Black Royal Standard Poodles


Black Royal Standard Poodles - Brown Cairo x Black Holiday have brought us some magnificent ROYAL pups. Definitely born of Royal size. DOB 6/24/22, ready for homes 8 wks later Friday August 19, 2022. Start at the bottom of the page and watch them grow up as pictures are taken in the coming weeks of growth.

The name theme is from the universe commemorating the NASA new James Webb Telescope looking at it with an all NEW depth. Black Royal Standard Poodles Pups are looking forward to a universe with their new owners :o)

updated 8/28/22

Tracking stats for Black Royal Standard Poodles puppies:

  • 8/4/22 first vaccination, see Vet invoice upon receipt of pup
  • deworming with Momma having Diatomaceous Earth with meals
  • 5 wks hair cut and bath for the butt naked look in 100 degree TX weather, nails trimmed, ahhhh, we're feeling cool and happy
  • deworming with Momma having Diatomaceous Earth with meals
  • 2.5 wks toenails clipped
  • deworming with Momma having Diatomaceous Earth with meals
  • 4 days old Toenails clipped 
  • DOB 6/24/22

Remember to start at the bottom of the web page and scroll up to watch us Black Royal Standard Poodles puppies For Sale grow up onto the page.

Order your Nuvet supplements to keep us pups growing healthy and staying nutritionally balanced, especially our first year with you.

Black Royal Standard Poodles
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1. Breeding 2/28/17 paid, Royal F, Black "Margaret", CZ > No. Palm Beach, FL

2. Breeding 4/4/22 paid, Royal F, Black "Sooki", SR > Gonzalez, TX

3. Breeding 4/4/22 paid, Royal F, Black "Hinata", SR > Gonzalez, TX

4. paid 8/6/22 Royal M Black, KC "Comet" > Port O Connor, TX

5. paid 8/6/22 Royal M Black, KM "Starbrite" > Kerrville, TX

6. ____ down pymt, Royal F Black, initials > city, state

5 Females
Umbilical Opening (UO) if found $100 discount
1 "Halley" left FOR SALE

FOR SALE - "Halley" - 9 wks old mc 0674; 12lbs 13oz; Black. An UO at 4.5 wks old, $200 discount. We know Halley's Comet is dependable in returning to show us its magnificence every 75 yrs. Halley will show her new owner how magnificent and dependable she can be.

"Halley" -5 wks old mc 0674; 6lbs; Black. 

"Halley" - 3 wks old mc 0674; 3lbs 9oz; Black.

"Halley" -7 wks old mc 0674; 10lbs 5oz; Black.

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

SOLD - "Galaxy now Hinata" - 7 wks old mc 0576; 12lbs 9oz; Black. My future is looking wonderful to become a potential breeder for SR > Gonzalez, TX. Galaxy is HUGE! She is CERTAINLY going to be one ROYAL girl :o)

"Galaxy now Hinata" - 5 wks old mc 0576; 7lbs 5oz;

"Galaxy" - 3 wks old mc 0576; 4lbs 10oz; Black.

"Midnight now Sooki" - 5 wks old mc 0885; 6lbs 10oz; Black.

"Midnight" - 3 wks old mc 0885; 4lbs; Black.

SOLD  - "Midnight now Sooki" - 7 wks old mc 0885;11lbs; Black. My future is looking wonderful to become a potential breeder for SR > Gonzalez, TX. The Midnight sky is amazing out in the country, and now with the Webb Telescope we'll learn unimaginable beauty in it. Midnight wants to bring beauty to you for eternity :o)

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

SOLD - "Venus now Margaret" - 7 wks old mc 0011; 11lbs 15oz; Black. I'm so looking forward to becoming a potential breeder with my new loving owner CZ > No. Palm Beach, FL. Venus circles mom with love! She is going circle her new family with a galaxy of love :o)

"Venus now Margaret" - 5 wks old mc 0011; 7lbs; Black.

"Venus" - 3 wks old mc 0011; 4lbs 5oz; Black.

SOLD - "Starbrite" - 7 wks old mc 0388; 11lbs 15oz; Black with white mismarks on chin and back toes. I get to go home to where there is another Spoo and pet to help me grow and learn KM > Kerville, TX. Starbrite shines out among the litter with her unique highlights. She is going to brighten the life of any family :o)

"Starbrite" - 5 wks old mc 0388; 7lbs; Black with white mismarks on chin and back toes.

"Starbrite" - 3 wks old mc 0388; 4lbs 6oz; Black with white mismarks on chin and back toes.

Black Royal Standard Poodles
1 Male - SOLD

SOLD - "Comet" - 7 wks old mc 0188; 14lbs 12oz; Black. I'm heading home to my loving owner KC, Port O Connor, TX. He is DEFINITELY going to be one solid ROYAL boy :o) Comet has been on the move since day one! 

"Comet" - 5 wks old mc 0188; 8lbs 7oz; Black.

