PxD Royal Standard Poodles Summer litter 2017

PxD Royal Standard Poodles Summer litter 2017 still has  FOR SALE 1 Apr/Cream Male 

We make music for you off of the page - Aahhhh     (that is what an international looker said about our website. Thank You :o)

For Sale - "Yoda" Red male - 3 months old 18 lbs > mc 8228. I am the sweetest boy you will ever meet...and big!  I did have entropian eye (rolling in) but it has been fixed, all healed now. Just ask Tes any questions you might have. One thing she can share is no customer has come back with any ramifications, simply a cosmetic fix at this early age paid by us.

Yoda's paid owner, Life Happened for him to be unable to go home to them. They are down for a litter in the future. This gives you the opportunity to bring a fabulous pup home to you!

The several pictures below are of Yoda the past month of August since others have left at 8 wks old. You can see his color will vary depending on the lighting, or your computer. All vaccinations up to date.

I've a fresh haircut :o)

I've sure enjoyed the summer months, playing with the kids, running more free then most, getting lots of love...yet I need my forever home, will you bring me home to you?

I'm such a handsome boy ;o))


SOLD "Hoots" Brown Male micro-chip (mc) #7694, 9 wks old 8/4/17 Woo Hoo I'm heading home to TC > Eagan, MN where I'll be living with my Aunt, Pickles sister Lena! She's getting her $200 discount for getting a second pup from DG and TI :o))

8 Males + 3 Females = 11 Pickles x Daniel pups!

6 Male Red, 1 Female Red, 2 Female & 1 Male Black, 1 Male Brown 

Born 6/2/17 - these will be some beautiful Royals with nice structure and size! That allows puppies to fly out Friday July 28, 2017 

Please scroll down to the bottom to watch puppies grow up onto the page as they are added for your enjoyment. 

Tracking P x D puppies:

  • 7 wks old 2nd bath, nails clipped, anal glands expressed
  • 6 wks old vet Parvo vaccination, Pyrantel deworming
  • 5 wks old first bath, nails clipped
  • 4 wks old Pyrantel deworming
  • 3 wks old nails clipped
  • 2 wks old Pyrantel deworming (every 2 wks now with Momma)
  • 1 wk old nails clipped
  • 3 days old tails and due claws done. We have our due claws done and tails 1/3 from the tip per AKC breed standards.
  • born 6/2/17

To view our "TRY of videoing pups" on Youtube do this: 

Click on the youtube link below:


Type or copy and paste in:







NOTE: the reason TI quit breeding her mom Fire to Daniel was their combination created Entropian eyes in several puppies. We have learned to look for this by 5 wks of age. It is repaired by our vet immediately and healed by 7 wks of age, ready to go home to the customer. That is why we bred Fire to Bruno, no entropian was born...so with their litter it did create one entropian eye pup, thus we know from her mom Fire Pickles has a carrier gene. As I do my best to explain this to those who come on board with this litter, some may have slipped by with juggling between litters, or coming on after the fact. Thus I write it here for full awareness. It is cosmetic and caught early here, repaired by us! The demand for this lines Royal Reds is high, thus we WILL continue to breed them even if it does occur. Again, a SIMPLE repair by our Staples, MN vet.

Ranger in TX had an entropian, and has never been bothered since by it! A GORGEOUS Red Royal of 80#! This customer shares he's the best poodle I ever bred ;o)


I'm coming to get you!!

Boys will be boys!


Just taking a break :0)

We are the last two available boys and we sure make Dani laugh with all of our silly antics! 

Below - We're the 3 Females

We've all had our first bath and are sprayed with the natural Cedar Oil product to keep fleas & ticks away!

SOLD -"Honey" Red Female - 7 wks old 4.8# > mc 8017. I will steal your hearts! Aren't I a cutey?!?! Woo-Hoo I'm going home to DB > Urbandale, IA 

SOLD - "Georgie" Black Female - 7 wks old 7.8/# > mc 0423. My love is out of this world! Can you see my smile? Ready and Waiting!!! Going home to NAV > Ankeny, IA

SOLD - "Rose" Black Female - 7 wks old 6.8# > mc 9731. I am as beautiful as a rose! And, I have a GREAT fresh puppy smell ;o)) My new owners HW > Duluth, MN are going to love it ;o)


Below - We're the 6 Sold Males

SOLD - "Jax" Red Male - 7 wks old 7.2# > mc 8717. Pick me, I will love you and protect you forever JBW > Blaine, MN!

SOLD"Shadow" Black male-  7wks old 5.2# > mc 3150. My love will keep going just like a robot! Going home to JV > Hammonind WI


SOLD - "Royce" Red male- 7 wks old 8.8# > mc 7918. EB > Aurora, CO took charge and called me his - Woo Hoo!!!

SOLD - "Brick" Red Male - 7 wks old 6.6# > mc 2495. I will magically take your heart! I have captured their hearts! RS > Belle Prairie, MN


SOLD - "Jasper" Red male- 7 wks old 6.8# > mc 9630. I am running to DL > Stillwater, MN!

SOLD - "Jean Luc" Red male- 7 wks old 8.8# > mc 7918. I am so soft just like a Teddy!  BV > Highlands Ranch, CO We'll be snuggling a LOT!! - Woo Hoo!!!


Wherever we land we sleep! :0)


I'm FREE! Woo Hoo!

Now these are some sweet baby faces!

Play, nap, play, nap...it is a n ever ending cycle for us puppies.


I have you Pinned!

Look at my sweet face!


I will keep my rope toy safe until my nap is over.

Ah.....that the spot right there please don't stop Madison!


