ;o) And next to bro Maverick chewing on a fresh bone.

SOLD - "Maverick" 7 wks 12.4 lbs mc 6901 > BP - Lumberton, NJ Tes has cut me down to show I am going to be a Silver Phantom - SURPRISE! Here Tes is showing you the best she can what color I am underneath after the black hair was cut off...the picture below is a side view of the silver growing underneath and my red top head. There are different definitions to Maverick; a lone dissenter who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. Cowboys are certainly Mavericks. Choosing me certainly shows one stands apart from the usual standard poodle coloring. I have a lot of red on the top of my head as you see in the pictures below. I have a slight UH right now, there was none at 2 wks old.

Silver hair underneath shaved off black...surprise, surprise!!!

SOLD - "Mocha" 7 wks 11.6 lbs mc 7095 ... My UH is repaired 5/17/18, I'll ride into the sunset with lots of fun and adventure for my new owner :o)


Mom Magic

Dad Vyke

Parents health tested.

Jackie O Kennedy loved her Phantom Standard Poodle! 

Magic giant standard poodle puppies for sale! Pups born 3/28/18, ready for homes 8 wks later. Set your calendar! Main Fly out date from preferred airport Austin, TX set to be 5/23/18. Try to find direct flights where possible. 

Picture updates: next 7 wks old 5/16/18... stay tuned ...

She had 1 Brown Female + 1 Brown Male, 2 Red/Apricot Males, 3 Black/Red Phantom Males, 1 Brown Agouti Male > 1F + 7M = 8 giant standard poodle puppies for sale! 

Remember to go to the bottom of this page and watch  giant standard poodle puppies for sale grow up as pictures added to the top with each update. In this being my first litter in TX, I'm celebrating by a story board theme with props and names common in Texas...Enjoy, Enjoy ;o))

Customer down payment list:

1. 6/14/17 PAID M - Royal Apr/Crm "Hagrid" - SG > Winter Haven, FL ($ 200 discount returning customer)

2. 8/10/17 down pymt M - Royal Brown "Jabar" - MD > Succasunna, NJ 

3.  3/20/18 PAID M Royal "Monniet" (Moan-Yay) #1 Brown #2 BL - LR > Falls Village, CT 

4. 4/7/18 PAID M Royal "Arlo" color open - LN > Anaheim, CA

5. 4/25/18 PAID M Royal "Floyd" - JS > Bowling Green, OH

6. 5/16/18 PAID F Royal "Mocha" - what is not chosen by customers on JA > Chicago, IL

7. 5/19/18 PAID M Royal "Maverick" - BP > Lumberton, NJ

8. 6/1/18 M Royal Black/Red Phantom (Astro) - JA > Saskatchewan, Canada

*Giant Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale*


Tracking Magic Puppies:

    • 8 wks will get next bath, Pyrantel deworming- READY FOR NEW HOMES - Bring us home :o)))
    • 7 wks next haircut
    • 6 wks dewormed with Pyrantel, nails clippped
    • 5 wks first bath and face clip, toenails clippped
    • 4 wks dewormed with Pyrantel, nails clippped
    • 3 wks nails clipped
    • 2 wks dewormed with Pyrantel, nails clippped
    • Toenails clipped 1 wk old
    • Tails and due claws done by vet 2 days old 3/30/18
    • Born 3/28/18

SOLD - "Jabar" 7 wks 11.2 lbs mc 5690 - MD > Succasunna, NJ has chosen me to bring home to love - Thank you Thank You!!! I do have a UH as it started at 2 wks of age, not as large as Mocha's though.

A story about Davy Crockett's hat in the picture; Tes made it for her son from real mink skin when he was little as they researched his life as a school project, claiming TX as his new home.


SOLD - "Floyd" 7 wks 12.8 lbs mc 5983 - I'll be coloring JS > Bowling Green, OH world with my love :o) My face has been shaved to show more precise colors I have, the most red markings. Phantoms are a throw back to our wolf lineage. TX ATM mascot the collie shows how they have evolved with their coloring. I have no UH at this time. 

