Royal Standard Poodles Black Zeddy

Royal Standard Poodles Black Zeddy Winter 12/13 above, is given her name from the space ship Zedereza - Zedereza of A Perfect World - who has her own spirit in my fantasy novel book 1 "A Perfect World - Tatriel".

Zeddy is a "non-fading" Black, VERY tall, and has a great loving spirit that I look forward to developing into the wonderful dam she will be as a mom for your future standard poodles.

last update 12/14/16

Tracking Zedereza's stats:

  • Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) Clear > For more information Click Here
  • COI 10 generations .46% - Very Low
  • 1/31/13 no evidence of thyroid disease - normal
  • 1/15/13 Congenital Cardiac disease - normal
  • 1/8/13 CERF (eyes) free of observable inherited eye disease
  • 1 yr old 65 lbs and 27" at the whithers
  • 8 months old 60 lbs and the same height as her mom Falcon - 26.5"
  • PennHip results - 90th percentile - EXCELLENT hip results!
  • test 5/23/12 Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - DNA test - Normal
  • test 5/23/12 Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - DNA test - not affected
  • VWD Clear; clear by parentage, both tested clear
  • 5.5 months old 45# - whew getting close to her mom Falcon's height already! 24" at the shoulders.
  • 3 mo. old 20#
  • Brown Falcon and Black Ike are Zeddy's parents

    Zeddy just turned 3 years old in January, we have started to notice that she is starting to fade.  It did take awhile considering it usually happens at about a year of age.  Zeddy is a wonderful girl with a great personality.  She will sit for hours waiting for the squirrels to come out just like she is in the picture below!

    Zeddy is such a wonderful mom cuddling with the babies.


    Poodle pose!

    Watching the snow to see if there is any movement going on!


    We like our Greenies, they help keep our teeth clean.  Look how black I still am.

    Dr. Mark is our chiropractor, he visits once a month to be sure we are in the best shape possible!


    Momma Zeddy cuddling with Monkey before he leaves for Hong Kong


    Observing to find any squirrel motion! We killed two in that the squirrels couldn't get through the deep snow fast enough to another tree!!!


    Another 4 legs up shot with my spoo family relaxing in the office next to Tes...

    Always more time to snuggle with the others!


    A beautiful natural structural stance!

    Here I'm 7 months old playing with the guys...


    "Spinners" - that's what we're calling our new organic wool toys that we won't be able to de-stuff...they're fun and we can play and tug and run with them :0)

    I'm 5 months old here...

    See, I want to fly away with my ears ;0)))

    And then there is the mug shot ;0)


    At 8 months old I can't get enough playing in with it all the time!

    It's the summer Poppies blooming...let's play in them!


    Here's my 4 legs up shot ;0)

    Compare me to Bruno at 4 months old, I'm going to be a Royal girl!


    Zeddy 4 months old enjoying other puppy mates.

    What a fabulous stand at 2 months old - Extremely promising structure for our next breeding female for Bruno.


    Zeddy is 7 wks old with her first haircut. Named after Zedereza, the first spaceship with its own spirit in my fantasy novel "A Perfect World-Tatriel"

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