Scammer Douglas Royster

Last updated 9/18/18

This African American man Scammer Douglas Royster (name he continues to go by since 2007) tries to tell sellers he will purchase their cat, dog, real estate, furniture, and more and NEVER follows through! Wasting HOURS of our time!! Read FACTS of the few that actually follow-up with data over the yrs below...

The police and FBI have said it is not enough loss in money to move on prosecuting this man! Or that he has not committed any crime as he never gets the items...People - HEADS UP - Do your background checks if at all possible when working with large amounts of funds!

If he starts to scam you, and you find this web page, CONTACT your nearby similar fellow dealers and give them a heads up - PLEASE!!

2018 update: Provide Facts Only!: JC - Dacula, GA He is still up to the Real Estate scamming - Got funds from home sell in California, needs home for his Mother to live with him. Originally contacted me to purchase a property in June of 2018. Signed contract to purchase sight unseen. Cash purchase, kept rescheduling appointments and just did not show up. Made excuses as to why he could not get proof of funds from Wells Fargo - Claims he is a flight attendant with Delta and in another conversation said he worked for the prison system. Reached out to him again this week and he said he is still interested. Again, did not keep appointment....

2017 update: McDonough, GA - Realtor ... stay tuned for the data to come on trying to scam them

2016 update: Austin, TX 78757 Provide Facts Only: July 2016 - NEAR FURNITURE SCAM. A man that called himself Douglas Royster with a phone number registered in Linburn, GA called a prominent furniture store in Austin, TX and said he had just purchased a 5 bedroom home in Leander, TX and had $150,000 to buy furniture and wanted to buy only furniture off of the floor. He needed immediate delivery by August. This was mid-July 2016. His family was coming to visit him and he would need the house furnished for their visit. He was excited, exuberant but hardly believable which lead us to do a google search and this sight pulled up noting him as a real estate and furniture scam artist. We had already decided if he came into the store to try to purchase furniture from the floor, we would require a cashier's check, not even cash which could lead to a robbery. He knew furniture brands very well and seemed like he had researched our web-site very well. He wanted pictures of the furniture from our floor and even called back and told us to put sold signs on three pieces of art work. A little worried a robbery could take place as he has a lot of information about our inventory and we have nothing on camera about him at this point. We are increasing security. He has missed appointments to come into the studio. His picture on this web-site, name, Georgia locations, African American voice/picture identity match 100%. If you are in the furniture business - do not fall for this scammer. We are glad we found this web-site. It confirmed our suspicions. 

2015: My name is JZT, and I show and breed CFA Siamese cats on a small basis. I seriously wish I would have googled Douglas Royster’s name and read these complaints before he wasted so much of my time. Scammer Douglas Royster started contacting me in March for kittens that were born.

3/1/2015. He requested health updates and pictures almost weekly for two kittens he was interested in, from March until June. I turned away numerous buyers for these kittens as I believed he wanted them as stated. Doug was to come to my house and pick these kittens up on June 20, but called and said he worked for Delta and his flight he was working had been delayed and that he would be at my house the next day. I spoke with Doug the next early afternoon, and he said “they” had gotten a room in Hickory for that evening. This was Father’s Day, and other than going out to eat, I waited on this gentleman to arrive at my home for most of two days. After returning from eating around 5pm, his phone was turned off and was unavailable by both cell and text. There had been a horrible SUV accident and I was terrified he had been killed on the way to my house. I researched this that Monday morning, found it was not him, and googled his name at that time. Imagine my surprise that he is a scammer, I have never had dealings like this before. That evening, I posted on my Facebook sites to beware as he wasted my time, and now I had two additional kittens I need to get on the market 3 days before leaving for vacation. Fortunately, buyers email me on a regular basis and excellent homes were found for them. All my Siamese kittens come with a health certificate from my vet if requested. I provide multiple pet buyer recommendations. I was very clear and upfront with him, and everything I said and tried to help him with was used against me. After speaking with other breeders, I discovered he had had unstable dealings more than one of them, also. I was not going to post on this site, but I think people need to be aware, and he is sullying my name all over the internet.