SOLD - "Arlo" 7 wks 12.4 lbs mc 3532 - LN > Anaheim, CA chose me to love and protect ;o) No UH. My coloring is a brown phantom agouti, with a white mismark on my chest :o)


SOLD "Monniet" 7 wks 11.6 lbs mc 3186 - LR > Falls Village, CT is going to take me home to be loved - Woo-Hoo! The armadillo represents the state animal of TX. should be standard poodles, right :o)? I'm a nice dark red boy with a small white abstract on my turns out I'm the smallest in this litter, for now...just by a few ounces ;o) I had no UH at 2 wks old but now have one, 4 wks old it came on, I grew so fast it hasn't been able to finish closing.

SOLD"Hagrid"  7 wks 16 lbs mc 4821 - SG > Winter Haven, FL  I'm certainly going to be that giant standard poodle puppies for sale boy! I had no UH at 2 wks old but now have one, 4 wks old it came on. I grew so fast it hasn't been able to finish closing...and as I'm huge compared to the others, like a TX Bevo bull, it's a wonder it came on. 


Jabar here, oh yeah, evening gulf breezes make it fabulous even with 85 degrees.


Maverick here, the weather's great here in TX...we just want to be outside most the time...except now it's gotten way hot and we certainly want to stay inside the cool night we come out to play ;o)

Astro here, um, dirt, well there was a bug?

Maverick here, the hose pouring water? Let me take a drink :o)))

We're REALLY INTERESTED in learning whatever we can now...curiosity, check it out, we can climb steps onto the deck...although momma's not here any more to pick on ;o)

b...but we can run around and chase each other...


Shoot, Tes put up a barrier...I can't climb up and chew on the bushes anymore...

Astro and Maverick smilin' your way...


Floyd and Jabar, sharin' a BIG bone :o)))

Arlo sneakin' a peak from being curious in the  fountain...


Hi you guys! Are you ready for us?

Our neighbor has a heliport and I know he enjoys Flying over and seeing the big state flag Tes has up...


Hey Tes, what's this? A post pounder mean you still have a lot of landscaping to do?

The stepper has brought us a long way...and now we can relax with confidence :o))

Astro you momma, yet I think I REALLY like the bone as much ;o)


We're getting ready to come home to you at 8 wks of age 5/23/18 - do you have our travel plans in place - send them to Tes ASAP :o)))

We love our pet beds...get yours today :o)


No, Hagrid isn't drinking...he's sleeping ;o) We do zzzzz.... where we drop...

Momma is weaning us, staying with us to teach us obedience now to submit to her growlings of "Stay Away, you're big enough now to eat your own Lifes Abundance adult dry dog food!" But at least she lets us cuddle and play with her :o)

Hey, what ya say we go and pick on Tes?


Chew, chew, chew! Good strong toys for us to work our baby teeth on!

Great to know you're watching us :o)))

Maverick here, I'm looking for you to choose me and bring me home ;o)

So Tes has taken off the wool door that helped us to go in and out easily. Now the regular doggy door has been figured out and we zzzz.... where we drop, ready to head outside when we awake to potty outside :o)


Lots of durable toys for us to chew on and learn from...this one is a gift from our good scientist friend Sue - heart - LOTS of LOVE there :o)))

We've definitely got our reach in...going through tunnels and checking all the interesting things out in the park for us to play and learn from.

Here I come!!!!


ALWAYS "scoops" to be done...especially with 8 of us running around getting bigger by the minute! This is Candace who purchased Black "Pickles". She's going to be a new breeder in Houston, TX area. She's helping Tes out as Pickles is here mating with Vyke to produce some red, black and phantom Royals :o)

Tes shares, I Mocha, am pretty darn smart! I figured out how to climb up and down off the deck to be with Momma...not that she's happy about it but I sure like being by her side :o) Bro Jabar figured it out a week later. Pretty smart!


Before, when little, we used the baby we just jump up :o)

Tes has lots of swimming pools for us to cool off in the TX heat...We're getting them figured out - Woo Hoo!

Mmmmm, Tes has given us fresh bones for our new baby teeth coming in...mmmMMMMM!

We've really got our REACH in by now...heading to the back of "Royal Introduction Park", climbing, and oh so much more ;o)


I'm comfortable .... zzzzz....

Above you will see our 6 - 7 wk old pictures as we grow up :o)

Momma's getting ready to say - ENOUGH - time to wean!!


Life in Texas is GREAT!

