Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno has his new brother Apricot Bruno to join him at home with JC in Gretna, NE - parents Bruno - Jewels x Bruno 2016 and parents Juno (daughter of Bruno) x Drake 2022.

A Perfect World - We now are best friends from Tes!

Tes Ingebritson, breeder, is always working her best to create the ideal structure; square, proud, NATURAL correct stance, and personality to love for :o) WHAT SOME PERFECT Pictures!!!!

last updated 9/5/22



Tracking stats for Bruno:

  • 9/7/22 9 mos 67 lbs
  • 4/28/22 3 mos 34.8 lbs 20"
  • DOB 1/6/22

Tracking stats for Rowdy:

  • 04/18/19 36 mos 80#, 30"
  • 11/17/17 19 mos 80#, 29"
  • 01/18/17 9 mo 78#, 29"
  • 11/16/16 7 mos 54#, 25.5"
  • 9/11/16 5 mos 48#, 22"
  • 7/26/16 3.5 mos 30#
  • 07/04/16 3 mos 20.4#
  • DOB 4/8/16

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno so enjoy the kids visiting...something new to sniff and smell ;o)

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno have grown together to become absolutely best of friends...relatives :o)

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno living, loving, and playing together.

Bruno has a much different personality than Rowdy. He’s MUCH more restless and naughty! We’ve certainly learned to keep the bathroom doors closed (after multiple rolls of toilet paper were scattered everywhere), Kleenex boxes and magazines off the coffee table, and beverages on the end tables with be lapped up. 😂 He’s hidden the remote control several times, run off with my phone a time or two, chewed up Eli’s dog bed, pulled dirt out of the potted plants and scattered across the room. It’s been a battle to get him to stop splashing water out of the waterer with his paw! 🤦🏼‍♀️ So fortunate he’s cute! He’s doing well with “sit” and “down”, struggling a bit with “come” and “stay”, but we’ll get him into formal kindergarten soon. But we love him SO MUCH.

Bruno idolizes Uncle Rowdy - and Rowdy has grown to love Bruno too. It’s so fun to watch them together outside. If Rowdy pees, Bruno pees with the exact same stance. If Rowdy looks up, Bruno looks up. Rowdy sits, Bruno sits. A squeaking duck is the favorite toy for both. In the living room, one will pick it up, wait for the other to see, then walk around the couch, quickly followed by the other. When the duck is dropped, the other picks it up and heads around the couch the other direction - followed by the other. Rowdy now allows Bruno to crawl and climb all over him and they’re even snuggling occasionally. This is exactly what we were hoping would happen… didn’t expect it as soon.

Now we start to see pictures with both the boys living, loving, and growing together :o)

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Rowdy - Apr Bruno

Talking, "Take Me For A Walk" ;o) Awwww BEAUTIFUL!

Always so much to “talk” about... everyday.  Moves his mouth wide and speaks with good inflection when it’s time to eat or if he’s just bored and wants a change of scenery. 

Everyone who sees Rowdy for the first time uses the word “regal” to describe him.  People think we’ve trained him to pose.

He’s a show stopper!

Still runs our 4 1/2 acres faster than any animal I’ve seen. [this from JC's June 2019 update.  she's got herself one Fast Poodle!! ]


..Rowdy Bruno is terrific and the love of our lives.  Your breeding process, including socialization, created a strong, regal, sensitive canine child (he’s NOT a dog).  He tries to talk to us everyday. Not whine - he moves his mouth!   .  He loves to snuggle and run zoomies outside.

Human creativity:  here I am observing the world in color,


and here I am deeply pondering the mysteries of the universe in B&W

I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeVille

Sharing the spotlight....and my human is watching someone else on the screen.  I only have eyes for you. ;0)

Both Rowdy and I, (Aunt Rosa), are fascinated by the info our human is sharing with us.     

"We dearly love all 4 of our 4-legged family members, but Rowdy is the epitome of what every dog should be:  energetic, confident, playful, smart, friendly, affectionate, cuddly... oh, I could go on all day."

These are proud and sincere owners ;0) 

Rowdy Bruno at 19 months, happy, healthy and growing up!


His owners share: Thanks again for the perfect poodle! It seems he hasn't grown into his feet or nose yet... so I think he has a ways to go.  He's happy, loving, playful and smart - recently-graduated from basic obedience training...  (Teacher's pet.)  He absolutely LOVES kids, and he has the loudest bark we've ever heard.

Ok mom you can take another picture of me :0)

Lets dance!


Look at my stunning eyes, beautiful! :0)

Let me just squeeze in here...:0)


Look I can be a lap spoo too!  :0)

Come on mom lets go for a run in the snow!


his owners share: Really loves children and doesn't understand why he sometimes intimidates the little one.  Also loves running in the snow, he doesn't like coming back in. 

I am 9 months old now and still growing, I am a Royal Spoo for sure!

Look at my beautiful golden eyes


I wonder if I will be as big as my daddy Bruno...hmmm..... :0)

Who is here, let me look!


His owners share: he's "teacher's pet" in obedience training.  He is always selected to demonstrate technique (and perfect performance). 

Its the 4 paws up pose!!


Look at the size of my paws, I am going to be a Royal for sure!

Rowdy Bruno has picked up speed growing... He just creeped over the 30 lb. mark.  Fetching balls and wrestling with whatever dog or human will join in.  (He's wrestling with my daughter's Vizsla, Beckett, in the photo).  Loves his toys, playing outside, and romping on the bed in the morning are some of his favorite things.  Time for puppy training...

First full haircut with the warm Summer months upon us :o)


I've learned to climb the steps, gotta take a break with all this learning...and will outgrow new challenges FAST as that's how smart we are :o) 

This is my next challenge, grow to jump up on here :o))


I've got my eye on you ;o) Watch me grow :o)))


Rowdy Bruno 7 wks old :o)

Rowdy Bruno, Jr. Enjoys the Prairie in June 2016


HEY! Life is good!!

I have a mentor ;o) Aunt Rosa :o))

I've arrived at my new home - Woo Hoo!!!


Below is my 7 wk old picture at Tes's home while growing up. Rowdy already ;o)

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