Large Standard poodles 
Leo - Lucy

last updated 10/20/18

7/1/18 Large Standard Poodles Leo - Lucy arrived and staying with me here in TX while their owners are stationed in Saudi Arabia for 4 months. I board only my offspring on occasion as long as my schedule keep me in mind (although not cheap) if you need to leave for a month or more.

Pictures are added and posted to the top here as time goes by for customer viewing. If one has Face Time, we can show weekly, if not every other week for everyone to hear voices and see each other on a tablet :o)

Leo and Lucy, ALWAYS together through thick and thin...

We're always assuring the other is nearby...even when it's time for our grooming :o) You're next Leo!

Hangin' in there...and now all groomed up...


Tes is teaching us to ALWAYS WAIT before going through any door or gate, that she goes in first, then we do...sit, good, come on...

wait...come on, time for a walk...always Lucy on right, Leo on left...

Time to go home...wait...come on...time to come in...

My 3 month old new Teayah and then Gemma awaiting to go home, find their place for a snooze next to Lucy. Everyone learns to be social :o)


The following is from about a half an hour of Leo deciding that I'd been sitting too long at the computer and I needed to stand for him to play between my legs. It started in September, when he'd see me get up and come over to detour through my legs as I stretched. This time it'd been raining for a week, everyone inside a lot and now it was time to play...with Tes as the bridge.

The other spoos say it's time to come over and play with Leo, safe under Tes...let's see if we can get him out...

Well he did turn around and get back in place right away...

Everyone mauling with play in and out...until Tes finally needed to take a walk :o)

Lucy rings in with her bark...but finds out Tes is louder ;o)

...until Leo comes and wants to nap...

Once a month everyone gets fresh bones. Enough for everyone and then several more to know we don't have to fight as Tes the pack leader teaches us to all get along no matter what :o)


Teayah enjoys playing with Leo...and she's not always on the bottom ;o)


We're 1 year old 9/18/18 :o))) As well as a Happy Happy Birthday to our Momma owner on the same day we were born ;o) Miss You! We celebrated by playing, running, eating fresh bones and goody treats like carrots and banana chips, no junk from Tes ;o)

We even got to play a smelling game but all we wanted to do was run off with the plastic bone covers...

Then time for a snooozzze...zzzz...where ever we drop...zzzz...even when Tes is working away...zzzzz....


Oh! Time for a TREAT?!?!?

Okay, now it's time to mouth play with Big Sky!

NONE of Tes's pets wanted to join us :o( Tes just laughed and laughed and enjoyed herself soakedly :o))

Okay, it is 90-100 degrees and WE LOVE playing with Tes and the water hose - Woo Hoo!!!! What a BLAST!!!!

Time to relax at Tes's...we're always watching her work, work, work getting her place unpacked, detail work of building, and of course working on the computer to share with the world what happens here :o)

Spectrum of markets...Hi everyone :o) As much as we take pictures of the sites here, they take pictures of us being tourists in their country.

Unique sites in Saudi Arabia ;o) Where are the spoos there??? TOOOO HOT to really have a canine life here!!! Yet the food looks good :o))

Well we've got Spootopia Park to run and have fun in, Woo Hoo!


Unique scene in the countryside of TX. No we're NOT cattle grazing! We're spoos digging holes and finding lots of smells to check out :o)

Here's what our owners are doing in Saudi Arabia...Looks like a LOT of hot sun there too!

I don't know what Leo's thing is, but he rarely lays down to cool off like I do. Big Sky does like me...sooooo refreshing :o)

Life by the water at Tes's...Time for the weekly fresh water refill in the pools, come on Leo, get in! Leo has no harness on because he keeps chewing them off :o(

Here are spectrums of life by the water in Saudi Arabia.