Ahhh, the slurry has stopped and now we're on strictly dry adult dog food. Tes rotates between Health Extension and Life's Abundance dry dog food. The adult spoos get a variety more. Puppy Booster Probiotic powder is added to help nourish us, with Nuvet powder is sprinkled on top to help as we are slowly weaning from momma. Don't forget to have in place before we arrive :o) Lots of water is important at all times. 

Here's the reach Tes will be getting us to have, then the gate will open into the Blue Bonnet Park on the right side of the bushes when we're older and reaching so much more...

And above is the length of the Royal Intro Park...they haven't reached the back yet, there's a lot of work going on yet...hmmmm, can I climb on this? We'll find the cement tunnels in the coming weeks and play through them I'm sure :o)


Dillo is checking out the Armadillo toy...

Bevo zzzzz's where ever he drops :o)

Tes is making us reach into the park with the slurry, now that we've got the steps figured out.

REACHING now into the "Royal introductions Park" (under landscaping), Tes makes little steps for us to learn on, we do a bit of tumbling until it gets figured out, but this way it's not so bad. NOTE: we've started reaching beyond the porch. Pea rock is our start to where we go potty outside the most. It's sanitized after each litter. Swimming pools will catch the rain water off the deck roof that we've already been in and checking out.


Inside it's a puppy pile :o))

Out here on the deck, the Kuranda bed with Pet Bed keeps us cozy to puppy pile on. Get yours soon to help get smells for us to come home to you :o) We're learning to climb, it's a laughing point for Tes as we do our learning in puppy steps :o)))


I'm Bevo, you can see my slight Umbilical Hernia (UH) developed which at 5 wks is now a bit bigger then at 4 wks, wasn't there at 2 wks. NOTE, From 2 wks to 4 wks they over doubled their weight! That's what Tes calls the accelerated growth rate!!!

Life keeps us growing, playing, and zzzzzing, where ever we drop...


There's time to play with Tes on her chair, get her hugs and kisses, yes she still wants to kiss our sticky slurry mess...

These are the 3 black phantoms saying "Hi!" Above is Astro, the mostly black phantom, no umbilical growth.


The Black with most red markings phantom, Reveille, has the umbilical closing just fine.  

Maverick here, "More slurry works, that's why we look so wet...and need that 5 wk bath" ;o)) I have a slight umbilical area not closing, not large yet, but my continued accelerated growth could cause it to not have time to close quick enough.

We're definitely now playing a LOT more and crying from new experiences to see if we can get Tes's sympathy, nope! Our ears are open and we like to hear ourselves cry..."Momma, more milk!"

 She knows we must go through these experiences and learn to grow with it o)))

Tes teaches us to potty outside with slurry...quite the enticement, nummy nummy! So far our reach is only onto the porch now...look out, Bevo looks like he's going to lay it out there...

Wait a minute, a door, we want OUT!!!! The weather in TX is fantastic right now for raising and teaching puppies potty outside, so let us out!!!! Woo Hoooo, here we gooooo.....

Time to learn the doggy door! Tes decided to engineer an easier flap for us to learn to go in and out of. The current doggy door is a little hefty for us to push through, yet in another week we'll be able to. She wants us to easily learn to go in and out for Potty training. Momma helps us learn :o) Oh, that's a rain chain in a large pot that the water on the corner roof doesn't splatter all over us. 

Male brown Davy here, I/we like to go potty on paper, off of our bed. Instincts :o) Second discussion point; as now we are definitely using our voice that ears have opened up between 3-4 wks of age, Tes noted the fact, I Davy was not crying like the others...I have aspirated on milk somewhere along the time line here :o( She has been watching me and took me into the vet to find I have a partially collapsed lung, liquid in my lung with pneumonia, so I'm on antibiotics :o((( You wouldn't know it, yet she's pretty observant to the best she can be. I'm a chunker and growing well, yet the vet believes I may possibly have problems down the road because of this...maybe not. With that Tes has talked to customers on price of me...don't hesitate to ask/call to find out more 737-932-5030.


