Royal Standard Poodles Brown Jewels

Jewels is Retiring - FREE - PET ONLY customer spays. Located in TX with Tes Contact 737-932-5030

if flying $450 crate price + $450? flight price - figure $1,000 to get Jewels by flying

Tracking Jewels' stats:

  • Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) Clear > For more information Click Here
  • COI 10 generations .61%
  • 1 yr 5 mo 51#, 25.2"
  • 12/18/15 CERF (eyes) free of observable inherited eye disease
  • 1 year 50# 4oz, 20.25"  - I'm tall and lean
  • 9 mo 44# 4oz
  • 9 months PennHip - Great! Top 90 percentile
  • test 6/22/1 Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - DNA test - Normal
  • test 6/12/15 Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - DNA test - Normal
  • 6 mo 39#
  • 5 mo 31# 4oz
  • 4 mo 24# 8oz, 18 1/4" withers
  • 3 mo 27#
  • Parents are Hillsides Chocolate Diamond Latte x Osea Quest, breeder Hillside Standard Poodles.

Here you can see how tall and lanky Jewels is compared to Enya and Vyke I brought to TX. She has a very loving, give me attention PLEASE personality :o)


Trying to get a close up shows how she's faded and has brown spots throughout her coat, like a brindle color almost...almost...I believe it was from stress in MN and now she's turning more solid brown again. She did feel she was queen bitch and got into a fight ending her up with a droopy right eye :o( but not too noticeable unless looking for it.

Jewels is a tall girl, full of life and love for her puppies. She's a great mom :o) She's no longer the brown in the top picture, now more cafe' au lait in milk in brown.

Growing up I have lightened in my brown color...What's in there?!?!

Jewels has grown into a beautiful young lady, ready to be a mom in 2016 with Bruno :o)


I soooo love the parks to exercise and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest, a downed tree to play on, leap over, all providing great curiosity and exercise.

There's 4 legs up time...


...and play time...

Hey STUD ;o)

Don't we look handsome together? We'll make a GREAT couple for your Royal Standard Poodle pups :o)

Ohhhh, you know those flipped ears happens to all of us ;o)


Happy Happy :o))

"Bruno makes a wonderful pillow....(Yawn)"


"I like to play with Max, I will be sad when he leaves to go to Australia...he sure is growing..." 

"Checking out the brick walkway that Tes just laid, yep they are sturdy!"


"Sometimes Tes has to help us reach the very top raspberries, Yummy!" :0)

"Neopi and I taking a break and eating some raspberries! She tells Dani to stop and eat the berries with us :o)"


"I am growing up to be a beautiful Spoo!"

"Tes, let me help you with the laundry!"


"Hmmm......not sure that this position is any better..." :0)

"Just trying to get comfortable next to Beaut and Jasper..."


"Dani thinks it's funny to clip my toe nails, I'm pretty flexible! They LOL with the stunts we're up to :o)"

"Let me have some stick Beaut!!"


"No, I can walk myself Tes! Do I have to learn to walk with a leash?"

"Zeddy and I like to play, but she can't catch me!!"


"Tes took Beaut and I on a walk, what fun!"

"Dani throw the stick, please?" :0)


"I am one happy happy spoo!"

"Dani threw a stick for us, of course Daniel got it.......but not for long!"


"I like to prance around the parks, look at my long legs!"

"Hanging in there!"


"We don't always sleep together."

"That is Spartacus and I cuddling, we all love Spartacus."


"Come on, lets play! Woo Hoo!" Winter 2014/15

"I love playing in the snow with the other spoos!"


"Puppy Pile, Dani don't move your chair!!" :0)

"Look at this puppy face, aren't I cute?!" :0)


"We 3 girls get along great!"

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