Giant Standard Poodle Bodhi and Charly

Updated 3/16/16

I Royal Giant Standard Poodle Bodhi am at home in Gig Harbor, WA - Totally loved!

Things I love to do: Bodhi LOVES his first toy,a lit'l lion that squeaks. We had it with us when we picked him up. He likes to take walks and play outside. Chasing anything that "bounces" keeps him going til' he wears himself out. Everything about him puts a smile on our faces...even when he's asleep...

Tracking Bodhi:

  • 3 yr old 91.4# 32 in. tall
  • 1 yr old I weigh in at 88.5 lbs
  • 5 months old 44# - Whew ;-)
  • 16 wks old 42#
  • 14 wks old 33# - 19" shoulder ht.
  • 12 wks old 30# - Really On His Way To A Giant :-)
  • 9 wks old 21#
  • 7.5 wks old 15.5#
  • 6 wk inoculation
  • Royal Standard Poodle Brown Charly at home in Gig Harbor, WA. Parents Brown Jasper x Red Daniel born 09/26/14.  This is their 2nd standard poodle from Tes.

    Her owners share: "She's WONDERFUL!  Tes, us folks out here are so lucky you're doing what you're doing..and doing it the way you do! We're all in love!"


    Tracking Charly:

    • 11 mo. 60 lbs
    • 10 mo. 59.3 lbs, 25 1/4 in.
    • 6 mo. 44.7 lbs, 23 in.
    • 4 mo. 33 lbs, 20 in.
    • 3 mo. 26 lbs, 17 in.
    • 2 mo. 14.4 lbs
    • 7 wks 12 lbs, 2 oz

    As a breeder, it is the interaction between customers that allow me and others to know what I have done right in my breeding program...and that is why I truly appreciate "A Perfect World Club" members. It's not just that, it's the great friendships that develop from this club.

    Bodhi's parents came to me not just out of the blue, out of a universe that spirits touch without a physical body :-) That's the side some find me and my spoos...then thank goodness for the internet :-)))Bodhi - Thank You for bringing us together!

    "We are all ready for a ride, lets go!"


    "Oh were taking a picture, let me just scoot on over!" :0)

    "Just enjoying the view!"


    "The Cone of Shame" :0)

    "Just waiting for our next adventure out!"


    "No leash needed for me (Bodhi)! :0)

    "Just out enjoying the view, so relaxing!"


    "Hey what's going on over there?" :0)

    "While you work on that I am gonna take a nap." :0)


    "Here let me just put my paw up here so you know I am ready for a treat!" 

    "Can we have some treats?"


    "I wonder if I can fit in that chair with you...."

    "Of course I can!" :0)


    "Let me help with that puzzle!" :0)

    "Its nice to meet you, my name is Charly!" :0)


    "Try to catch me if you can...."

    "Wait for me Bodhi."


    "This place is the BEST!" :0)

    "We have so much fun at the dog park!"


    "Look at our new friends that we get to play with, Woo Hoo!"

    "Let me go, I want to PLAY!!" :0)


    "Look how big I am now!" (Charly) :0)

    "Charly loves her ball!"

    "Look how close I am to Bodhi's size!! :0)


    "Love" :0)

    "We think of ourselves as lap dogs!" :0)


    "Hey Bodhi look over there!"

    "Big brother Bodhi and I have become best friends!" :0)


      Took these pics last week of these two playing at a friend's
    house- they've been at their other place in Az. for a couple months, won'tbe back til' beginning of April so I'm watering their plants and taking care of the humming birds. I take Bhodi and Charly out there with me every time and they LOVE to run around and play.

    "I love playing with my big brother Bodhi!"


    "He is showing me new things, for example, to smell this tree." :0)

    "Bodhi and I are becoming great friends!" :0)


    "Puppy Cuddle Time!"

    "I think they want me to potty outside, don't you?" :0)


    "These dishes are the perfect size for me, for now anyways......"

    "This is my favorite toy, he makes a great pillow!"


    "What are you doing over there?" :0)

    "Since nothing exciting is happening over there, I'm just going to take a nap!" :0)


    "Do you think she will want to do this still when I turn 1?":0)

    "First trip to the beach, Woo Hoo!!"


    "This is Bodhi's chair......"

    "This is my chair!"


    "A shirt makes a pretty cozy dog bed too!" :0)

    "What is Bodhi doing, maybe I should go check." :0)


    "Lets Play!"

    "I may be a lap dog now, but it won't last long!" :0)


    "My toy and my dog bed from Tes, that's all a girl needs."

    " I love cuddles!"

    "I am meeting my new family for the first time, they look pretty excited!"


    "What is this thing?  I think I'll bite it!" :0)

    "Such a long trip (yawn)." :0)


    "On my way to my new home, even Bodhi came with!"

    "I am such a beautiful girl!" :0)


    "I am Charly, and I am the second standard poodle in this family!  I can't wait to meet my new sibling Bodhi!" 

    "This is my chair that I like to come home to after such a busy day, nap time!"


    "Do you see that guys? What is it, should we bark?" :0)

    "So much to look at and smell, I can't decide which way I should look first!" :0)

    "Come on mom let's go on our nature walk!"


    "I am one happy, happy, happy Spoo!"

    "Here is a picture with Cooper, my dad, Quinn, Paul, and owner Lisa, with Bodhi in Seattle."


    "Are you ready to go yet mom? Ok I'll wait....."

    "This was the car ride home after a day at the beach, this looks like a good pillow."


    "I am one handsome boy!" :0)

    "Hey guys, can I sit up front too?"


    "I love hugs, they are the best!"

    "What a great place to go for a walk, check out those boats!" :0)


    "What a great picture, so patiently waiting."

    "I love to go for walks."

    "Here let me help you check on the plants." ;0)

    "This is the perfect chair for me."


    "Look at my smile." :0)

    Friendship is - a walk with Oscar - here we go :0)


    And...Friendship is - a best friend to talk to and of course...nap with :0)

    Ahhh, sun is so warming...zzzzz.


    What's over there?

    Family and friends, what would we do without them!

    And here I am in a nice cool summer cut...

    What beautiful long hair!

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE this line of play!!

    Giant Standard Poodle Bodhi

    Things are lickin' good these days!

    This is one great way to play!!!

    I'm weighing in at 21 #s here :-))


    We all need our nap :-)))

    ...and we all need our kisses xxx000xxxX0X


    ...and joy, love and laughter :-)))

    Enjoying car rides will be a part of life together...

    Giant Standard Poodle Bodhi arrive at the beach :-)

    Here's the blankie from Tes for Giant Standard Poodle - Bodhi - out of the spiritual world comes a towel from my (owner) childhood in MN, my beach towel. I asked Tes to choose a blanket for Bodhi and in this universe (she knew nothing of my towel) she chose this matching blanket for him...what a spiritual connection the universe provides :-)

    Here's my second mug shot ;-)

    It's a 4 legs up shot!


    Here's my first mug shot

    Here's my bed until my pet blanket arrives, lot's of smells here.


    ...and the yard has some great smells and things to see too!

    Love the mug shots ;-)


    She won't be able to hold me with one hand for too much longer.

    Aaahhh, this is what Love is about :-)))


    Lots of toys here...more to come...

    Love, hugs, and lots of cuddling are essential for everyone in life :-))


    And I've arrived to my new yard!

    I've arrived at the airport!

    Giant Standard Poodle Bodhi

    My "Bodhi" picture Tes took at 7 wks old.

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