Royal Standard Poodles TX home

Royal Standard Poodles TX home is coming! 1 acre blank canvas to create a loving home specifically for my spoos and me to you :o) The new journey begins. This web page is built for the many watching and anticipating up and coming puppies from TX.

When one divides land in TX, the new owner is able to name that land for it's eternity in TX. Here we have "A Perfect World". I will add pictures now of the transition to building our home as it finally comes into creation...start at the bottom and watch the home grow up onto the page :o) The above picture will be the view from my office desk, out watching the puppies grow up.

last updated 10/15/17

U Build It is the company I chose to help build my home. When I graduated from high school it was my goal to become an architect...never accomplishing this, my life took a totally different direction. I have been fortunate to design my first home in MN and now my TX home specifically for the spoos and I. U Build It provides the opportunity for those who want to create their dream home as the general contractor to do so. It has been a life long dream now coming into creation.

The water in TX is either piped or well. I have signed up to receive Aqua Water. Here they are locating the pvc pipe around 3 ft below ground, preparing it to connect up to the surface.

Bringing in electricity with Blue Bonnet they've started using metal poles as woodpeckers were hollowing out the poles, thus metal has been must get easements to cross another's land, thus D'Antonio's have provided that for me.

The electric poles are getting placed. One of the public who drives by my new home stopped to explain he is the one who puts together all the materials for the work of placing poles :o) Always learning no matter where we go in life :o))

The driveway is getting put in!

My neighbor Salvador has his own dirt hauling truck company,            GSJ Trucking. He is earnest to do a great job for you :o)


William is the individual pushing the shape of the house for the slab to get placed, he built the driveway, and will be placing the aerobic septic system in as well.

The building permit is placed. A pond will be a delightful view from my office window. U Build It guides me to be the best General Contractor I can be.


My gracious hosts home is in the background. I have the new corner lot from their's. I am placing cattle panels around my 1 acre and will be fencing the other 7 acres for the spoos to run and play free :o)

The surveyors have surveyed and I have laid the rope to draw the lines for placing cattle panels.


Here is the layout of the house on the land. It is now known the septic will be an aerobic system needing to be located at the front of the house by the road. The L shape will hold the Endless Pool to help with therapy needs. The left side section is a 2 car garage end to end.

The framing for the slab is in place. 


Digging the ground for grooving cement beams per engineers design.

LaCasita Plumbing - 512-677-8038 is doing the plumbing for the home. They are preparing it next before the cement is poured...then continue on when house is framed.


Plastic is placed to protect from bugs and other engineering reasons.

re-bar, drains for pool room added...


Getting ready to use the pump to pour cement...

It's a foggy morning, yet moving forward.

Very little time to take a break when working with cement...there is the in between trucks that breathers can be pipes show where kitchen and bathroom will be.

NEXT! Framing begins!


Views will be taken from the front garage and entrance by the road and the back showing porch view...

Sealing the house with Tyvek, then I spray the inside walls with Cedar oil "Petri-Wood" to prevent bugs from enjoying themselves...the healthy alternative to chemicals when building a house in TX. Purchased from  Dr. Bens Cedar Oil company here in TX...yes the same company I purchase the cedar oil to spray and protect our spoos from bugs in MN


The Hardie (cement fiber) siding is being placed...a FABULOUS product that I see needs to be used in a lot more new homes.

I've completed fencing the 7 acres...and now the spoos feel OH SO FREE - Weeee as they run for joy in the Spootopia Park ;o)

And now the tar paper is placed on the roof to start the sealing from atop...

I've started to place the door handles on :o)


The end is left open that the Endless Pool can be slid in...coming Monday 10/16/17...we stay tuned...

Keeping things cleaned up is a part of my job...the beams for the porch will be placed soon...

...the pea rock will be placed for the puppies as I lay the bricks to section that area off of the porch...there are the beams for the porch...I have been using Restore for MUCH savings...this is Habitat for Humanities store where people donate goods to raise funds...well it has saved me thousands of dollars in going there every Tuesday in Austin where I receive a senior citizen discount on that day. 

Oh, there still is stagecoach in TX :o)))


and critters like Lizzy come to visit ;o)))

...under be continued...

...sorry to fast forward here yet I like to advertise for those who come my way in building the home and standard poodle business...

Z-Line Construction Asphalt Service out of Houston, TX has been contracted to make a professional result of what was a muddy mess.

Z-Line Construction Asphalt Service

281-779-7604 or toll free 888-829-8140

1st; the gravel base is ready to be placed,

2nd as you see them prepare the new additional area melding with the original driveway to be made a nice clean driveway and parking area for more getting stuck...

3rd the asphalt is laid...workers are courteous, kind and focused on doing a great job for the customer.

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