Royal Standard Poodles MV

Royal Standard Poodles-MSV (Magic x dual sire Big Sky and Vyke) DNA kits have been sent to AKC. We wait 6-8 wks, hopefully to arrive back for pup delivery (may be longer, we stay tuned), then AKC papers sent for exact dad and then on the way to you :o)

Magic's litter now SOLD OUT!

SOLD - "Rainbow" Black/Red Phantom mc 4888 - 7 wks old - 9 lb 8 oz. My red markings has Tes in love with me as this coloring has been everything she desired in having Phantom Vyke as the dad, red Daniel as grandpa. I'm going home to SP > Waco, TX *UO repaired


SOLD - "Charlie" solid Black mc 4129 - 7 wks old - 11 lb 6oz. My eyes are on BT > Ham Lake, MN for choosing me to come into their life and start the holidays off with great cheer bringing and eating all that good food you're going to feed me. Lets have fun and adventure together!  *UO repaired

Magic giant standard poodle puppies for sale! Pups born 10/12/18, ready for homes 8 wks later. Set your calendar! Main Fly out date from preferred airport Austin, TX set to be Friday Dec 7, 2018; Houston Saturday 12/8/18 with Sue D'Antonio. Try to find direct flights where possible. One VITAL situation though for me...Apricot Enya is due that very fly out date 10/7/18...Sue D'Antonio has agreed to help me out and will fly pups out on Friday for me from Austin...I will forward her information to those who she will be working with when time gets closer...we stay in close communication that week.

Picture updates: next - 7 wks old 11/30/18... stay tuned ...

Understand Colors under #4 > ColorclarificationCoatDifferences.html

Remember to go to the bottom of this page and watch Royal standard poodle puppies for sale grow up as pictures added to the top with each update...Enjoy, Enjoy ;o))

Tracking Magic Puppies:

  • 6.5 wks old Umbilical Openings repaired on *UO repaired pups
  • 6 wks dewormed with pyrantel, nails clipped
  • 5.5 wks 1st vaccination Dr. Welch
  • 4 wks dewormed with pyrantel, nails clipped
  • 3 wks old; several have umbilical openings (uo) that are not closing. The vet calls them umbilical hernias. I call them UO's now. They are not painful, just their umbilical area has not closed yet. Some fat can start to protrude...the uo may grow in ratio to their size, or start to close. I will place a UO by their picture below to indicate if I've noted one. It may not develop right up to 5 wks of age. a) if small, I trust it will be okay and not do anything. b) if at a size I believe a vet in ones home town may push to be closed sooner then later (most always have in the past), they want to do the spay/neuter at the same time which ends up being around 6 months of age, I DO NOT want this. I want them to be fixed at 10 months to one year of age to allow hormones to help their body stay healthier for years to come. Thus I now have my vet repair the umbilical hernia just after the 5 wk date to heal before they go home to you at 8 wks old. Don't hesitate to ask questions.
  • 2 wks old Pyrantel deworming
  • Toenails clipped 1 wk old
  • Born 10/12/18

Get your Nuvet supplements into place before pup arrival!

Dual Sire litter Down Payment List:

1. 7/15/18 paid, M #1 Phantom "Wolf" - HD > Palmyra, PA

2. 7/17/18 paid, F Royal Red/Apr "Watson" - LT > Waco, TX

3. 10/29/18 paid, M Royal "Waylon" - KH > Hitchcock, TX

4. 11/5/18 paid, F Royal "Zelda" - AB > College Station, TX

5. 11/5/18 paid, M Royal "Whiskey" - DMG > Hartford, AR

6. 11/14/18 paid, F Royal "Lilly Belle" - SM > Spring

Branch, TX

7. 11/21/18 paid, M "Charlie" - BT > Ham Lake, MN

8. 11/28/18 paid, F "Rainbow" standard - SP > Waco, TX

Royal Standard Poodles-MSV

4 Females born

SOLD - "Watson" Red/Apr mc 4004 - 7 wks old - 11 lb 8 oz. I'll be seeing my new owners LT > Waco, TX before one knows it ;o) My back toes have white on them. I'm not sure if Big Sky or Vyke is my dad yet...Tes is thinking Vyke...we stay tuned for the DNA return. *UO & Entropian eye repaired

Look what Tes found when grooming Watson yesterday! A black hair spot under her ear. LOL, never saw it for 4.5 wks until shaving her down...amazing what sneaks by :o)

Rarely, yet on occasion, entropian eye may develop. This is where the lower eye lid rolls in. Tes finds it showing up by 4-5 wks old on a Daniel line...rarely, but occurs. Watson here, the only one, Tes saw it turning on at 3.5 wks old, left eye. It is now repaired at 6.5 wks of age, paid for by Tes, healed and ready by 8 wks of age. 

