Royal Standard Poodles TX


Royal Standard Poodles Juno x Royal - Kate is the name of this web page for Kate's first litter with Juno x Royal.

Kate Bauer

1161 Ranch Rd 386

Mason, TX


Updated 8/31/23 TI

Tes Offspring breeder Kate Bauer of Mason, TX has come on board to become an up and coming ethical Brown Royal Standard Poodle TX breeder. She has Bruno daughters Juno and up and coming Keiko. "Royal" is going to be their mate.

As of 8/30/23, Juno has come back home to Tes as Kate goes through "Life Happens" in her career in the school system where she works :o)

Tes is owner of Juno again and will have the same mating with Royal which will be a Winter litter 2023 into 2024. This page will be a great example of colors you can look forward to.

You will find Kate's Studs & Dams here, on this web page where with Juno x Royal's recent litter pups are looking for your loving arms to bring home.

Puppies SOLD OUT!


Juno web pg & stats 

Brown Female carries Cafe' au lait, Phantom, Apricot, Cream gene colors



Velvety chocolate brown male carries Cafe au lait, Phantom, Apr/Cream gene colors

web pg under construction


Juno x Royal had their Royal Standard Poodle TX litter Saturday May 6, 2023. 6 Males + 5 Females = 11 puppies!  2 phantom males, 2 Apr/Crm males, 2 Brown males + 3 Brown Females, 2 Crm Female. Ready for homes July 3rd, 2023. See the side travel tab on getting ready to bring your puppy home if out of state.

Each litter born gets a theme in naming each pup for the story board of pictures on this page in watching them grow up for you. The chosen theme is based on cards and Spanish numbers. Start at the bottom of this page and watch them grow up onto the page in the coming weeks.

1. Breeder Tes Royal Male, Brown, E-Glae 

2. 8/31/22 paid, Royal F, Brown, "Magnolia Madison (Maggie)" EH > Butte, MT (2023 - Referral from mentor)

3. 1/15/23 paid, Royal M , Phantom, "Hondo", JH > Quitman, TX (2023 - Referral from mentor)

4. 6/11/23 paid Royal, Phantom/Brown, "Davy" M, AM > Knoxville, TN (referral from mentor)

5. 3/5/23 paid, Royal Brown M, DW > Lexington, TN (Bruno offspring - referral from mentor)

6. 6/24/23 paid Royal, Cream, F "Anni Oakli",  > Ft. Worth, TX

7. 7/9/23 paid Royal, Cream, M "Thunder", SZ > New London, Wisconsin

8. 8/11/23 paid Royal, Cream, F "Arya"LN > Spring Branch, TX

9. paid Royal, Brown, F Diamond, NC > Conroe, TX

10. paid Royal, Brown, M Otis, KH > Austin, state

11. paid Royal, Cream, F Heart, name > city, state

Fill out form below to get your next loving pet!

SOLD - "Deuce now Otis" - Brown Male mc 9539 - 12 weeks old Duece is now 22 lbs 3 0z, a beautiful chocolate boy. He'll become a NICE Royal size boy, potentially tall lean 70+ lbs as an adult. Tes groomed us, and like any kid cleaned up for pictures, well we went running through the sprinkler ;o) Vaccinations up-to-date. I'm going home to my loving owners who has one of Tes's former spoos 7 year old brown "Apollo". YAY! KBH > Austin, TX



7 wks old 10Lbs 3oz. I'm going to be one ROYAL boy!

8 wks old 12 Lbs 3 oz


"Duece" - Brown Male mc 9539 - 3 wks old 3lbs 2oz.


10 weeks old Deuce is 16 lbs 10 0z and is a beautiful chocolate boy.


9 weeks old Duece is 14 lbs 8 0z and is a beautiful chocolate boy.


"Duece" - Brown Male mc 9539 - 5 wks old 5 lbs 10 oz


SOLD - "Club" now "Arya" - Crm Female mc 6213, 12 wks 18 lbs 7 oz. WOOHOO I'm going home to be with Sansa, a relative to me with/in LN > Spring Branch, TX - YAY!  I'll be one BEAUTIFUL Standard Poodle girl for you :o) Estimated adult weight should be 55 -65 lbs. I'm a laid back sweetheart ;o)



"Club" - Crm Female mc 6213 - 3 wks old 3lbs 2oz. 


Club - 7 wks 8Lbs 7oz.


10 wks old 15 lbs; If you want a big girl, I'm for you!


"Club" - Crm Female mc 6213 - 5 wks 5 lbs 8 oz.


Club - 9 wks old 13 lbs

8 wks old 11 Lbs


SOLD - "Heart" - Crm Female mc 5819, 12 wks 19 lbs 8 oz. I'll be one BIG Standard Poodle girl for you :o) Estimated adult weight should be 55 -65 lbs, Tall & Lean :o) Let me give my heart to you ;o)



Heart - 8 wks old 12 Lbs 3 oz

7 wks 9Lbs  10oz


"Heart" - Crm Female mc 5819 - 3 wks old 3lbs 3oz.


