Giant Brown Standard Poodles Brody FL

Last updated 5/11/20 Royal Giant Brown Standard Poodles Brody FL is at home in Silver Springs, FL with his new playmate Buster and of course his masters ;-) I enjoy going to Art shows and festivals, meeting people and the ocean.

I've grown to be one Giant boy and do catch a lot of eyes...and comments. We hope you enjoy our guy's pictures as much as we love and enjoy Brody...he's a life saver for sure.

Brody boy has now become 3 yrs old and an absolute giant Royal Standard Poodle - our love!


He's our SUPER poodle ;0) A mug shot to enjoy :0))

Ahh...always time for a nap...zzz...


Profiles are always good...

I am so loved...and so love back :0))

I got family!

Boating is for me :-)


Cool shades ;-)


We love going to the ocean to cool down. I think these are some show stopper shots ;-)

Let's see, which do I like better - Ocean - Pool - Ocean - Pool...

"Buster - wait - wait - I'll catch up with you soon!"


"This is my first mug shot - Cool :-) I'm 20# at 2 months old."

"Check this out - WARM weather! This'll be great :-)))"

"It's time to lay back and get spoiled by my new owners - Thank You for loving me :-)"

Giant Brown Standard Poodles - Brody FL, see if there are puppies available.

Giant Brown Standard Poodles Brody FL

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