2014 update: Real Estate agent contacted me after viewing my site. Tried to see if it was the same person. Verified both had same name and were from the Atlanta area. Agent had buyer with the same name inquiring about a property. Agent suggested buyer get pre-qualified with lender first. Buyer then stated he was making a cash offer on the property therefore he had no need to contact a Lender, Buyer wanted to make an offer on property with the subject property being un-visited, and sight unseen. Buyer stated he worked for Delta as a Flight Attendant. Agent asked for proof of funds since it would be an all cash offer. Buyer said he would have to wait until he received another insurance statement before he could show proof of funds, because he currently had no proof. Agent told seller of email offer next morning, seller then stated he would not agree to the low price in the offer, but the seller would be willing to make a price counter offer subject to verifying funds along with agent getting the buyer full contact info. Agent requested buyer supply full legal name and address alone with proof of funds. Buyer never furnished info to the agent so no counter offer was made. Agent contacted a friend who is and has been a Delta Flight attendant for many years. Delta flight attendant stated he had never heard of the person named. A Facebook page was found with this person's name where it did show another Delta flight attendant as a friend on the page. First Delta employee did know the Delta flight attendant friend listed on this persons Facebook page, but when the first Delta friend contacted the Delta employee shown on this person's Facebook page the second Delta flight attendant said he did not know this person either. So no Delta employees have been found to date that are able to state the person with this name does currently work for Delta as a flight attendant. Buyer also said he was working a Delta flight from Atlanta that stopped in California where he was a the time of a phone call in California, then he would be flying on to Hawaii. Delta employee said all Atlanta to Hawaii flights were non stop from Atlanta. Agent never stated these people, for sure are one and the same as the agent has never seen and only spoke once to this person on the phone. Only thing for sure is no one to date has been able to verify the buyer's job, full legal name, contact info or funds to purchase. No additional contact has been made to or from agent.

2012 update: January - real estate scam:

1. First person shared he was scamming them on a real estate purchase and provided the following facts of Scammer Douglas Royster:

He has a record in Orlando, FL. He lives in Griffin, GA now according to his facebook page. I have attached a copy here. I can't seem to get back to it, but I printed it in pdf. The real estate fraud took place in DeKalb County, GA. ... I recognize him from his picture.

Also, I have attached the result of searching his cell phone number. It brings up a report from a furniture company (see 2011 scam below to furniture person contacting me). There is a supposed reply from an attorney, but when you read it, you will realize that no attorney could have written it. ... is threatening.

*For a pdf picture of him contact TI via the form below that you may know it is the same person possibly trying to scam you now...


2011 update: Three individuals contacted me after finding this page to share Scammer Douglas Royster in the Georgia area scamming people on real estate, furniture, and other goods.:

1. First person shared he was scamming them on a real estate purchase, money down, bad check 2. Second person shared he was scamming them on furniture purchase, bad check 3. Third person shared he was an African American man scamming people at his place of business with lies

June 2008

The following Cat Breeder contacted me after doing a search on "Douglas Royster" finding my web page on him.

Section I :

A summary from the Cat Breeder...

The first time I heard from “Mr. Royster,” he said in several emails that he was coming to my house to meet my cats, pick up one young cat that was ready to go, and leave a deposit for two other kittens. Despite promising to visit on several very specific dates, he never showed up for any of them. As you can read in the emails from April to May of 2007, I was becoming increasingly irritated (and sarcastic) with him as he broke promise after promise, and never appeared at my doorstep. He never sent a deposit of course, and stopped writing after he told me he’d had a car wreck and had not kept his appointment with me because of that.

