Royal Standard Poodle Brown Matilda

Updated 3/28/17 DG

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Matilda at home in Makibu, CA. Daughter of parents Jasper x Daniel 2016.

Matilda's owners share: ".  Matilda has been an absolute delight - and has brought us so much joy and laughter.  She's an adorable and feisty little girl - yet very well behaved and has a lot of confidence - assuming everyone just adores her!  She was practically 'potty trained' from the moment she arrived - and has had no chewing misbehavior at all - a first for me and puppies.  I cannot tell you how much she means to us and how grateful to you we are for her!"

I am a Beautiful Royal Spoo!

Beach life and Ranch life....nothing better!

Look how much I have grown


Holy buckets, what is that? Is that another dog?? :0)

Look how beautiful I am!


Lets play!

Nice! Cool tile to keep things cool rug too! Looks like close to time for another haircut ;o)

And here we all are from left to right: Tallulah (poodle), Django (corgi), and Matilda.


Let's watch me grow in comparison to my new friend Tallulah and mentor :o)

Relaxing...growing...good life...


Mmmm good food, good water, FANTASTIC LOVE ;o))

I've now arrived into my new home in CA - LOOK another doggy over there...doesn't look like a poodle?!?! Django, he's a corgi...interesting looking dog, I'm going to grow bigger then that, I KNOW I am ;o)


Matilda has been chosen by her owners and now has had her second bath and first clipping to show us the beautiful Royal she'll become :o)

Royal Standard Poodle Brown Matilda at 5 wks old, her first bath and shampoo :o)

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