Red Standard Poodle Fire

now TJ in TX 

Red Standard Poodle Fire, named after Fire Quormosto in my fantasy novel. A character full of grace and adventure. Fire and her sister Spirit are quite the pair, definitely the holding red highly desired color and we have done our best to test and assure the healthy future of the holding red, for structure, hips, and all other tests needed.

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Tracking "Fire" of A Perfect World:

  • CHIC #100863 completed
  • Thyroid - OFA no disease recognized
  • Cardiac - OFA no disease recognized
  • Hip OFA "Good"
  • 1.5 yrs old 48 lbs 24" at shoulder
  • 1/23/14 Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) - free of observable inherited eye disease
  • 5/15/13 Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) - free of observable inherited eye disease
  • 1 yr old 48 lbs
  • 11/12/12 PennHip Laxity Profile Ranking 60th percentile in relation to all canine animals of the standard poodle breed in their database
  • 4 months 36 lbs
  • 3 months 21 lbs
  • Both Parents Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) normal/clear, no DNA gene found in either parent thus clear by parents
  • Both Parents Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - Normal, no DNA gene found in either parent thus clear by parents
  • 10 lbs 8wks old


"Dr. Mark adjusting my atlas, ahhh, it feels so good!"

If puppies don't knock all the poppies down before Tes fences them off, we get to watch them grow :0)

Okay, where are they? Do you see them Spirit?

I can smell those squirrels Spirit, those squirrels are squirreling around :0)


You can see the color variations from outside to inside, time of day, your computer, my computer, all will show different shadings, yet we haven't faded after 1 yr 9 months old. With Red Daniel as my mate, we'll hold some beautiful red colors for you :0)

Hey Daniel! Why don't you pay attention to us - not those squirrels? You will soon enough ;0) This bone is pretty tasty though.


Aren't I pretty ? :0) There's so much room to run and have fun...although we sure have beat this trail down to the back park to chase squirrels :0))

Hey! What are you doing Tes?


Ahhh, taking my mug shot ;0)

Girls, always playing around, wanna have fu-unn ;0)


"And Zeddy cuddling with me!" :0) 

Outside with the family :0)


Ahhh, such a nice relaxing day in the park chewing on a bone :0))

"I would make a beautiful show dog wouldn't I?" :0) 


Our Winter coats really show off the red color! HI!!

My sister Spirit and I love to play outside in the snow! This is the 2013 Winter pile of snow in the youth park...ah so much fun :0)

We're always trying to sneak our way in!


Our favorite spot is under the 10' long bench out of steel by Tes in the office :0)

Like I said sleeping is a huge part of growing up at 4 months old, see Zeddy "Four legs up" as I will get caught soon :0)

Sisters; we've our rabies tags now, I have the black collar, Spirit has the purple collar.


It's a cow! Tes rents to a farmer to graze the many acres. We like barking at them! Bark - Bark!!!

Of course sleeping is that part of our life that you can hear us grow. We have turned 3 months old where we wear halters from Lupine so Tes can quickly grab us safely and scoot outside to potty train :0) Aren't they colorful? :0))


Play and play and play...that's another part of growing up together.

It's a bug, I can smell it crawling! Or a mouse?


We're 2 months old and having fun with Zeddy. I'm in the black halter, Spirit is in the red.

Smile, it's our mug shot, I'm Fire with the black halter. We got our summer haircut for the hot Summer months here in Staples, MN.

Fire here at 8 weeks old, arriving at my new home with Tes and the other spoos.


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