It was obvious to me over a year ago that there was something wrong with him, and that he was lying about things; I had just forgotten the details of our communications. So when he got back in touch with me earlier this month, I was caught off guard. A couple of weeks ago, he contacted me by phone. I saw the name on my caller ID (what appeared was Douglas Royster 404 643-3085), but wasn’t sure that we had communicated before until well into the conversation. He was friendly and disarming. When I said to him that his name sounded familiar, he said yes, yes, he had contacted me before, but he was definitely ready to get a cat or a kitten now. He said something had come up when we last communicated, and he wasn’t ready then, but he was now.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I sincerely wish that I had given into that nagging feeling that this guy needed to be investigated, and wish I had gone back and looked up those old emails. If I had, I would not have wasted my time this weekend, spending six hours (and a fair amount for gas) on the road to meet a person who wasn’t a legitimate buyer; but he was just that convincing on the phone. His enthusiasm was infectious, and he was a pleasure to talk to, so he did not set off any of my alarms. He told me, during some of our many conversations, that he was single and he lived alone. He said his sister was a veterinarian, and he asked me many questions about my cats. He wanted two kittens (or cats) so that they could be companions for each other, and he seemed very excited when I told him about the cats that I had. He asked me for details about the cats, their health, their personalities, etc. He asked to see pictures of all of them. He agreed to my prices, but balked at the idea of driving four hours one way to come pick them up. He asked if I would like to put them on a plane. I said that I would not ship the cats, but I would be agreeable to meeting him halfway, since we did not live that far apart. He gave me his address (505 Allison Street, Stockbridge, GA 30281) so that I could plug it in to Mapquest and find a good halfway point. (Please make note of the fact that this is not the same address that he gave me back in April of last year.) When I told him that I would like to meet at a Cracker Barrel in Anniston, AL (which was exactly halfway), he was very excited, and said that he loved Cracker barrel, and he ate there every week. It should be noted that I found this somewhat unexpected, because I almost always saw only Caucasian patrons there, and I was under the very strong impression that he was African American; but I was happy that there were exceptions to every rule, and I was genuinely excited that I would have my first African American customer. In fact, I even commented to my husband that I wondered why I had not had one before now.

Anyway, “Douglas” seemed to want to meet early in the day, and despite the fact that I explained I was not a morning person, we agreed on 9am. He said he would probably leave much earlier than he needed to, and would fill the time with reading a newspaper until I got there. I left in the morning with time to spare myself, but got lost for about fifteen minutes, and did not arrive at our meeting point until about 10 minutes after 9:00. Certain that he would have been waiting for me, and not knowing what he looked like, I had him paged twice. He did not respond. Finally, at about 15-20 minutes after 9:00, I called him (the number he gave was apparently a cell phone), and said he he’d been off to a late start, and he would be there in 25 minutes, and he’d be driving a white Mercedes 300. He did not answer the phone after that. Eventually, I left at 11:00, two hours after our agreed meeting time. I left a message telling him that I was worried that he’d been in a wreck or something, but I could not wait any longer. He never returned my messages. After I got home, I was curious and concerned about what had happened to him. I put the address he gave me in to a reverse lookup on to see if I could find his home number to check to see if he was still alive. The listing for that address came back as “Isaac and Chandra Anderson,” and the number was 770 507-2970. It was apparently Chandra who answered the phone. I asked to speak with “Douglas,” and she said “just a minute,” and handed him the phone. I identified myself to the man who answered, reminding him that we were to have met yesterday in Anniston, AL for him to buy my cats. It was the same voice as “Douglas Royster’s,” but this time, he denied knowing who I was, and said his last name was Anderson. Then there was silence, and I assumed he hung up on me. I spent the next hour contemplating would I would do next, and searching for information about him on the internet. It was then that I found your website. Armed with more information this time, I decided to confront him again. So I called back, using a calling card to conceal the origin of my call so they would be more likely to answer the phone. His wife answered again, and demanded to know the first and last name of the person I wanted. This time, she said that no “Douglas” lived there. When I asked to speak with Isaac Anderson, she said that that was he husband’s name, but he didn’t like cats, and she was allergic to them. Unable to resist, I then asked if they liked poodles. She said no, they didn’t like any animals, and that it was just the two of them and their two-month-old child who lived there. She insisted that I had the wrong person. Then she became fairly angry that I had bothered them in the first place, and refused to hear anything more that I had to say, and also refusing, of course, to put Douglas/Isaac back on the phone.

An editorial note here: Douglas seemed to be a perfectly acceptable way to refer to her husband on the first call (she did not say “wrong number,” but instead, handed him the phone), but suddenly her husband was not “Douglas” the second time I called. That’s interesting, to say the least. What’s also interesting is that “Douglas” and Isaac had the same voice.

So there you have it—the details of our contact, and a nearly word-for-word transcript of our last few phone calls. You have my permission to use this information ...

