Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 Puppies arrived! 6 Males; 5 Black and 1 Red + 4 Females; 2 Brown, 1 Red/Apr, and 1 Black = 10 puppies. DOB May 24, 2020, ready for homes 7/19/20 - 8 wks old. Always have a Plan A and B travel plan just in case!

Next Picture updates are 7 wk pics 7/12/20. Every litter I choose a story board theme and this litter is using "Big Eyes" after the famous artist Margaret D. H. Keanegoogle and check her out :o) I'm using big eye'd stuffed toys for puppy story names...stay tuned...

NOTICE how the Big Eyes started to play a role in MANY toys, animation movies and products as Sheriff Woody and Jessie in Toy Story or the eyes in the fish in Finding Nemo, and so many other influences from her work. The stuffed toys used for their upcoming props will share how it moved into many movies and products. 

Tracking stats for Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 puppies:

  • 6 wks old Pyrantel dewormed
  • 5 wks, first grooming, nails clipped
  • 4 wks old Pyrantel dewormed
  • 2 wks old Pyrantel dewormed, nails clipped, microchipped
  • 1 wk old toenails clipped
  • DOB 5/24/20


1. Breeding Tes Red/Apr Female

2. 2/11/20 paid, M Royal Black "Murphy"BT> Santa Ana, CA  

3. 3/10/20 paid, Royal F Brown "Mia",  LM  > Chillicothe, IL 

4.  3/15/20 paid, Royal M Red "Queso",  JPB  > Southlake, TX

5. 1/10/20 paid, Royal F Black "Delilah"AI > Roseville, MI ($ 200 military disc, ready after above dates came on)

6. 3/21/20 paid, M # 1 Brown # 2 Black "Zeus"JMP > Houston, TX     ($ 200 military disc)

7.  4/7/20 down pymt, Royal M Black "___"AT > Lincolnshire, IL ($ 200 discount returning customer spoo - Sarbone ;o)

8. 4/18/20 paid, Royal M color open "Charlie",  JF > San Antonio, TX

9. 5/26/20 paid, M Black "Modi"EMS > Lubbock, TX ($200 returning customer discount, $200 military discount = - $400 discount)

10. 7/11/20 paid - F Brown, "Miss Kitty", Pastor JJ > Fort Bragg, NC

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

Next Litter ...

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the pups grow up onto the page as pictures are added upward every two weeks :o) Tes does her best to share what is done as a breeder in growing us up for you. Having 10 is a huge litter so Tes wants to assure all stay healthy as well as keeping momma Magic fit for caring for us.

Order your Nuvet supplements to keep us pups growing healthy and staying nutritionally balanced, especially our first year with you, as Momma takes them daily during all her time with us :o)

NuVet Plus​ Natural Dog Vitamin Supplements

Click Here To Order NuVetPlus Or Call 800-474-7044


Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020
4 Females
mc=microchip; UO=umbilical opening 
"Big Eyes" story board theme after famous artist Margaret D. H. Keane

* Take note of how BIG your Eyes get with their 5 wk pics ;o)

"Miss Kitty" is a brown female with tiny white on chest - mc 8625, wt 3 wks 2 lbs.

"Miss Kitty" is a brown female with tiny white on chest - mc 8625, wt 5 wks 3 lbs.

SOLD - "Miss Kitty" is a brown female with tiny white on chest - mc 8625, wt 7 wks 5 lbs. My new owner is Pastor JJ Fort Bragg, NC. Miss Kitty's story; Mother Nature brought on a respiratory issue at 3 wks of age causing her to get pneumonia. Her lungs are healed and she's doing much better. She is now eating solid dog food and has recovered. Dr. Welch shared she could go home at 8 wks. Dr Welch wonders if she might also have a "liver shunt". It's not something one can x-ray for, it's a blood test. All a part of a breeder's world, positive and negative. Miss Kitty's price is $500 with the contract's 2 yr health gaurantee. Customer would want to do blood work to find out if a liver shunt, which will be an added cost if so and the possible surgery for repair. A DEFINITE go getter, good stools, and overall sweety! You can see her bright eyes and is now thriving, holding her own against brothers and sisters.