Tes's chair goes with her everywhere ;o) That's why she loves it :o)))

Tes has now moved us from the bedroom to "The Wing" as our legs start to take us places, Tes calls it reaching for more space - REACHING...She's always getting us to REACH ;o) The first few days our reach is only half way through the room. We learn to potty on paper until we figure out to potty outside. That only takes a day or two for Tes getting us to reach. The deck is for momma Magic to get away from us when she wants to, still a shelf to be made with steps...and Tes has added a crate for us to start to understand...we like it :o) more crates are placed at 6 wks old...

We're now going on 4 and 5 wks old in the above pictures. This is Magic's first litter with Bruno and Vyke, thus there are new variables in puppy results. All research for me. First fact at 2 wks of age the brown female and male both had obvious bulging umbilical hernias develop. At two wks none of the others had any. By 4.5 wks old, three more pups have not had their umbilical areas complete closing. They vary in size from 1/8" to 1/2" on the brown female. I share the area may close, or at their accelerated growth rate, not have the opportunity to finish closing and grow in ratio to their growth even by 7 wks. Some may be of no consequence closing on their own in the coming months, some may need to be repaired when spay/neutered or a vet insists to be done by 6 months. My vet here does NOT want to repair any before 3 months, thus I get stuck between a rock and a hard place in wanting to take care of them before a customer gets one...some MUST be done. Over my 14 yrs of breeding I have had 3 needing repair before 3 months. I offer a $100 discount to those who get a puppy with an umbilical hernia that I see at 5 wks of age. I will call it out in their individual picture. As payment time is 6 wks of age, I've decided to do it this way now that a decision is known instead of waiting to see if it will close. Keep reading above...

See you at the next update when we grow through the next two weeks to become 5 wks old, May 2, 2018 Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale. We'll have our individual pictures with weights, micro-chip, and Texas mascots for you ;o)


Ahhhh, the best form of nourishment yet....Left at 1 wk old, Right at 2 wks fast we grow!!!

Momma, can we play, we're going to plaaaaayyyy :o)))


Socializing - ZZZzzzzz...

Okay, I got on here, how do I get off? Oh so soon Royal to Giant Standard Poodles for sale we'll become and I'll be stepping over my owner with stride ;o)


Our legs are stronger and stronger, pulling us where we want to go, we truly want to climb on things, and here is Tes to climb on. Pet Me, Pet ME!!!

With our eyes open it's time for Tes to start crawling in to socialize with us...what's this? A leg or can I suckle it?

hmmmm....time to it's many different become Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale we need lots of these zzzz....

With slurry comes the time to add water to learn what Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale should be nourished with...hmmmm, not as tasty as the slurry....hmmmm...


Now here Tes shares; in going to seminars and symposiums to learn of the many things needed to be a good breeder, the TX 2017 seminar an agent at one of the booths shared it is no longer the needed protocol for breeders to feed slurry to puppies, to just feed dry dog food as it has all the nutrients needed. They chew on it, as this helps with their teething as well at which I asked several others to verify this new technique. Well, it was the new protocol they shared. Thus I felt to do this in MN with the girls there to what had been shared. Several litters were done in using this protocol. Now, with the first TX litter, I review what is best for who. I never had a problem before with slurry, DG went with the new protocol to the words and recommendations shared to us. Not to say it was wrong or right. Yet, I have determined to fall back on slurry for several reasons; 1. I have taken out the buttermilk which the agent explained was not good for their gut flora, which I used to keep the diarrhea at bay. I have replaced this instead with puppy milk supplement that also helps prevent diarrhea, yet has nutrients to copy mother canine milk. So, with baby rice cereal, puppy replacement milk, and Royal Canin Mousse, I ding the side of the pan with a "silver spoon" (Royals do eat from silver spoons ;o) and say "Potty Outside!" 2. With this technique of 1. in place I am able to entice them more to go potty outside, maintaining this training procedure. I/we could not do it as enticingly to encourage the MN pups with dry dog food...something to do with the more stronger canned smells I'm sure! As messy as it may be, it is what I will keep in place for my puppy feeding protocol. The gradient transition to dry dog food comes by adding a bowl to their area at 3 wks, giving them a choice, feeding slurry at least 3 times a day for a week. I felt several teeth poking through at 3 wks of age today :o)

Okay, here we go...this is what Tes calls the "Circle of Life". Why we truly need a bath by 5 wks of age! We now are hungrier and ready to transition from momma to dog food. With that Tes starts us on slurry.

