Blue Standard Poodle Izzy

Now retired in a loving home :-)

Blue female Standard Poodle Izzy

Tracking Izzy:

  • Normal - no phenotypic evidence of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
  • Cardiac Normal - 11/11/11
  • Thyroid Normal - 11/11/11
  • VWD clear - 11/11/11
  • OFA - Excellent!
  • 4 yr old weight: 48 lbs, 25" at whithers needs to gain some weight since NC heat 2011 summer has taken away their appetite.
  • AKC & UKC registered as Black, yet turned color to Blue

    Ike & Izzy's previous owner does a fabulous grooming job: Muddy Paws Professional Dog Grooming - Germanton, NC - 336-408-0005.


    In all my research and DVD watching on structure, I finally can see a TRUE BEAUTIFUL structure in Izzy. Although not the Royal size, she stood in beautiful stack form just about every time she stopped running. Perfection!

    That's why so many Champions and Best of Show ribbons!!!

    Izzy loves the run of the parks too!


    Checking out all the that beautiful profile every time she stopped.

    Sitting back and relaxing...then ready to check out the parks again.

    See customer pictures of past litters - hopeful Blue Standard Poodle Izzy will produce with Bruno

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