Royal Standard Poodle Cream Zach


Royal Standard Poodle Apricot/Cream Zach is a handsome 80+ lb stud, ready to help Tes out here in TX ;o) Carolyn Carrol is who Tes's red stud Daniel came from and then brown Rad who provided semen to bring forth up and coming Female Brown Geovanni for Tes and Dani.

Most breeders will frown on a mating between a cream and brown mating. Why do I, Tes, do it? I am contracted to NOT sell breeding rights to any Bruno offspring and as my line has come from his seed, the phantoms or different colors brought forth are not so important to my customers as size IS! Some LOVE the Phantoms, as I do :o) Customers who come to me for this line want size - BIG spoos for their desired needs and joy. Most of these pups will be of Royal size and Giant Standard Poodles if a litter stays an average of 7-8 pups.

Tracking stats for Zach:

  • DM Clear
  • Cardiac Normal
  • Dentition - Full
  • Elbows Normal
  • Hips - Good
  • Legg-Calves Normal
  • NEWs Normal
  • Patella Normal
  • Thyroid Normal

Oh yeah! Gotta be a stud here with Magic ;o) Although she wasn't very happy being left alone with him for several weeks, she's MIGHTY happy happy that Tes is here to get her :o)))

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