Royal Standard Poodles-Bear, brown

Royal Standard Poodles-BearAKC brown, at home in Duluth, MN. A large adorable guy, loved by many.

"My owner sure knows how to take 'em :-) This is my great gremlin picture."

Tracking Bear stats:

  • 8 yrs old 2013
  • Born of Zain x Kodi 2005

    "Don't forget to check out my owner's work place, the lost animal center in Duluth"

    I've got my cowbell and I'm ready to go!! Come on!! :0)

    I'm one of Tes's older offspring now 8 yrs old in 2013. Cowbell helps when he gets in a "walkabout" mood (or tried to chase deer). (: He loves it- he gets so excited when he hears it because it means a hike!


    Here's a pic from my teen years ;0)

    Here's my birthday party pic :0))) Time is traveling with me ;0)


    "Sniff, can you track what I've been up to?"

    "Fall is here :-)"


    "My buds and I are waiting for that treat."

    "Love the lake!"


    "Here's my bro growin' before my eyes!"

    "He's growing fast!"


    "Below are pictures of my newest bud-our new growing baby in the family!"

    "It's called Bear Shag."


    "This is called Bear-ly Black & White ;-)"

    "I gave away my owner at her wedding--now I have two owners!!!!!

    He's head of the lost animal center in town--think I helped her make a good choice ;-)

    Here is the website to his place of business "

    "Ahhhhh--she finally figured out what I love to do with my free time!"

    "Humans--I have so much fun with them ;-)"


    Royal Standard Poodles-Bear on the far left, "My black standard friends, Blimey & Oso and I went for a play in the rain and mud :-)))) I match their color now! COOL!!"

    "Swim? Swim? This is way easier :-)"

    "Love the winter in MN :-)"


    "When I first came home :-)))))))))"

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    Everyone loves to see your pages - honestly!

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