"Comet" - 3 wks old mc 0188; 4lbs 11oz; Black.

We're certainly looking forward to coming home to you next week! We'll have harnesses on, weaned from momma now, and sooooo ready for your love in the universe :o))))

Aren't we just too cute ;o)

Check us out, we're outside most mornings playing, reaching, trying to get Tes while she does scoops.

Momma Cairo is weaning us from nursing, yet we do try ;o)


Playing is truly a part of our life in learning to reach and understand the outside world.

We go in and out the doggy door freely when we feel it's cooler outside.

Here we come, Tes is calling!!!

Well Tes has pulled the painters paper up because we've become paper shredders. Now we like pulling up the mats to play with ;o) These mats she likes A LOT as they absorb our urine and with the rubber on the back helps keep things cleaner, still WONDERFULLY washable! She can sprinkle Diatemaceous Earth to keep fire ants and bugs away and Lava pebbles keeps odor down and dryer.

Ahhh, Tes just loves to see us play, grow, come running to her when she comes out to pet and cuddle us.

We're playing LOTs now! Tes puts new toys for texture in with us every now and then. She makes the cloth squeakies to go home with us for smells. They won't let them go in cargo, yet carry on and all of you driving to get us will get one :o)

Scoops is done daily, and we sure do put a lot out there, then Tes flushes the toilet ;o) You should do the same in cleaning the yard now and then for us to stay healthy.


We're reeeeaching out more and more, almost to the back fence, half way there!

It's the 6 wk pick out date - Woo Hoo! Tes always mops the floor with Aqueous Ozone water as she knows everyone ends up on the floor picking us out. It's way to hot to do it in the 100 degree outside temps.

Halley's Still FOR SALE - $100 discount :o)


Kuranda Bed! Pet Beds! - Aaaahhhhh...Zzzzzzz....get your pet bed for me to come home with lots of smells :o)

The 7 week picture updates will show us reaching all the way back to the fence :o) The mural Tes painted in MN on her garage door and brought it to TX for the canopy to shade us. It's a scene from her sci fi/fantasy novel trilogy "A Perfect World"...where our poodle line name comes from.

Reaching out into Puppy Park, only so far, yet it looks like a BIG Universe out there...for right now...

Look at us grow and reach, grow, grow, grow, reach, reach, reach...

Here's why Tes has switched to metal hose...the older kids have stronger bites than we do, yet we give it a go...

We're finally reaching into the pea rock to potty, playing with Tes's pants and reaching out a little into Puppy Park where momma is.

Our latest way of getting Momma's milk, as we sneak in while she's eating ;o)

We're growing, growing, growing, drinking water and eating dry kibble as much as the slurry, and now at 5 wks old even less slurry.

Tes is working on the commands to teach us what she'd like from us, making her VERY happy and customers once they realize what we can do when we're in our new homes.

AND, we've figured out we're strong enough to open the doggy door, especially when we piggy back on each other to help out ;o) Banging on the food pan REALLY motivates us :o)

Here's how to teach Tes does it...she takes the spoon and bangs on the pans loudly saying "Potty Outside!" And it gets us use to loud noises!! Well we sure like that food, and out we go to Potty Outside!!! Now all she has to do, without food, is say the words to teach us :o) The same goes for "Come in." Banging on the food tray to bring us in :o))) For some reason she likes to bang and make loud noises around us!

Look! A nice cool morning and we're going to learn about reaching outside to potty.

Ahhhh, yes, play with Momma, learning what we can and can't get away with in the universe ;o)

Tes adds toys for stimulation, smells, and opportunities to keep busy with learning new things in the universe.


We're loving the affection and playing more and more with each other.

We certainly are growing into the Wing section, reaching to fill it that we've learned to potty on paper instead of our bedding...still happens, yet less and less. Tes is trying different "blocking" to keep us from going out into the hot hot heat of TX. Tes is glad there's only 6 of us instead of a large litter of 10+ that she usually has.

Yes, we get loving, and Tes gets it all back 6 fold...she LOVES it! ESSENTIAL for everyone's growth.

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Hangin' in there...Zzzzzz

getting more love in...or on...Tes's lap :o)


As we grow so fast, we're starting to get hungrier and needing more nutrients to not drain momma. Tes makes us up a slurry made from Purina puppy Mousse, thins it out with water and adds dried ground lamb dog food. She likes Health Extension Lamb kibble to get our sensitive tummies going. Over 18 yrs of breeding, this has become the protocol to avoid diarrhea from just the canned mousse (ALWAYS had diarrhea with only canned) then in adding the dried grounded kibble it made their stools nice that they no longer have swollen sensitive anal areas from the loose stools irritating them. SOOOO MUCH healthier!


You'll see us eating slurry, learning and reaching through the doggy door to potty outside and so much more in the next 5 wk updates above. Stay tuned as Tes takes pictures during their growth the next two weeks.

