Standard Poodle hip rating-Vyke

Standard Poodle hip rating-Vyke; There are many considerations to review when looking at a test...whether understanding PennHip or OFA...

1. What is the mates rating? PennHip uses ratings such as Low, Mild, Moderate, or High Risk. Low Risk is definitely desired. In my viewpoint; if a Mild risk result, one should mate to a Low Risk, nothing in a Mild to Mild mating unless on the opposite spectrum of it. No mating should occur with moderate risk stock. This is my viewpoint. In my program I work with Mild to Low Risk ratings. Matching low with mild the best I can to help balance.

2. Is it in the mild to low risk range? Yes, Vyke is in the mild range, this is acceptable in my breeding program in mating to a much higher rated dam.

3. Why do I use PennHip vss OFA? With PennHIp I'm able to accomplish KNOWLEDGE by 6 months of age of a potential breeding parent, how there hips are developing. With OFA one must wait until 2 yrs of age for them to register with ratings of Excellent, Good, Fair, or won't register them at all. I've waited 2 yrs to find out a spoo was soooo bad I wouldn't even sell her to anyone :o( Lots of other tests had all ready been done, lots of money down the drain. I will be doing Vyke's hips with OFA at 2 yrs for research. I've seen some wild results out there in the world when one has been doing both that one wonders who is actually doing a good job at testing or not!

Several Notes here:

    a) Magic x Vyke: Magic's rating is considered in the high end of Low Risk. The vet who did her x-rays applauded my accomplishment yet warned me to mate to a less tight stud to avoid too tight of hips which can also lead to problems.

In this mating TI does her best to balance Mother Nature to the best of her ability.

    b) TI's viewpoint in not guaranteeing hips is due to many consumers spay/neutering too early, not allowing sufficient hormonal balance to the bones. It doesn't matter how good she may try to balance the parentage, too early spay/neutering causes extreme bone growth in legs throwing off the balance of the legs to hips, causing hip problems no matter the best she worked to achieve in parents.


Vyke's Results below:

Compare to a "previous PennHip rating" with Magic:

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