Here's the potty outside trick...Tes taps the spoon on the stainless steel bowl saying "Potty Outside, Potty Outside" and we come a scootin'! We'll be moved to the Wing soon where we have doggy doors and Tes will teach us with this technique to "Potty Outside" :o))))

The canned Royal Canin Mousse mixed with it smells soooo good we just can't help resist! Tes laughs at us Royal Giant standard poodle puppies for sale as we do some pretty sticky things ;o) She's doing several loads of wash a day with us learning how to eat...such a colorful array :o)))

Now that our eyes are open, we want to play, play, play! No teeth yet, but we sure mouth each other to get to playing with whoever gets us going, or are we suckling - LOL ;o) And Tes does a lot of laughing with what she sees us get into :o)))

"Maverick" is the most Black Phantom. He's named after the Dallas Mavericks NBA team (pro basketball). Woody was quite the Maverick in movies when Woody's show came out ;o) 


"Mocha" says, see my blue eyes? They'll change in the months to come. We'll become Royal to Giant Standard Poodles for you.

"Dillo" here...I see you ;o) The one Black Phantom certainly has brown/red on his head...interesting...with their eyes open, and now going into 3 wks old our ears are starting to open, we want to understand what's going on and with that comes our voice to hear ourselves - Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale we yell!

OKAY, here it comes! With our eyes opened, we now see things and certainly want to make music as we find our voice to let Tes know we're ready to get momma to nurse or telling Tes it's time to start supplementing us with slurry. It's a baby rice cereal, mixed with puppy milk supplement that's got lots of vitamins and nutrients to keep VERY loose stools down from momma's milk and the Royal Canin Mousse added to help us fill up and start our stomachs to adjust to solid dog food...soon to come...Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale...


With our legs getting stronger, we're pulling ourself up and starting to walk...and sometimes crawl along wobbling to the next thing in our path :o)) The wool blankets are truly helping us stay clean, dry and warm as the temps have come down in Tes's bedroom, more in the mid 70 range. always a part of grow, grow, growing up :o) The 3 Black Phantoms taking life easy...zzzzzzzz...


With the wonderful warm temps of Texas, we're going to be potty trained before Tes knows it with her technique she will share in a paper is added as we want to potty off of the wool blanket, instinctively doing our best to keep our sleeping area clean :o)

Then we have a Black with little red markings Phantom with a nickname "Astro" for the Houston Astros, World Series Champs, an American professional baseball team based in Houston, Texas. He's going to bat his love into your park ;o)


"Mocha" is the Brown Female representing the cowgirl here in Texas :o)  I have been feeling everyone's belly for any umbilical hernias... :o( Mocha is showing her's not to be closing very rapidly. If it doesn't close by 6 wks of age one receives a $100 discount to help repair down the road.

Their eyes are ever so slowly squeaking open into their two wks of age...stay tuned...

"Ranger", the Brown/Agouti Phantom, will represent the Texas Law Enforcement Unit back from the early days of TX Rangers...also the Dallas area Major League baseball team.


One can REALLY see who's taking off into giant standard poodle size! The Male Apricot on the left we're dubbing "Bevo" for Bevo is the mascot of the athletic programs at the University of Texas at Austin. Bevo is a Texas longhorn bull with burnt orange coloring. The red guy on the right is nicknamed "Dillo" after the state small mammal of Texas the armadillo. He's starting out strong and rolling along with life ;o)

Here's the line up as they get ready to be sporting a new team with you, yet for now its with the Texas A&M University team. Our mascot is a Collie named Reveille. The Black and more Red Phantom Male will be called "Reveille".


With the theme this litter "Texas", I'll be using characters, sports and more that stand out to Texans...I hope you enjoy the pics and story boards in their growth for you :o)

We're nicknaming the Brown Male "Davy" after Davy Crockett who served in the Texas Revolution. I have been feeling everyone's belly for any umbilical hernias... :o( Davy is showing his not to be closing very rapidly. If it doesn't close by 6 wks of age one receives a $100 discount to help repair down the road.

Next picture update will be 4/18/ us grow up onto the page :o)

The below pictures are of Magic's litter one wk through the Woods Of Mother Nature. Our very first sense is smell; smell, smell, smell where to get that nourishing meal as we grow before your eyes, with lots of zzz's in between.