We're starting to play with each other, snuggling and seeing our new universe...Tes's lap is DEFINITELY a part of that, getting our love in...or on...her lap ;o)

And here we are starting to make a lot more music, getting momma to hear us and come feed us. We now know she listens ;o) 

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Tes also has tiny kibble and large dry dog food for us to start smelling as she eats. Tes will start feeding us slurry now that we've turned 3 wks old where you'll see us in eating in the 5 wk update.

The new way to nurse as we get soooo much bigger!

ZZZzzz and grow for you :o)

We definitely get lots of milk, Zzzz, and give momma her break to rejuvenate her energy :o)


WOW! Tes moved us to the Wing with our eyes open now, and moving around she wants us to start getting lots of sunlight which the Wing definitely has!! AND LOTS of room to start Reeeaching into, to learn to potty on the paper and eventually find the doggy door to learn to go outside and potty. AND lots of room for momma to lay around us to nurse :o)

Here we have our puppy pile...nurse and zzzzzz...and momma Cairo keeps licking us to love on ;o)

Tes climbs in with us, socializing us where we can climb over her, learn texture cuddling, petting, and of course her many kisses AND momma Cairo needs some petting and affection too :o) She's clipped our finger nails again at 2 1/2 wks old. They were getting too sharp.

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Thanks Tes for sitting in with us and snuggling us for love :o)

Four legs up, keeping cozy warm.


Dr. Angela has arrived and OOoooh it feels so gooood to get the body in alignment. A few of us had our atlas out, one had a shoulder needing help and now we're all stable again.

Life is good, lots of milk, lots of room, warmth and to come to when we're old enough...our eyes are opening and will appear blue for quite some time as the nerves develop and we grow into fully developed sight where we could have black or brown eyes for you...all in time...

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Now we're gaining strength to stand on all fours more and MORE!

Momma Magic is catching up on her rest...we will drink over a gallon of milk in a day, so you can imagine how much water she goes through to keep up. She has LOTS of milk to go around :o))) ...and then we ZZzzz to grow for you :o)

There's a trick, Tes takes her finger behind our ears to make us yawn...such a smile for her...and hopefully for you :o)

Momma has LOTS of milk for us! Tes shares in NOT docking tails and taking dew claws, these are quiet litters without much crying the first several weeks. WHAT A DIFFERENCE from when I use to do that practice. As they are in my bedroom, it certainly allows me to sleep better :o)

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

And of course getting lots of milk from Momma helps us be TOTALLY happy HAPPY to get growing while we ZZzzzzzz....

And NOW the pretty much daily washing begins! Tes has to wash wool blankets and towels everyday to keep us all clean, dry and healthy. These machines are the largest on the market for homes and Tes can get 3 of her Royal size pet beds in a single wash! Below picture she's pulled the blankets over to mop up underneath to keep clean.

The next 3 wk picture update for our web page Black Royal Standard Poodles will show our eyes opening and starting to stand and move around...making a lot more music for Tes. Definitely getting ready to move into the Wing with 6 of us by 3 wks old :o) Tes will provide microchip numbers of each of us at 3 wks old so you can then start to see our differences.

With 5 females and 1 male, the male is VERY large and a ZOOMER! He's scooting around MORE than anyone else. I've named him "Comet" for our universe storyboard theme.

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

As we can't excrete on our own yet, momma is CONSTANTLY lick, lick, licking us to get us to go :o)

Having lots of room for momma to circle around us is important. Some of us nurse, some of us zzzzz....this picture tells Tes she can turn the heat down now to 82 degrees...cooling the room off more to keep us closer together and each week it will come down in temp for us to stay together.

Check out this website page on discussing Black vss Blue Standard Poodles...I USUALLY will never be able to share definitely if it's a black or blue as I don't really understand it clearly, mostly I read they get gray/blue hairs that grow in (what I call fading/graying). Holiday is a Black that I can see, I'm believing they will be Blacks in this litter.

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Tes clips our nails within the first week as our nails harden they become like cat claws shredding Momma's tummy :o( Sometimes we just zzzz as we get held :o)

This one female pup has white on her chin, and toes. She's the only one I see with white at this time. I'm calling her


Every litter has us doing the leg thing :o)

We're already starting to crawl...then drop and zzzz any way we can ;o)

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

A variety of size, we'll watch that shift and change as they grow :o)

Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. Tes has a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o) An electric pet heater is under the upper back right corner to keep us pups in an even warmer area for the first several days. Such scooters we are.

Here we keep coming, and coming, and keep coming!!! Tes has to be right here pulling the sack off to get us breathing, rubbing us dry and momma licking us to get us breathing and moving around. We can't excrete on our own right away, so momma warms our groins by licking us and away we goooo.....

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

Here we come! Already trying to sniff out that nipple to start suckling. Tes is always amazed how fast we go to find a teat and start nursing.

In raising Black Royal Standard Poodles CxH Puppies For Sale, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated 80-90 degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. 

Start here and watch us grow up onto the page :o)

* Black Royal Standard Poodles *

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