You can see the big eyes produced on this stuffed tiger toy!

"Dory" is a solid black female - mc 2844, wt 3 wks 3 lbs. 

"Dory" is a solid black female - mc 2844, wt 5 wks 6 lbs

SOLD - "Dory, now Delilah" is a solid black female - mc 2844, wt 7 wks 8.11 lbs. My new owner is AI > Roseville, MI :o) Many big eyes were produced in the characters of "Finding Nemo"! Google "image finding nemo characters." Big Eyes CERTAINLY is found in MANY animated movies.

* Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

SOLD - "Mystic, now Mia" is a solid brown female - mc 0943, wt 7 wks 8.09 lbs. LM  > Chillicothe, IL has big eyes in taking me home - Thank You!  See big eyes produced on the unicorn!

"Mystic, now Mia" is a solid brown female - mc 0943, wt 3 wks 2 lbs. 

"Mystic, now Mia" is a solid brown female - mc 0943, wt 5 wks 5 lbs.

"Destiny" is a solid red female - mc 3487, wt 3 wks 3 lbs. 

"Destiny" is a solid red female - mc 3487, wt 5 wks 6 lbs.

SOLD > Tes for brdg - "Destiny" is a solid red female - mc 3487, wt 7 wks 10 lbs. Tes is keeping for future breeding dam (at least for right now :o) And here we have big eyes produced on the dolphin.

* We have Big Eyes for you ;o) *

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020
6 Males
FYI: Puppy eyes are blue until months later.

"Nemo" is an all black male - mc 0879, wt 3 wks 2 lbs. Tes has to laugh at Nemo, he looks like he has ears ;o)

"Nemo" is an all black male - mc 0879, wt 5 wks 5 lbs.

SOLD - "Nemo, now Modi" is an all black male - mc 0879, wt 7 wks 8 lbs. I'm sooo excited to go home to EMS > Lubbock, TX! I'm eyeing the day I'm taken home by you ;o) Has a teeny UO.

* Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

SOLD - "Cuddles, now Charlie" is an all black male - mc 3214 wt 7 wks 11 lbs. My loving new owners are JF > San Antonio, TX. You can certainly see the big eyes produced on this toy panda! Ooooh! Cuddles has a small UO at this time.

"Cuddles" is an all black male - mc 3214 wt 3 wks 4 lbs. 

"Cuddles, now Charlie" is an all black male - mc 3214 wt 5 wks 7 lbs.

"Rack" is a solid black male - mc 0941, wt 3 wks 3 lbs. Yeah, Tes gave me a mustache to easier pick the difference between us black boys ;o) She can shave it off when you get me :o)

"Rack" is a solid black male - mc 0941, wt 5 wks 7 lbs.

SOLD - "Rack, now Zeus" is a solid black male - mc 0941, wt 7 wks 10 lbs. YAY! The family JMP > Houston, TX chose me!!! The raccoon CERTAINLY has big eyes! One can find MANY stuffed animals created from the Big Eyes theme.


SOLD - "Tory" is an all black male - mc 2843 wt 7 wks 10.13 lbs. My new family to love is AT > Lincolnshire, IL. The Texas bull mascot was given Big Eyes! Yeah, Tes gave me a go tee to easier pick the difference between us black boys ;o) She can shave it off when you get me :o)

 "Tory" is an all black male - mc 2843 wt 3 wks 4 lbs.

"Tory" is an all black male - mc 2843 wt 5 wks 7 lbs.

"Spot Me" is a black male with 4 barely seen white spots on his chest - mc 0020 wt 3 wks 4 lbs. 

"Spot Me, now Murphy" is a black male with 4 barely seen white spots on his chest - mc 0020 wt 5 wks 8 lbs. 

SOLD - "Spot Me, now Murphy" is a black male with 4 barely seen white spots on his chest - mc 0020 wt 7 wks 11.05 lbs. My loving new owners will be BT> Santa Ana, CA . You can certainly see the big eyes produced on the Dalmatian ;o)

 * Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

SOLD - "Marty, now Queso" is a dark red male with small white on his chest - mc 0451, wt 7 wks 10.14 lbs. JPB  > Southlake, TX, they fell in love with me the first pictures they saw of me ;o) Marvin the Martian has certainly been given Big Eyes from Warner Brothers!