Section II

Actual emails can be requested to be read by contacting Tes Ingebritson, given permission to share them by the Cat Breeder.

Sad thing is the police and FBI tell us it is too small of an amount that they will not work to prosecute this man. Continue to do your background checks and it is hopeful they will soon find the list too long NOT to!

Also as of June 2008-Cat Breeders Beware! Click the link below to read about Royster trying to scam a cat breeder. "Royster" had been working her before he stopped in 2007 to begin working me. A year later he picked up again with her.

Please Standard Poodles Breeders Beware! -- read the following data of the scam that tried to get me...What I share below are facts from the emails and telephone calls received. I can provide the emails as facts if wanted to be reviewed by you. Yet the telephone communication was not recorded.

If you know of any Standard Poodles Breeders who should be aware of the data, please email them this website page.

  • 10/31/09 We received a phone call from DB - Atlanta, GA; a dog breeder stating they had found this page on Royster and that he was trying to scam them with their pup, thank you for this web page to alert them as they were suspicious and googled his name finding this information.
  • 10/09 I received a phone call from TD - Atlanta, GA stating they had found this page on Royster and that he was trying to scam them at their furniture store, thank you for this web page to alert them as they were suspicious and googled his name finding this information. Douglas Royster, an African American, they stated also has a "Facebook" page if you want to see what he looks like. You do not have to sign up for Facebook, just type in the name and see if the picture matches who you have met. They also stated he had written bad checks in trying to buy a home (real estate) in the area and was coming to them to get new furniture to fill it.Here is the FBI's internet complaint website - PLEASE fill it in on Douglas Royster's dealing with you! www.ic3.govTo: FBIJune 6, 2007From: Tes Ingebritson 24418 464th St. Staples, MN 56479 218-894-1434 www.RoyalStandardPoodles.comCriminal Report on Said: Douglas Royster Said address: 275 Brassy Court Alpharetta, GA 30022 Said tel. # 404-377-6215 Said email address: dmroyster@hotmail.comOn May 30, 2007, said Douglas Royster (DR) had led Tes Ingebritson to beleive funds of $2,600 had been wired to her bank for the purchase of two standard poodles which had been flown to Atlanta, GA for him to pick up. No funds were ever sent.It is sometimes difficult to note when your RADAR should be going up with a transaction…please read to be aware of this scam, for your radar to be alert.The following report lists the known factual details to the best of my knowledge of what transpired. There was an essence of urgency in order to fly the pups out in one week as I would be making a three hour drive to St. Paul with another pup flying out at the same time.If you’d like to read the emails, please contact me and request that you’re interested in reviewing them for your own awareness. I will be glad to send them granted you are a legitimate breeder.Weds. May 23, 2007 received email from Douglas Royster (DG) on interest in purchasing two of my standard poodles found on my website. Responded as usual with the form. See email copy A. Telephone # provided on email B.I telephoned him as requested that night and my usual inquiry ensued at which his answers led me to believe I could sell my Standard Poodles to a loving home. Stated he was a man in his 40s, single, never married, this would be his family. There was a southern dialect.Spoke that he had an old internet modem, no DSL, so when he was on line I could not telephone him.Thursday May 24, 2007 see email B, Email C states he wired money, should be in by Friday Email D asks me to call him that evening, tried but could not get ahold of him Email E states the contract for the poodles will be in the mail Friday, call him in the morningFriday May 25, 2007 Email F sent to him informing him I had Priority Mailed out the information for purchasing the poodles, which I understood the wire was taking place with full payment. I only send full packages out with full payment.Email G, H sent stating USPS on line was not recognizing his address, thought I would have to go to town and have them run it through. This has happened in the past to individuals, yet they have received it when I took it into the PO for them to deliver.At this time I had given up on his not chaining the emails, seemed to be coming from a palm pilot or something.Email I, He emailed me back stating correct address, at which I should have plugged his name into Mapquest to verify, I’d only done Alpharetta, GA.I had called my bank several times throughout the day, the Standard Poodles funds had not come in.Saturday 26, 2007 Email J, K He emailed me that his phones were down and to try to call him tonight, they said they would be working. Someone had accidentally cut the phone wires at the library and the region had lost telephone service.Email L, He emailed to pick the flight as I’d know the best time, said wire would take