ZxB Royal Standard Poodles Spring litter 2016

The newest in the line of paper shredders! Are you ready to bring one to your home?!?!?!

ZxB Royal Standard Poodles Spring litter 2016 are now 5 wks old! 

4 Females + 6 Males = 10 Zeddy x Bruno pups!


Born 4/1/16 - these will be some beautiful Royals with nice structure and size! That allows puppies to fly out on Friday May 27th (Labor Day weekend) - please mark your calendars and plan accordingly. 

Please scroll down to the bottom to watch puppies grow up onto the page as they are added for your enjoyment.

Tracking Z x B puppies:

  • 7 wks old 2nd bath, nails clipped, anal glands expressed
  • 6 wks old vet Parvo vaccination, Pyrantel deworming
  • 5 wks old first bath, nails clipped
  • 4 wks old Pyrantel deworming
  • 3 wks old nails clipped
  • 2 wks old Pyrantel deworming (every 2 wks now with Momma)
  • 1 wk old nails clipped
  • 3 days old tails and due claws done. We have our due claws done and tails 1/3 from the tip per AKC standards.
  • born 4/1/16

Click here to Bruno stats & pictures

Click here to Zeddy stats & pictures

The following story boards can only be fun and general as they are too young to have developed any definite personality yet, and the fact they will be completed by you, the new owners...Customers will come to choose at 6 wks old, choose from the pictures and having 3 mc's in mind to pick from...as I work through the list at that time...unless people let me know sooner...

Below - We're the 6 Males

SOLD - "Leo" Brown Male - 7 wks old 4.6# > estimated size 55+ lbs, microchip (mc) 1476 Leo is sharply smart, healthy and learns super fast! PR > Minneapolis, MN is taking me home!


SOLD - "Sarge" - Royal Brown Male with large white chest abstract - 7 wks old; 10.8 lbs > mc #0105 I'm a big boy with a regal chest to look like Regal Royalty :o) Look at these paws! Ready to bear hug DB > Maple Grove, MN ;o)

"Eagle" - Royal Brown Male - 7 wks old; 8.2 lbs > mc #9965 I'm a smart boy and look to check out all kinds of things with curiosity for Tes, that's what future breeding puppies do best ;o) Tes shares, "When I decided to name him Eagle (ah the universe) I was opening the front door to go outside and low and behold an Eagle soared no more then a hundred yards from me - right in front of me! WOW!! Gorgeous was all I could think of right then...and  why I must have puppies among bushes and trees and buildings with a deck in the puppy park, that owls and such cannot swoop them away...so YES I do my best to make things safe for them for you from the beauties of nature! :o) !!"


SOLD - "Spirit" - Royal Black Male with white chest abstract and toes - 7 wks old; 10.2 lbs > mc #4995 I'm a trooper checking out all around me, ready and hungry for LF > Bloomer, WI love :o)

SOLD - "Boomer" - Royal Black Male  - 7 wks old; 8.4 lbs > mc #2978 I'm going to train TT > Ogden, UT to love me :o)


SOLD - "Sancho" - Royal Black Male  - 7 wks old; 6.4 lbs > mc #7384 I'm full of adventure and enjoying the challenges of life for - LL > Minot, ND :o)

Below - We're the 4 Females

SOLD - "Cocoa" (hot chocolate with marshmallows ;o) - Royal Brown Female with white chest abstract and toes - 7 wks old; 10.8 lbs > mc #3009 I'm a sweety, lick'n to be loved by TM > Rhinelander, WI :o)


SOLD - "Bella" - Royal Brown Female - 7 wks old; 10.6 lbs > mc #2016 Cuddly, snuggly, and filled with love to bring home to CB > N. Salem, NY :o)

SOLD - "Sophi" - Royal Brown Female - 7 wks old; 8 lbs > mc #8754 I'll be a big girl for DH > Minneapolis, MN to play, walk, laugh & love.