10 wks 16 lbs 9 oz. I'll be one ROYAL girl for you :o)


Heart - 9 wks 13 lbs 13 oz


"Heart" - Crm Female mc 5819, 5 wks 6 lbs  9 oz.


SOLD - "Diamond" - Brown Female mc 9721, 12 wks 17 lbs 8 oz. I'll be one nice Standard Poodle girl for you :o) Estimated adult weight should be 55 -65 lbs, Tall & Lean :o) Let me give my heart to you ;o) I get to have a loving family with two girls loving on me - WooHoo!!! NCB > Conroe, TX



Diamond - 8 wks old 10 Lbs 5 oz;

7 wks 8Lbs 9oz.


"Diamond" - Brown, small white on chest Female mc 9721 - 3 wks old 3lbs 4oz.


10 wks old 14 lbs 14 oz; Looking for a tall standard poodle? That'll be me :o)


Diamond - 9 wks old 12 lbs 12 oz; 


"Diamond" - Brown, small white on chest Female mc 9721 - 5 wks 5 lbs 9 oz.



At 12 wks old Kate is heading back to school where she works and Tes took us in while Kate studies to be a Superintendent at her school. We've got wonderful Kuranda beds to sleep on, doggy doors to go in and out whenever we want to Potty Outside, and Tes is training us to be the best we can be for you :o)


Nuvet Supplements

Males - 6

Sold - "King now Thunder" - Apr/Crm Male mc 0470 - 9 weeks is 16 lbs 4 oz; I'm going to be one GIANT Standard Poodle for you! My loving owners are SZ > New London, Wisconsin.


7 wks 11Lbs 7oz. 

8 wks old 13 Lbs 8 oz


9 weeks and King, now Thunder,  is 16 lbs 4 oz


"King" - Apr/Crm Male mc 0470 - 3 wks old 4lbs 4oz.


"King" - Apr/Crm Male mc 0470 - 5 wks 7 lbs 2 oz.

SOLD - "Tre" - Brown Male mc 5532 - 8 wks old 10 Lbs 7 oz; 7 wks 9Lbs 10oz; 8 wks 10 Lbs 7oz. WooHoo! I get to go home to DW > Lexington, TN.


"Tre" - Brown Male mc 5532 - 3 wks old 3lbs 6oz.


"Tre" - Brown Male mc 5532 - 5 wks 6lbs 5 oz.


"Ace" - Cafe' Au Lait Phantom Male mc 5654 - 3 wks old 2lbs 8oz.


"Ace" - Cafe' Au Lait Phantom Male mc 5654 - 5 wks old 4 lbs 8oz.

Davy was Ace

SOLD - "Ace now Davy" - Cafe' Au Lait Phantom Male mc 5654 - 9 wks old 12 lbs 12 oz; 8 wks old 10 Lbs 1 oz; 7 wks old 7 Lbs 12 0z. I'm loving owners are AM > Knoxville, TN.


SOLD - "Quad now Hondo" - Brown Phantom with small white on chest Male  mc 0417  8 wks old 13 lbs  5 oz.  7 wks old 11 bs 8 oz . My new loving owner is JH > Quitman, TX.


"Quad now Hondo" - Brown Phantom with small white on chest Male  mc 0417  3 wks old 3lbs 5oz.  


"Quad now Hondo" - Brown Phantom with small white on chest Male  mc 0417  5 wks old 7 lbs 3 oz. 


"Joker" - Brown Male mc 5833 - 3 wks old 4lbs 15oz. 


"Joker, now E-Glae" - Brown Male mc 5833 - 5 wks old 7 ibs 7 oz. 


SOLD - "Joker, now E-Glae" - Brown Male mc 5833 - 8 wks 11 Lbs 10 oz; 7 wks old 10Lbs 3oz.  I'm going home to TI Flatonia, TX to be an up and coming stud!

Females - 5

SOLD - "Pi" - Crm/White Female mc 5625, 8 wks old 10 Lbs 6 oz; 7 wks 8Lbs 9oz. I'm going home to Ft. Worth, TX. 


"Pi" - Crm/White Female mc 5625 3 wks old 3lbs 3oz.


Pi" - Crm/White Female mc 5625, 5 wks 6 lbs.

SOLD - "Queen now Maggie" - Brown Female mc 5507 - 8 wks old 11 Lbs 7 oz; 7 wks 10 lbs 8 oz. I am going to my new loving owner EH in Butte, Montana.


"Queen now Maggie" - Brown Female mc 5507 - 3 wks old 3lbs 9oz. 


"Queen now Maggie" - Brown Female mc 5507 - 5 wks 6 lbs.


Royal Standard Poodles TX

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