Tail Docking Dew Claws

Docking Tails started in Rome, 18th century...thinking that docking tails would stop rabies...

Since 2008 I have gone back and forth on what to do with Full Tail or continue dock, take dew claws or cut them? Finally July 2018 I'm committed to keeping the tail of my standard poodle puppies for customers AND NOT taking dew claws off.

Why? Here's my Why on NOT Tail docking...

1. Several of my standard poodle pups over the years, after docking their tail, continued to grow through, and cause pain and problems leading into re-docking.

2. Why am I doing it to my standard poodles? 95% of the spoos aren't working or hunting dogs to get tails injured...so why dock the 95%? 

Why Dew Claws? Here's why I'm keeping them now...

1. First reason...they need them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4XflsMEk-k

2. As a breeder...over my years of breeding my standard poodles, I have observed the following...we remove dew claws and tails at 2-3 days. Out of 3-4 litters in a year, 3 of those litters will lose a puppy or two at this age, from what I consider the stress of having them removed or other considerations at the age. This is one of the MAIN reasons I always say "Wait through the week of the Woods of Mother Nature" before providing exact numbers. I would have to assure after dew claws and tail removed who would be alive, or not. Honestly :o(

3. Now this is just as sad...in taking the dew claws, the paws lose the stability in grabbing turns and certain playing with strength with dew claws. With dew claws removed, it weakens the leg ligaments, easier for them to tear...at which this has happened to several customers over the years. One customer had the leg repaired only to have the other front leg ligament tear two months later. The damage was so bad the vet shared the spoo would be in continual pain the rest of its life, unable to walk without problems...not even one year old yet. Their beloved pet had to be put down. I gave them a new poodle, and changed my spay neutering to only be done from 10-12 months of age, no sooner to avoid lanky legs that will easily create tears with no dew claws.


As standard poodle owners, we're to clip their toenails every other week to help prevent them from snagging on things, ruining their paws and ligaments...if you don't - it's time you did! :o)) ! :o))

Let's say 1 out of a 1,000 dogs end up in the vets office for dew claw injuries...so why do we want to pre-injure 999 of them weakening their legs structural strength?!?!?! i'm just not going to do it anymore.

You'll start to see full tails of my new breeding spoos, if at all possible have full tails and dew claws.

IF a pup is born with a 90 degree kink in the tail, it happens, I will dock that tail immediately.

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