Standard Poodle Health Testing

Question: Why should we do Standard Poodle Health Testing?

TI Answer: Morale and Ethical responsibility to the breed and customer!

The Standard Poodle Health Testing Zoom mentoring meeting with Tes, using the pictures and links on this web page can be seen...

FREE to TI breeders. Others may purchase to watch - $25 by contacting Tes on Form below:

Updated 5/22/22

NOTE: Tracking stats on each spoo page

I'm here for Good Will not Ill Will!

Kodi; 1st stud - purchased 8 months old, dob 1/29/03, adult wt 65 lbs 

Zain; 1st dam - purchased 4 months old, dob 5/3/03, adult wt 55 lbs 

"In the beginning..."

Kodi 3 yrs old - VWD test

NEVER mate carrier to carrier!

DNA testing around 3 months of age

Now I do FULL panel with Embark.

See document sent to you.

Note: Autoimmune deficiency - NO DNA

Kodi 4 yrs old - Brucellosis

Kodi 2 yrs old - OFA Hips


Geo 5 months - PennHip

NOTE: Chiropractic care hip/structural care graph by TI 

NOTE: No DNA for Entropian eye - stapling vss surgery by specialist

Eye testing as early as possible - annually

Kodi 5 yrs old - CERF eyes; now named OFA Eye Certification Exam/OFA Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER)

Ask for and Watch Kokopelli Zoom mtg on eye disorders 

Kodi 2009 - 6 yrs old CERF

Magic passed every year examined. Great granddaughter of Kodi.

NOTE: see Magic tracking stats

Draco - 2022 OFA CAER results "Normal"


Eddie's story...vaccination

One year old have Cardiac & Thyroid tested for OFA.

get forms from


Testing semen at 1 yr; collecting at 2-4 yrs old for freezing.

Ask for and Watch Kokopelli Zoom mtg on semen

Kodi 5 yrs old - Sebaceous Adenitis test - I'll do every 2 and/or 4 yrs if different line than mine.

Riggins Alaska story - Osteochondritis dissecans


Osteochondrodysplasia - Embark DNA


Bruno vss Geo


I'm here for Good Will not Ill Will!

Checklist of Health Testing TI works with

___ 3 months Embark DNA panel

___ Eyes done annually with CAER

___ 6 months PennHip done

___ 1 yr Cardiac & Thyroid with OFA

___ 1 yr Male semen check, freeze 2-4 yrs of age

___ Teeth if you want, do when adult

___ Sebaceous Adenitis 2 and/or 4 yrs old

___ CHIC certification >

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