The next sense into our second week of age will be our eyes opening up to see our surroundings. You'll see this in the upcoming pictures to be placed above. Our eyes are a blue color until they mature in the upcoming months.

The third sense that starts to open up during our third week of age is sound. Tes keeps the atmosphere for us quiet and calm to help momma send calm vibrations to us as it would be in Mother Nature to become Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale for you. That's Tes's technique of what she's found over her years of breeding. We look forward to sharing our pictures with you in the upcoming weeks as our eyes open and Tes does her best to capture our life here in TX, awaiting for you to take us home :o)))

We snuggle and stay warm, and lots of zzzz's...


We're now going from 1 wk to 2 wks and into 3 wks old for you...enjoy watching us grow!

There we all are, growing FAST, little tubbies with momma having lots of milk for us :o)) Pick me, Pick ME - Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale!!!


And of course we don't leave the browns out...they both had very tiny whites on neck or chest, barely visible.

Here is one of the big red boys showing his white abstract on his chest. The other is above. One below has a lighter nose, one above has a dark nose.

Next she'll show the brown phantom Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale which she believes is going to have an agouti black tipped coat...a customer just sent me a picture of her agouti phantom girl above to up one can see the black coming through on his head and back and above that the large abstract on his chest. Only one brown agouti phantom born.



(b) with the most coloring



- Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale -


To the far left, the male is almost a solid Black phantom (a), yet one tends to see brown coming through on the back of his head. The middle male is the most colorful (b), and on the right a mid coloring of black and red phantom (c).

Here Tes will try to point out the black and red phantom differences for you...she tries to bring colored wool blankets in to color your world in viewing us :o)))


Momma Magic is smiling - Come and get us for your next Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale pet ;o)

2 browns and a red male, Tes uses colored wool blankets to help wick away any moisture and it keeps us warm. She's placed special pet heating pads underneath to keep us warm, yet if we're too warm we're too spread out to get cool and she finally took them away to help us group...that allows momma to circle around us better :o)


With lots of zzz...and nummy...we just keep adding ounces and soon us grow...

We zzzz... where we drop...zzzz...


Then afterwards...zzzz....zzzz....that's what we do best, nummy nummy, zzzz...

We're REALLY getting this dinner thing figured out and truly go at it! Let me at it!!! Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale we are :o)


Thank You Momma for loving us :o))

Tes calls us little bull dogs we look so big and plump!! Thriving Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale!!!


Look at us, we're becoming little tubbies already!

Our tails are now docked and due claws removed at 2 days old. The earlier is best due to our bones are still very soft and start solidifying becoming harder and harder day by day, week by week, and month by month.


A lot of us have white abstracts on our chest, very tiny to very large and white boots on some of our paws, and even a bit on our chin. Our umbilical chords dry up rapidly in a day, then fall off. 

There were 3 of us Black and Red Phantoms born. Tes will show you pictures the best she can at this age of our differences...when we've grown and at our 5 wk individual picture shot you'll be able to see a whole lot better what we grow into color as Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale.


At just a few days old, we're already starting to scoot around. Momma's arms are a great hang out area ;o) As we can't regulate our body heat yet, Tes keeps the bedroom at 80 degrees and will slowly start taking it down as we develop.

Look, I told you so!!!


Hey, let's hang out at the arm! I sense that bro has been hitting it pretty hard at the's going to come back at him if he doesn't slow down...

When done, zzz....zzz...Momma licks licks licks our genitals as we don't defecate or urinate yet on our own, this warms our area to move for us...Thank You Momma :o)


It's important to get a good suction grip and movement to draw out the milk, getting it flowing to fill our tummy's.

Tes is here to extract the sack quickly, clamp the chord and so much more to get us nursing in minutes of being born. That is the essential colostrum needed for our healthy start in life as quickly as possible to be Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Magic IS thankful I'm there to help ;o)


I've been working to get the tile installed for the pups to arrive, and I do so like the new set up in my bedroom to allow for 80 degree temps, a good bumper system in place that helps prevent from exhaustion of mom sleeping on a pup getting behind her, clean up, and of course me sleeping next to them allows me to awake if I hear crying or screaming, which they certainly do when they want something ;o)

Magic's licking clean her first TX just born puppy...the only Female born of 8 :o)

Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale

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