Look at this beautiful pet bed....there is still time to order one! Click here to see what is available!

We are still very so we have to take many naps!

It is a "Puppy Pile party". on our pet beds, I think these will for sure be covered in smells!


Wait for me Dan, I am  coming!

In the above pictures we are 6 week going on 7.  Dani Has added customer blankets a any crates that are needed. 


Hi, I am sweet little Princess! :0)


We are learning how to use the doggy door....both Madison and Dani help us!

I think I can, I think I can....


More pictures????



It has been very hot and humid in Mn lately so we only go out for short breaks.  We like to run around in the grass but we get hot and have to go in. The kiddy swimming pool helps keep us cool :0)

Hey where did momma go....what is this thing?


Starting to learn to potty outside using slurry to coax us out! Great trick Dani!! Potty outside?!?!

We are now in the heated garage/family room with pet beds being purchased.  Man do we ever love these things, so comfy, so soft, so......zzz....ZZZ...zzz...bringing smells home for us to feel sooo much more at ease in our new home with you :o))


"Hey I want up there Momma! We love you ;o)"

Dani and her kids are always sitting with us and playing with us to get us socialized.  We like to cover them in the sticky slurry too!


Hurry up Madison I am hungry!!

Our circle of life :o)) Two bowls were necessary for us to eat since we are so many - GROWING FAST!



We are a very noisy crew and when it's feeding time listen up!! 


"Do I have something on my face? That's okay, Momma Pickles will lick it off :0)

This is why we get baths at 5 weeks old....very messy!


"Hey Dani, where's that slurry at!"

We are now 4 weeks old going on 5.  We are learning to eat slurry and also will be moving into the heated garage soon. Circle of Life - for sure!


Dani has been climbing in with us from the beginning to socialize us.  Now that we are 3 weeks old Dani's kids will start to come and sit with us as well.  We love all the attention and puppy kisses that we get!

Hey, we're excited to have you picking us out to come home to you :o))

Now that we have full bellies it's time for some zzz's


Yum, Yum!

Hey guys this stuff is GREAT!


We are very messy eaters and this is why we get a bath at 5 weeks old.  We also love to get Dani all sticky too! AND, Momma Pickles loves to lick us off ;o)

Forget spoon feeding, we are going to eat out of the bowl ourselves now! No more spoon feeding Dani!!


We've started to eat slurry, it's a blend of baby rice cereal, buttermilk to prevent diarrhea, a special canned dog food called mousse to help puppies transition and eventually canned dog food will replace the mousse :o) This stuff is soooo good I am really digging in!

Exploring our new space and playing.


Look! I know to potty on the paper already!!

More space is added along with newspaper for us to potty on.  We are so smart that as soon as it was added we started to potty on it! Look at us scoot around now!!


Happy Happy Dreams :0)

Puppy pile!!!


Momma Pickles has plenty of milk for us....look at our bellies getting bigger!

Some more foot snuggles


We are starting to play with each other but once we are done it's zzz...ZZZ...zzz wherever we drop!

zzz...nummy....zzz...nummy (this little one couldn't decide if it was nap time or time to eat) :0)


I love you Momma Pickles.

Momma Pickles booty is so soft and comfortable, we love to snuggle with her leg.


I think I have found the perfect spot for some zzz's...

We love to snuggle with each other and there are many different ways of doing it :0)


I see you Dani...This is one of the black females :o)))

Above pictures we're going on 2 wks then 3 wks as our eyes open at 11 - 14 days old...our ears open to hearing around the 3 week period and we start to get our legs underneath us as Temps are  dialed down now to around 70-072 degrees.


2 red males


Let's put our heads together! :0)

The many different ways we sleep...zzzzz...


Time to potty! Thanks Momma!

Butt to the face (there's always one picture of this) :0)


Momma Pickles is doing a great job keeping us clean and caring for us, and we just snooze where we fall while she does this.

One of the red boys...you see our tails are now docked 1/3 from the tip per AKC protocol.


Sneaking a snack while siblings are snoozing :0) Lots of milk!

Happy Sleepers...most are turning out to appear to have dark noses, we hesitate to say black points as winter could turn the noses lighter as we've seen often, it's called winter noses...one male has a lighter brown nose for sure. The Brown male has his brown nose :o)


Puppy pile! There are 2 dark red males, several red males, and several lighter red males, and a dark red female. Temps are slowly being dropped where Dani needs to keep them coming together for warmth that Pickles can lay around them :o)

Love you Momma Pickles


Nummy nummy, we may be small but we really work that milk out!

At 3 days old we're keeping warm in Dani's bedroom she has warmed up to 76 degrees as we don't have any body regulation yet, a temperature controlled heating pad is underneath a wool blanket. Wool blankets wick away any moisture that come from us, keeping us dry and warm. Dani will change them to show different colors in viewing your colorful pups in the coming weeks :o)


Let me just sneak in there!

The classic foot picture :o)


Growing, growing...growing zzzzzz.....

Here's what we do best...zzzzz...zzzzz...nummy nummy...zzzz...


Dani is constantly rotating us to be sure we all get that nummy milk!

1 day old puppies still have their tails, and she is being very loving by being the instinctive Momma by licking them as they can't potty normally on their own without licking to stimulate the function.


Pickles's first puppy was born! What the customers miss out on, we hope to bring to you in pictures and story boards...our protocol up to 3 wks of age is to provide a quiet atmosphere bringing a calmer pet for you :0) They do not hear, or have sight yet...only feeling vibrations from around them...keeping all calm and relaxed for Momma Pickles is ESSENTIAL to the vibrations felt by the puppies.

* Puppy JUST born!*

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