Giant Standard Poodles - Steve (McQueen) & James (Dean)

Land of the Free!

Giant Standard Poodles that's what we are! 22 months old in the above picture Feb. 2012 - We're home in Nebraska and soooo glad we have each other, that makes our owners doubly happy :-)

Tracking Steve (red collar/haltar) and James (blue collar/halter):

  • 22 months - James 104# - 30.1", Steve 89# - 29.8" tall
  • 14 months - James 100# - 30" tall, Steve 90# - 29.8" tall - Such GIANT young Men!!
  • 11 months - James 98# - 29.8" at whithers, Steve 88# - 28.5"
  • 9 months - James weighs in at 94.8#/29" and Steve is 86.7#/28"...nice and lean and still growing :-)
  • 8 months - James weighs in at 88#/28" and Steve is 82#/26.5"
  • 7 months - James weighs in at 82#/27.5" and Steve is 73#/26"
  • 5 months - James weighs in at 62.3#/25.5" and Steve is 62.3#/24.5"
  • 3 months - 29.8# (Microchip #1748) and MC #770c weighs 26.2#
  • Born 4/20/10 weighed 1#+

    Our owners share: I watch him (Steve) in the yard watching the birds he is magnificent, he looks just like Bruno only beefier. Steve runs all the time, he chases the birds back and forth across the yard. Steve stands 29” tall, 33” at the girth, and 90#. Steve is very rarely still, it is funny to watch the two in the back yard, they both will chase the birds for about 15 minutes, James sits down then watches the bird and Steve, that is probably why Steve weighs less he runs much more. James is so smart he uses his front paws as hands, he steps on one of my flip flops and tries to trip me with the other paw, I have to be very careful walking past or in front of him.


    The BLUE BLUE skies, the GREEN GREEN grass, and BROWN BROWN spoos of Belgium - BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Is it a Return of the Jedi Wicket? ...or Steve McQueen playing Batman :0))) I'm going on 3 yrs old now.


    There is no separating the two brothers!

    Here we are - 2 yrs old now :0) Steve is bigger than James and we have a hard time staying to have each other thorugh thick and thin ;0))

    We're 22 months old and love the snow - COOL Black & White :-)


    It's Halloween 2011 and we had fresh haircuts :-)


    Playing with the boys :-)))

    Aaahhh, cooling down in the hot summer of 2011.


    We need a good nap...and another...and another ;-)

    He's my brother ;-)

    * Giant Standard Poodles, Steve & James

    We're turning the corner and becoming young adult men - see - we've added mustaches for distinguishment ;-)

    You can imagine we're inseparable in all things!


    And at home of course "James comes in as if to say my brother is into something and I didn't have anything to do with it."

    There is no more Electrolux salesman, we just finished him off ;-)

    * Giant Standard Poodles, Steve & James

    I'm Steve McQueen. Here's my mug shot at 9 months old :-)


    James here, I just love this nap time stuff. Tes read that dogs sleep around 15 hrs a day! We're sure growing into Giant Standard Poodles!!!

    James here, I still want to be his lap poodle :-)))

    * Giant Standard Poodles, Steve & James

    Hey you - out there - you ought to try getting two poodles to love and play with :-)))

    Isn't this the COOLEST black and white picture of us!


    We have been going to obedience class and they do pretty good in class although the other pups sometimes make for too many distractions and we don't do as well as when we are home.

    Below we graduated from training class :-) Our masters are soooo proud!!!

    Giant Standard Poodles - Our mug shots at 5 months old - I'm Steve, above, with the red collar.

    I'm James, below, with the blue collar. If you can't tell - we're pretty happy spoos ;-)

    We're now in our new home...I'm staying cool with the tile.

    * Giant Standard Poodles, Steve & James

    Here are our new owners, come to get us from Tes - Thanks for loving us until they came :-) They sure look HAPPY!!!

    Our owners are currently in Germany and one master serving in Iraq. They'll be home soon to get us :-)))

    Thank you for your service and wanting to love us!!! We can hardly wait ;-)

    Steve is in the Red halter and James is in the blue. B-B has the start of his haircut to go to a Philippine home.

    We're getting our monthly bath and haircut - fluff!

    Ahhh, that feels good - to who ;-)


    It's walking time and we like to stay close to Tes when we it's hard for her to get some long shots of us out ahead.

    Remember, I'm James in the blue halter.

    And I'm Steve in the red...they'll have to get some distinctive collars to tell us apart ;-)

    Let's go back by Tes!


    Now playing freely in the park is a whole 'nother story - we love to romp and play freely here.

    Here's the apple tree where we can jump up and get our own treats :-))

    There's sooo much room to romp, run, dig and play.

    We're getting big!

    We love going for walks with Tes, having runs in the parks after the chipmunks and squirrels, and each other :-)

    I'm gaining on my aunt Ciwa and we love beef bones to help our baby teeth grow out.

    Let's pick on Ciwa for awhile!

    Steve, James, and B-B enjoy watching people walk by on the dirt road.

    B-B helped with the painting. See the white streak on his head?

    The male at the top with the panda weighs 29.8# (Microchip #1748) at 3 months and the other male MC #770c weighs 26.2#.

    We'll keep you posted with pictures until you get us. Soon...

    These kids will be giant standard poodles for sure! Place your down payment for a Giant Standard Poodles like Steve or James

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