SOLD - "Yoshi" - Royal Brown Female - 7 wks old; 11.2 lbs > mc #3493 I'll be a princess for LT > Alexandria, VA in becoming one big Royal girl to play, cuddle, comb my hair and enjoy ;o)

So many hours go into preparing all the pictures for you, so many to choose from that I'd love to share, yet have to stop and get back to other work...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy :o)))

Aahh, this outside playing and wonderful weather...sure poops us out...and feels good to know Tes is watching us from the office to assure we're all safe and sound :o)

Sleeping and eating Vets Choice Health extension dry adult dog food is all a part of that growing...momma's weaning us from her milk, she's growling at us to let her sleep :o(

Hi you guys ;o) We're growing for you :o))


I'll play with Tes's shoe string instead...I don't know what that white thing is on my nose :o))

Umphhhh, I can't get the spinner outside to play with :o((


Hey, did we tell you yet we LOVE to do a lot of playing?!?

The crates are getting lots of smells...but we rarely come into them...we'd rather pile up on top of each other and play on the pet beds ;o)


There are two litters now socializing together...Jewels and Zeddy's pups are 1 wk apart and finding lots of joy in playing and interacting with each other...

A..and Tes calls this Puppy Park for a reason :o)


"Eagle" here trying to fly!!

This outdoor stuff is GREAT!


What is that, a camera?

Tes does too...sitting with us, letting us climb all over her for loving...


We've definitely grown and get in and out easily now...absolutely love getting outside in this wonderful weather.

zzz time comes whenever, wherever we drop...zzz...


A good size beef bone sure keeps us HAPPY HAPPY!!

It's called the PUPPY PARK for a reason :o)))


We're really playing with each other so much, see how much the other can tolerate...

Where'd everyone go???


We're now going on 6 wks old, definitely climbing...the zzzing...zzz...

Tes continues to say "Potty Outside!" with the food dish ;o)


Now with the warm weather we go in and out on our own...especially when Tes calls out "Potty Outside!"

a...and here's how she teaches us to "Potty Outside" - with Momma and food ;o))

Everyone else figured it out in time...now in and out we go...Tes built it all for us to figure out as we grow...


And MacGyver was the 1st!!! Before all of the others, I had no idea he would be the first, truly made me LOL!

And now the next learning curve...getting up and down the ramp Tes built to have us learn to go potty outside on our own...as she now begins to teach us...


MacGyver wants momma to play, and all she wants to do is lick, lick, lick!

a...and this is how we do it a lot now with momma...


Dry dog food has entered our world...MacGyver has figured out he likes it ahead of the other!

It's a pet bed party!! More being made, yet here we all love them already!!


The chair Tes sits on has past litters having chewed the bottom off of it...she cut a thick plastic piece to prevent that from future pups, us, doing the same :o)

Wallah! We figure it out :o)))


h...here we go...the crates are okay for getting smells, but we prefer the wool blankets that's in the open...Tes has added painters paper that we want to instinctively potty on and a stepping system for us to learn on and climb up onto the walker, transposed into a bed deck for momma :o)

And then she sets up crates without the doors that we can zonk out after learning so much...


As Tes sets up the Family Room, she challenges us with obstacles to learn to go around things...

Tes has determined to teach us our next gradient of learning...learning to move from the nursery out to what she calls the "Family Room," (the in floor heated garage :o) where there's a lot more learning to go on...


zzzz...zzzz...a part of what we do best to help us grow...zzz...

Ahhh, Tes  is letting us snuggle after slurry...and she really gets to be a sticky mess yet she doesn't care, whew, love ya Tes!


We're getting rambunctious, see our teeth coming in?

Here we've named the little guy MacGyver the Survivor :o) You can see he's half the size of his sister, yet quite intelligent as he tends to do everything before the others figure it out, no kidding! He would be considered a regular standard size...yet no guarantee ;o)


a...and then we zzz...when we drop...

We're starting to play and momma is great to get to play with us :o)


We've started to eat slurry, it's a blend of baby rice cereal, buttermilk to prevent diarrhea, a special canned dog food called mousse to help puppies transition and eventually canned dog food will replace the mousse :o) What I call our circle of life :o))

Tes has given us bones to help us bring in our puppy teeth...it's new...we'll figure it out...


Mother's love! You can't beat that...and Tes's love to start us on the right track for you ;o)

It's nice to have space to go potty out there, to have momma in here, to have Tes assuring we're all safe :o)

Hey, let me in there!!!

puppy pile onto momma!!! She's got a haircut and bath...she does smell different, like cedar oil to keep the bugs away :o)


Then there's always momma's legs to land on...and zzzzz....

a...and some of us have twinkle toes ;o))


Hi I'm a solid black boy :o)

Tes works on socializing us by climbing in and letting us crawl on her, hugging her...peeing on her...momma turns it on with her licking us still and it just won't stop ;o)

A...And with our legs coming, Tes adds newspapers as we learn to potty off the blanket :o))


a...and with that we are really starting to make music with our voices ;o) Momma! Tes!!

a...and with that, we start to play with each other...