SOLD - "Pandy" Black/Red Phantom mc 0429 - 7 wks old - 12lb, a VERY BIG girl! I'll be bringing love and joy into AB > College Station, TX life. One would almost think her all black, yet the red comes in a little here and a little there :o)


SOLD - "Lilly Belle" Brown/Red Phantom mc 8633 - 7 wks old - 11 lb, I'm mostly brown, yet the red is there. When I get older you'll be able to see it. Christmas is coming and I'll ring in the holidays for SM > Spring Branch, TX :o) *UO repaired

Royal Standard Poodles-MSV
4 Males born

SOLD - "Waylon" solid Black mc 8568 - 67 wks old - 9 lb 8 oz. Fall is here, Halloween, Thanksgiving will bring our love and families together. KH > Hitchcock, TX is going to bring me into their wonderful life that we can have love together :o) *UO repaired

SOLD - "Arkansas Whiskey" Brown/Red Phantom Agouti mc 7324 - 7 wks old - 11 lb 4 oz. DMG > Hartford, AR gets to snuggle me! Tes gets to snuggle lots for now...get ready to have lots when I'm home with's what we love to do best among all the hugs and kisses ;o) *UO repaired


SOLD - "Wolf" Brown/Red Phantom Agouti mc 8059 - 7 wks old - 14 lb 4 oz ... HD > Palmyra, PA has chosen me - WooHoo!! Tes believes I'm going to be one of those giant boys of Magic's. My wolf ancestors have given me my phantom markings that will truly catch the eye of many. *UO repaired

Potty outside, and then zzzzz.....on these great pet beds :o) We'll be coming home to you soon - Woo Hoo!!!!!! Stay tuned...

Hey there, we're getting bigger and bigger, looking to love you :o)))

The brown girl on the right is the newest 8 wk old Tes bought named Diamond. We're 7 wks old and she's 8 wks old...again, Tes is working into standards for the demand...and she'll mate to grow the pups up in size again...all takes time yet people want average size standards too. 


Enya is going to have puppies next week when we fly out and is wondering what we're all about...

Okay, here we go...the red girl in the middle is Tes's newest up and coming Scarlet. She's the EXACT same age as us, 7 wks old and look at how big we are to her. She'll be a "Standard" red program in the future...isn't she sooo pretty red red RED!?!

YEAH - ATTACK...or am I the pack leader? No, honestly Tes is as we're trying to catch her ;o) Potty outside!!!

Ahhh, time to take a break...or should I join in?

Play, play, play...that's what we're all about now - Woo Hoo! Space to run and play...all the way to the back of the park!!

Momma starting to think we're getting toooo big for this! She thinks it's time to start weaning us!!!

Look at momma up there...thinking she's going to get away from us...well it's working for now...That is a scene Tes painted from her fantasy novel "A Perfect World - Tatriel". She painted it in MN on the garage door and brought it to TX :o)


We've really got the doggy door in and out now, steps are getting smaller, really...soooo many things to be curious about :o)

HEY! We're reeeeaaching to the back of the park...these are great to play in and through :o)))

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....this ear seems mighty tasty...

Pet beds are great, it's so gorgeous here in TX we want to be outside all the time sleeping on the Kuranda beds with Tes's pet beds on top.

Tes has added lots of beef bones for us to chew on. These baby teeth are coming in and this is great...momma's happy we're not chewing on her ;o)


Hey what are these stumps about...can we climb on them?

Momma wants to get away from us by going up onto the deck...we sometimes figure out how to climb those steps, but Tes hasn't seen it yet...


Hi, my eyes are on you watching me ;o)

Pet beds are being added, getting good smells to help us adjust to our new homes - Thank You! Buy yours today!!

Next puppy update will be us growing into our 7 wk picture update 11/30/18 for you. We'll have the solid doggy door figured out, done our reaching into the puppy park and soooo ready for you to bring us home soon afterward :o) stay tuned...


