Royal Standard Poodles Brown Bruno

Updated 3/21/19  (PJ)

I am one handsome gent!!

I am a mature Royal Standard Poodle at 4.5 years of age which permits me of course to enter an establishment where food and adult beverages are served.  I call this photo "bar-hopping"... and the reason is, see those large oak barrels stashed along the back wall - I'd like to imagine they hold fine whiskey; I never imbibe myself naturally, I just like the aroma.  ;0)

Merry Christmas to one and all!  Bruno here with my very good friend, Bella, and Santa ;0) who brings treats.   We are in our new home in Huntsville, AL.  It is definitely different than Austin and we are always happy to be with our owners no matter where they call home. 

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Bruno at home in Austin, TX.  Parents are Brown Jasper x Red Daniel, born 9/26/14.  His owners share: "Bruno is doing great!  He has adjusted very quickly and Bella is starting to
embrace him.   He is fearless and full of love!  He’s got the potty outside

Tracking Bruno:

  • 3 yrs  82#
  • 11mo. 70-73#
  • 8mo. 64#
  • 4mo. 39#
  • 7wks 13#

"After my haircut!" :0)

"Before my haircut"


"Nap time...zzz...ZZZ...zzz..."

"Don't we make a great couple?" :0)

"I am becoming such a big and handsome boy!" 

His owners share: "Bruno continues to grow and is doing fantastic.  He is at least 50 pounds.  We love him to death.  His trainer adores him and he is super smart!"

"Look at my long legs, I am getting bigger!"


"Look how patiently I wait for my food, I am such a good boy!"

"Becoming good friends!"


"Where are we going mom?" :0)

"It's a tight fit, but I love to cuddle!" :0)


"Look at my paws, they're huge!"

"Can I have a treat please?"


"Got the four legs up position down!" :0)

"How could you ever get mad at this face?" :0)


"Before I was named they called me Scotty."

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