Royal Standard Poodles Apricot Niki

Royal Standard Poodles Apricot Niki is AKC fully registered.

Last updated 9/24/15

Above picture shows her innate natural healthy structure!

My staff member Dani now owns Apricot Niki as she and I work together to produce health tested Royal & Standard Poodles for customers. Here is a bit of Niki's story I'll share with you.

1. I purchased a breeding pair Royal Black Ike & Standard black Izzy from the East coast in 2012, which they had a litter together that produced for a customer Black Lady Grace who went home to FL.

2. They have several homes where they could keep the intact pets male Byron (from a retired breeder) and females separate during their heat cycles. They had done this successfully for over 30 yrs with their intact pet poodles.

3. Oops, it didn't work one time.

4. In my breeding contract I receive a puppy from the first mating, thus I now have Niki from the mating, who I have given to my staff member Dani as we work together for her to take over the business in the years ahead. Niki comes to work every day to socialize and be with us to know the stud Bruno who'll be her mate in the future.

5. Niki is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in structure, personality, and health. Although at 1 yr old she is 47 lbs...yet still a beautiful tall lanky standard poodle.

6. She is AKC fully registered.

7. I am planning on breeding this gorgeous girl to Bruno...then someday with Daniel to produce more apricot/creams.

Tracking Niki stats:

  • COI 10 generations 1.62%
  • 12/18/15 CERF (eyes) free of observable inherited eye disease
  • 1 yr old 47 lbs, 23.5 inches
  • VWD 4/16/15 - Clear
  • 1/8/15 PennHip (hips) 80th % (high rating for great hips)
  • test 3/27/14 Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - DNA test - Normal
  • Date of Birth 2/14/14

Niki is a pretty happy girl, twisting her lip up to smile at being outside playing with me to get her beauty captured.



In the picture above Niki was not yet a year old, in the picture below she will be 2 in February 2016.  You can see that with the apricots they can lighten into a more cream color, regardless we love our spoos the same!

"Having fun playing in the snow!"


"I will not leave this spot until that squirrel comes out of that tree!"

"Happy, happy, happy!"

"It was a hard day at work, I am exhausted!" :0)


"On our way to work!"

"Let me help you work!"


"I love to cuddle with Dani's sister!"

"Watching Dani scoop poop, making sure she doesn't leave without me!"


"Poodle Sad Face"

"I made a new friend! His name is Boots, just watch out for the claws!"


"Look Tes, Dani has a chair too!!"

"Is this how you sit on the chair?" :0)


"Don't we look like "Royal" spoos!"

I'm growing into the chair...and I don't mind letting him know it ;o) I'm his lap spoo.


I think you have a dirty ear, I will clean it for you!

Why are you sad? I am sad because I have to share the chair!


I have the chair all to myself, Woo Hoo!

I can even do the 4 legs up in the chair.


Such a beautiful girl!

Won't you come play with me?


Yarrow and I love growing up in the parks together!

Nothing beats playing in the grass and sun!

Four legs up pose!


Really another picture?

Here I come!!!


I am such a lady laying with my feet crossed.

I guess I have to share the chair with Daniel.


Hey there! What are you doing?

This looks like the perfect dog bed, a pile of blankets!



I look just like a teddy bear to cuddle!

Growing up with these puppies was the best!

What is this thing under the snow, can I climb it? :0)

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