Okay, Now the slurry isn't enough and we want to start eating momma's dry dog food that's available...and we fall asleep in the dish :o) MINE!

Hey Tes, you going to let us in? We're watching you like you're watching us through the double window doors :o))


We're growing and reaching soooo fast! The upcoming 7 week update will show you how we've reached all the way to the back of the park, playing and checking out all the smells and things to check out that our curiosity can...reeeeaach :o)

And here's how Tes teaches us "Potty Outside!"...she places the slurry outside for us now that we've learned the doggy door, we hear "Potty Outside!" and we come a runnin'! And here's where we learn to reach even more into the Royal Introduction Park...first we reach into the pea rock to potty, then onto the steps into the all comes together in just the right gradient Tes has figured out for us...


Pet beds are placed outside right now with the cooler weather to get us to snuggle. Momma lays on them and we attack her ;o)

Then we learn to come back in...


gone...and that's how we learn to reach to the outside :o)


What's this? Tes cuts wool to go over the heavier doggy door until we get it figured out...


Now we're starting to reach in the's all about the reach to grow up free ;o)) Hey what's this? A door, water?


Hey, play with me, come on ;o)

We're REALLY wanting to play with each other too! Let's go at it!!!


Here is what Tes call circle of life...

And Tes is always in visiting after her clean up where we want to climb on her, get snuggled and petted, and chew on her ;o)


t...then back to zzz where we drop...zzzz....

AND, when we're done with slurry, back to momma, mmmmm, nummy! This helps her milk start to go down, where by 7 wks we are weaned from her...she's working on it now...


Hi. You can see why we need our bath by 5 wks old :o) That's when we get close to wrap up on slurry, the dry dog food starts to come into our hunger game.

Ooohhhh, once we figure it out we really go at it mmmmmmm, yummy!


Mmmmm, it's time to learn to eat slurry, mmmmmm. Slurry is a blend of rice cereal, powdered buttermilk which keeps the loose stools away, and canned dog food all stirred together. It's QUITE a messy mess for Tes, always has to change afterwards...after the big spoos lick her down ;o)

Momma has a new stance for letting us drink...we're getting BIG!


I see you, come and get me :o)

Hey this is GREAT!


And this looks fun to check out...

Hmmmm, this one will do....


Tes has added lots of fresh new toys to play with, and momma keeps checking us, keeping us clean :o)

See! We want to potty on paper, slowly reaching out, away from the comfy wool blanket.


Tes has moved us to the wing where there's lots of light to bring warmth, a crate to learn about, a ladder for momma to get away from us, paper to learn to potty on, steps to learn to climb on, and room to reeeeaaach.....

We're now on our legs going on 4 wks old, singing lots of music, and reaching as we learn to expand our space to have curiosity and so much more :o)


The next picture 5 wk update will be seeing us move into the wing where we'll be starting to eat slurry (rice cereal and canned puppy mousse) have a lot more room to stretch our legs and start learning about the outdoors, as Tes teaches us to constantly reach...reaching to arrive in your loving homes with a happy puppy attitude to grow with your guidance. Will you bring us home to you? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and contact Tes today :o)))


With our eyes open and legs beneath us now, we start to make a lot more music for Tes :o) 

When you rub behind our ears, we yawn for you ;o) Don't understand why, just that're so cute to do this Tes :o)))

With momma cozy by our sides, Tes climbs in to socialize us. Our eyes are open that we can see her, smell her, ears open to hear her calm us, feel her comforting touch. 

Look at our legs move us! How time flies...


We got rhythm ;o)

Peek a boo, I see you ;o)


Going on 3 weeks old our ears start to open up to hear more and more. Tes starts playing music a little more around us...but not a lot.

Snuggling up with color!


Hey there, zzz, momma needs her zzzs too...zzz...

I love you momma Magic...zzz...we both need those zzzzzs don't we.

Look at this! With our eyes open, we're starting to get strength beneath our body, lots of momma's milk sure helps :o)))

Peek-a-boo, I see you :o)

Ahhhh, nothing like a security arm to hang onto...zzz...

We're growing, climbing and starting to become little scooters...what's back there? More puppies!!!