We see you!!

AND - we're starting to get our legs under our bodies :o))


OKAY! Our eyes are squeaking open...

Next I'll show you how the little boy is doing great, just 1/2 the size of everyone else...he gets right in there and drinks with everyone else, just 1/2 the size...waiting to sell him until around 4 wks old once he's been eating solids for a week. He may get to be 55# yet I've had pre-mes grow to 75#!

Above pictures we're going on 2 wks then 3 wks as our eyes open and we start to get our legs underneath us...okay, but first 4 legs up as it is warm in here and this is how we can cool off :o) Temps are being dialed down...


We're 10 girls and boys looking to come home to you oh so soon!

Suckle, suckle...the many ways to suckle...and sleep to look like it ;o)

Here I'm suckling in my sleep...sorry you can't see the movement yet Tes wanted to capture this for your enjoyment and imagination :o)


I'm the smallest, which will more then likely be 65-75+ lbs at full growth...and that nipple has to be here somewhere...I smell something here...the 1st and foremost gift to their life is smell. That is how they find everything in life...then comes their site around 2 wks old and then their ears open to hear.

Our tails are docked, we're all figuring out the zzz's and nummy nummies while momma rests up :o)))


a...ahhh...stretchhhh...kick it up there ;o)

It's a puppy pile onto momma's leg!


Tes has now moved us from her bedroom to the Nursery where we have a LOT more room to allow momma to move and circle around us. There are now two heating pads with wool blankets and the room is warmed up for us. Bumpers help if we get behind momma that she doesn't lay on us easily...all a part of growing up ;o)

Ahhh, Momma, Thank You for loving us :o) I'm one of the two black males...a little bit of white on toes though, not much.


...and more zzz's...and nummies...hmmmm, that is a nose - not Mommy! Tes! HELP ;o)

Mmmm, look at our little bellies get bigger...let us count the ways to zzzzzzzzzzzzz....as we growwwww :o)


We're growing, still crawling onto Momma is a part of becoming scooters...I think it's just somewhere to go when you can't see where we're going yet ;0)

Nummy, nummy, some of us nurse, some of us sleep, and some of us smaller ones get rotated into nursing more often by Tes so that the bigger ones don't push us out all the time :0) Momma has lots of milk for us to grow, and with 10 of us Tes supplies good "Nuvet" supplements and a mousse for blending with the "Holistic Organic Vets Choice Life Extension" dry dog food we'll be eating when we grow old enough...

 ...we're getting bigger FAST ... see our tummies getting tubby :0))

At 3 days old we're keeping warm in Tes's bedroom she has warmed up to 76 degrees as we don't have any body regulation yet, a temperature controlled heating pad is underneath a wool blanket. Wool blankets wick away any moisture that come from us, keeping us dry and warm. Tes will change them to show different colors in viewing your colorful pups in the coming weeks :o)


I'll get right side here, umph, I'll get there...and just so you know - I'm a boy ;o) Uh Huh - hands, I mean paws, up here, uh huh - Paws up :o)

The above brown female is the largest among the girls, oh so pretty pretty, then there's the black male with his white abstract crest ;o)


There are several of us that have very large white mismarks on our chest...Tes hasn't seen this large whites for some 6 yrs...the largest brown male of the litter below has a gorgeous Royal Crest :o) Definitely going to be a Giant Royal boy!

...And nummy, nummy...they already want to climb onto Momma Zeddy's back...it's been amusing to watch, though a bit stressing to keep pulling them off so they don't fall behind her...searching searching for that nummy, nummy...


Here's what we do best...zzzzz.....zzzzz..nummy nummy...zzzz...

What the customers miss out on, I hope to bring to you in pictures and story boards...the quiet atmosphere I try to provide provides a hopeful more loving pet for you :0)


Zeddy's puppies are a day old, still have their tails, and she is being very loving by being the instinctive Momma by licking them as they can't potty normally on their own without licking to stimulate the function.

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