Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko


Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko is Bruno's daughter with Geo, bringing you some magnificent offspring to love! Remember to start at the bottom of the web page and scroll up to watch her grow up onto the page, as pictures are added upward as she grows.

If you look at past dams with TI, you'll see Cairo is her half sister and there are a lot of siblings out in the world from dad Bruno. Keiko will help continue to bring customers that Royal size so enjoyed by many.

I live in the country by Mason, TX with Kate Bauer continuing "A Perfect World" line from Tes who's now retired from breeding in Woodburn, OR. She'll continue to mentor Kate as long as she desires. Eventually taking over this website.

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko stats:

  • AKC registered
  • More tests to be posted...stay tuned...
  • Weight 65 lbs
  • 04/03/23 PennHip Mild Risk (very close to Low risk bar)
  • 07/21/22 Embark DNA Body Size: All indicators show inherited Large body size, no Intermediate alleles. This indicates the offspring characteristics will be Royal size puppies in mating to another similar Royal stud. 
  • 07/21/22 Embark DNA:
  • DM normal/clear (degenerative myelopathy)
  • Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) - Clear
  • VWD Clear
  • CLEAR on all Breed relevant conditions. Clear on above and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and MANY more! 
  • 07/21/22 Embark DNA Coat color: Keiko carries color genes for throwing phantom pups with a stud that carries phantom genes. Apr/Creams and of course brown with a brown stud
  • Geo x Bruno are my parents

last updated 5/14/24 (TI)

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko


Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko says, "Get your Nuvet supplements to help your pup grow and when we're older joint support: use code #89093."


I'm growing up with Kate's new pack! Royal will be my main partner in matings ahead, bringing that Royal DNA tested body size.

* Royal Standard Poodle Brown Keiko *

Below I'm 8 wks old at 13 lbs!!! My litter was named after the TV/Movie series and I was the Starfleet Japanese botanist Keiko O'Brien and Kate Bauer kept my name :o)


Hi! I'm going to be a ROYAL Standard Poodle to bring Bruno's line to you in the future. Below I'm 3 wks old at 3 lbs 8oz and above 5 wks old at 6 lbs 11oz. JUST SO SNUGGABLE!!! 


Kate Bauer litter - Mason, TX *stars MUST be Filled In

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