We're certainly doing it on our own now! Teeter totter as we learn to balance on our legs :o)

*Below the black phantom girl is wondering why the black pup can't find her own spot :o)

Pretty pretty colors :o)


Some of us nurse, some of us zzzz...and it all works out :o)

Tigress shows off her white toes and full tummy while she catches her zzzs ;o)

Here Rainbow shows off her coloring, who will bring me home? Tes really wanted me, but she doesn't see me growing to a 70+ girl so will you love me? She's found my umbilical opening (uo) isn't closing fast's a small one compared to others. She will take some of us in at 5 wks of age to have closed and healed before going to our new homes.

At around 2 weeks our eyes are starting to open now! I see you!! They'll look blue in the coming months, changing to brown or black :o)

When my eyes open, I'll wonder why I was looking at that wall...the bar is my head rest ;o)


Hi, I'm hoping you'll bring me home when I'm 8 wks old, Dec 7th :o)

Group hug :o)))

You can see our varied sizes...just remember our small may be a 55 lb female or a 65 lb male...there is never a guarantee on size, yet Royal is Tes's focus...a runt grew to 70 + pounds.

It's a puppy pile! Tes keeps dropping the heat in the room so we can gather together in order to let Momma curl around us to nurse...otherwise she has a hard time figuring out where to go. Our body temps are letting us know what's up, so Tes can observe what to do next.


4 legs up for female BL phantom with little red markings Pandy, staying nice and warm in Tes's infra red heated bedroom.

Our tails are wagging with joy with all the milk momma has for us :o) We're growing can see the difference in size, from left to right are Males BL Rack, BIG Wolf. Phantom Agouti Snuggles, and BL Layfe.


Royal Standard Poodles-MSV; watch from the bottom up as the pups grow up onto the page :o) The next update will be their 3 wk update of life in the coming two weeks...stay tuned...

Check out the Pet Beds for your pup to bring home smells on, they'll be so HAPPY HAPPY :o)))

Hey Momma, Thank You for loving and caring for us, we love you :o)

Female Black Phantom with very little red on her...yet little white on back toe :o)


Tes uses wool blankets because fluids wick easily away from us keeping us dry and warm. She purchases a variety of colors to hopefully show a colorful growing up time for you :o)


Brown Phantom Female...zzzz....on hot pink wool blanket ;o)

We zzzz... where we drop...zzzz...

*Royal Standard Poodles-MSV*

Then afterwards...zzzz....zzzz....that's what we do best, nummy nummy, zzzz...

Gettin' the milk on! What you're not able to see is how our tails wag delightfully at the milk coming our way :o)

4 legs up...a must shoot picture :o)


Tes calls us little bull dogs we look so big and plump!! Thriving Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale!!!

Look at us, we're becoming little tubbies already! Top Male Pahntom Agouti...VERY BIG Boy :o)


 Our umbilical chords dry up rapidly in a day or two, then fall off. Here are some of our colors to help you know who is who...oops, actually the small phantom agouti is a Male...sorry about that...

Going on a week old, we're starting to scoot around. Momma's arms are a great hang out area ;o) Tes is slowly taking it down as we develop.

*Royal Standard Poodles-MSV*

Hey, let's hang out at the arm! I sense that bro has been hitting it pretty hard at the nipple...he/she's pretty hung over there...

When done, zzz....zzz...Momma licks licks licks our genitals as we don't defecate or urinate yet on our own, this warms our area to move for us...Thank You Momma :o)


It's important to get a good suction grip and movement to draw out the milk, getting it flowing to fill our tummy's. At several days old they're really going to it!

I use infra red heat (not dry heat) to raise my bedroom temps to 90 degrees the first several days (uterus temps ;o), then drop to 80 temps the first week, a good bumper system in place that helps prevent mom exhaustion sleeping on a pup getting behind her and of course me sleeping next to them allows me to wake if I hear crying, which they certainly do when they want something - MOMMA feed me ;o)

Tes is here to extract the sack quickly, clamp chord and so much more to get us nursing in minutes of being born. That is the essential colostrum needed for our healthy start in life as quickly as possible to be Royal to Giant Standard Poodle puppies for sale for you. Magic is thankful I'm there to help.

Hey pup, that arm isn't going to do it, Tes will get you to what will ;o))

Magic's licked clean her first puppy of 8 :o) Already taken to the nipple, their first sense at work, smell! As we came early, Tes will wash and shave Momma down next.

Royal Standard Poodles-MSV puppies for sale

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