We've been playing like this for over an hour...BECAUSE...Tes is throwing cedar granules all over the acre to kill the fire ants, scorpions, and other bugs. There's always such a nice wind out here in the open where she tosses it in the air and it disperses in the breeze, WE ARE TRYING TO CATCH IT - LOL - Tes had quite a giggle at other spoo did it, just Leo and I, Lucy. We really wanted to catch the particles as much as we could. It was FUNNNN :o)))

Tes grins and smiles being thrown in the wind ;o) All to protect the spoos for you and I :o)))

Okay, time to play...BUT, what's REALLY going on here!?!?!

Woo-Hoo! Time for a walk :o))) We go in the early morning hours, the asphalt is all cooled down. Then Lucy starts getting nervous about the's okay if I bark at them across the fence but Tes is working with me on NOT doing that.

And, Tes gives us fresh frozen bones to enjoy...Pleeeeease Lucy SHARE! Of course Tes gives everyone bones plus several extra, it's just that I want Lucy's ;o)


Life is cool indoors compared to the 100 degree heat outside!

With the TX heat, I freeze watermelon chunks for the spoos to cool down with. They like the refreshing treat :o)


Dr. Angy comes every month to adjust all the spoos. Leo has found her to his liking ;o)

Play and zzzz....

Time to zzz...


We can play for hours...especially when Tes is watching :o) They are just playing ;o)

Time to play again...


When the cows come to graze by the fences Lucy goes, sits and 
"Woof...Woof...Woof woof...woof" until I come and call her in :o)

and...zzzz....where we drop...

It's getting hot outside, let's come in and visit Tes.


Hey, this is like the swimming pool?!?! Little small but it cools me down :o)

After play, there's always zzzzz time...

Woah! fresh cold water!!!


Ahhh, this is fun...water sprinkler? Get IT!

Wellll, what's going on here...


Hey Leo - Lucy, come on in...this is how you cool down here in TX :o)

Mom and Dad left us their blankey - woowee - we are sure getting into this play date ;o)

Day 3 is the 4th of July! This afternoon it started to rain and rain and rain for hours...we played in the rain and played and played and played! Tes enjoyed watching us taking as many pictures as she could. They REALLY needed the rain here after weeks of nothing and 100 degrees. 

We are all soaking wet and having a great time in Bruno park...

I see you mom & dad, you gonna let us do this at home? ...for hours?

Day 2: Leo (below) & Lucy (black to left) sitting for their treats with my spoos :o)

Lucy enjoying the swimming pool in the hot TX weather.


The good and the bad ... I write about them all as a journal on their web page...the one thing I live in my life with is the sign below, posted outside my house and one when one works with me or comes to the house, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE: 

One needs to be calm and relaxed the best we can be with whatever happens in life, good or bad, it's so healthy for us. So this is what I remind my customers.

So, we take a deep breath, the first situation to arise on day 2:

Fresh beef bones were given to everyone to enjoy on Monday...customers left two new stuffed toys for Leo and Lucy to play with...and of course the rest of the spoos do too...BUT...I'm pretty sure it is Lucy...her stools are smaller...they're figuring out the doggy doors but she hasn't quite got them yet on day this is the second stool I've found inside...which LOL - I'm happy about :o) Why? Because I can observe what may/may not be going on with them if I found her stool and dissected it below for everyone to learn from...Yes, why NOT to provide stuffed toys for them to play with. I've placed this information on the Health & Welfare tab # 13. 6. update...I provide hefty ropes and Kong type heavy balls/toys. They do eventually destroy them, but not as fast. It's all a part of my job ;o)

This page will help lookers understand all that can transpire in their home or elsewhere in life, no matter how vigilant we may watch over night as we sleep, run an error, stay with a friend, etc etc etc...

Above is the chicken de-legged and eaten by Lucy.

While pups it's not so bad, and some parents are able to teach their pets to not destroy their toys...yet here are what can and does transpire with pet toys...

Pets LOVE to kill their stuffed toys!


Toys I find extremely durable below...

Your first paragraph ...

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