several days. Later my bank shared it should only take within a day.Sunday 27, 2007 Email M He emailed stating phones should be on Sunday eveningMonday 28, 2007 Memorial Day Email N I emailed confirming flight schedule established to fly Standard Poodles outEmail O, P, Q general communication on this and thatIt appears good communication is trying to stay in via email, even though the phone isn’t working.Tuesday 29, 2007 Email R, S, T, U, V, I tell him the wire has not come through, he states bank has said it has, just believe, give him a call, I cannot get ahold of him-a buzz after several rings, he needs to call meWednesday 30, 2007 Email W, I have my husband email him as I’m driving 3 hours to fly the Standard Poodles outThe Standard Poodles have flown out and should be in Atlanta, at which I always call or ask customers to contact me that they have arrived and have their new pets. I received no such call and could not get ahold of him. Upon arriving home I emailed Email XNo response, at which I called Swiss Cargo (holder of pets) at 5pm, he had finally shown up and I spoke with him. He stated he’d got caught in a meeting, now he needed to get a larger vehicle to take the crates and poodles home in, he would have to come back for them. I continued to call Swiss Cargo that night to find out if they’d been picked up, watered and fed. They stated he called and would be coming in at 9pm. I insisted they are watered.I called my bank several times during the day and no funds had come in. As I had spoken with him, he had called the airport and shown up to pay for the flight of the poodles, I believed there was some glitch in the finance wiring. Went to bed believing this was not going well and I should get the Standard Poodles back. No owner should treat their dogs in this fashion. They would take them at the least and come back for the crates.4 am Thursday 31, 2007 I received a phone call from Swiss Cargo the Standard Poodles were still at their site. I exclaimed they were to be shipped back to me. He had no contract with my signature (never arrived, nor the money) he did not own them, they were to be shipped back to me ASAP! I would have to pay for their flight back but had to wait for NW to open at 7:30am (8:30 am GA time) to arrange the ticket.My major concern now was for the Standard Poodles to have been fed and watered and newspaper placed in there crates. They had not been fed. I insisted they open the crates to feed and water them.I began preparing to drive back to St. Paul to get them back.At 7:30am I called Swiss Cargo first before calling the airlines to see if he had arrived to pick up the poodles. They stated he called and was coming in at 9am. I stated-“NO-they are flying back to me. He does not own them…”They stated he had paid for their arrival and we should wait for him to come and get the poodles. I stated “NO- they are to be flown back to me at which I was arranging their flight back.”I arranged the flight and was calling every half an hour to an hour to see if he had shown up.AT 9:45am GA time, I had called the main office with my land line phone and stated the poodles must get on the flight now before any more time had gone by. He had not shown up at the 9am stated time and I was holding on the phone until I spoke to the manager, at which DR did show up and the manager went to see what the situation was. I was not going to speak with DR but held onto the call and called then with my cell phone to Swiss Cargo to tell them not to give the poodles to him, the tickets were bought and they must come home to me, speaking with Swiss Cargo with two phones and two contacts. She stated she was in the 3 person communication with the manager DR and herself.She shared he’d shown up in a sports car, that he was crazy in doing this and told him then that the breeder was shipping the poodles back to her. At which she did fly the poodles back to me then.I picked the kids up at the airport noting they had not been fed. I had brought water and towels to wipe them down and love them, at which they came home with me.A week went by and DR never called to scream at me nor did he ever email me back explaining. I called the FBI and they stated it would be to costly to them and no crime had been committed at this point.Another week went by and I received back my Priority email package with all the data for the poodles stating the provided mailing address was not to be found.UPDATE: email AB- 08/21/07 After all this time DR finally emailed me from my submission form stating I was a liar. He had placed a totally different name for himself and a different address than on the original emails above. He wrote a vulgar term and stated he would pray for me quoting a scripture verse.I have now blocked him from my email receipts.New Policies established—A. All finances must be in place no matter what they say has transpired.B. Do not sign the contract until all such funds are in place.C. Do not send micro-chip data until funds are in place.D. Do not send AKC papers until spaid/neutered copy from vet has been received if for PET Only.
  • Douglas Royster - Scam - Facts only!

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