"Marty" is a dark red male with small white on his chest - mc 0451, wt 3 wks 3 lbs.

"Marty, now Queso" is a dark red male with small white on his chest - mc 0451, wt 5 wks 7 lbs. 

We'll soon be coming home to you! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Tes has added a crate, carry on flight bags, pet beds, all to get smells for us to travel with helping us be comfortable in our transition in going home to you :o)

I, Miss Kitty, am half the size of my family, suggling in to get body sure beats the 100 degree outside temps! Their coats are already growing out.

Dr Angela has come to give us our 2nd adjustment. YAY!


What! This is our last milk?!?!? Wean? What's that mean?

Customers are coming! Customers are Coming!! Who's going to pick me?!?!?

LOOK! We've gotten curious enough to REACH to the back of the park now - WooHoo!

Miss Kitty on the left, Mia on the right, we're reaching into the Park every day more and more, playing, learning :o)

Hey there! Good healthy dry ADULT dog food is what we're eating. Lamb is the most, then Tes rotates it LAmb, Venison, Lamb, Buffalo, and different brands, Health Extension and Life's Abundance are among the main brands. Momma is starting to wean us and we're drinking a lot of water now. Assure we have fresh water daily please :o)

Then Tes gives us a sprinkle to cool us down, fills the above pool and entices us to go in with beef bones. Miss Kitty is definitely into that! Mia right behind her :o)

Then...I flush the toilet...up at 6:30 am watching puppies, cleaning the park and handling them for affection :o) A clean healthy park for keeping your puppies clean and healthy.

The Scoop on Poop! Momma and 10 puppies in the morning. IT's important for customers to keep a watch on their pet's scoops. Look for any blood, diarrhea, toys eaten, all important health checks...I place it all in the empty plastic dog food bags I save up for this....then...

We love the pet beds now added :o) Thank You for getting one for us! Miss Kitty has her full hair compared to the others as she gets better...soon Tes will shave it off to be like the rest of us.

We're out in the early cool morning hours 6am - 8am REACHING playing enjoying the Puppy Park.

We like the canopy of A Perfect World too. Gives us some extra shade and off the grass to chew on bones and play with toys.

Do you see us? We've reached to the tunnels and are checking them out!

In MN Tes had her bridal wreath bushes for us to play under, dig into the roots, killing them on occasion, so Tes REALLY liked the idea of creating the walls holding the bushes that we can't get under and dig. She doesn't have to worry about where to find us now, reaching for us and finding some other critter besides us, and we still get to run and play underneath the stems :o)


I'm Mia, LOVE running under the bushes Tes has planted in the dividers!

Hey there. Queso here checking out all this space. It's GREAT for curiosity and reaching to learn what's out here.


I'm Miss Kitty :o) I'm doing great, gaining weight and holding my own against the others...I like biting their tails and legs a lot ;o) Tes finally shaved me down with the 100 degree temps in TX right now and I don't need the extra coat length anymore to stay warm.

Stay Tuned...Next picture update above 7/14/20...

We're running out of room Momma Magic! 

By Saturday 6/27/20 this is as far as some of us have reached. In the next 7 wk picture updates you'll see we've reached to the back of Puppy Park and playing in the tunnels and being curious to know even more :o) The mural Tes painted a scene from her fantasy novel "A Perfect World." Now do you know where she got our line name? She names her spoos after characters in the book and will be using offspring names in her other two of the time :o)


Some of us are now reaching into Puppy Park. Tes has a cementing project to work on in the corner, that's why you see the plastic in the below corner. See the block walls she's built to keep us safe from the other older spoos? AWESOME! There are bridal wreath bushes growing in the North wall and a Chinese bush/tree growing on the South wall for shade. In MN we always dug into the roots, so Tes really likes this idea for better separation protection from others. This is her TV screen out the double doors in her office to watch us grow :o)

Friday we all got our first BATH! Whoa! Weathers in the 90's so we can dry off outside just fine ;o) Saturday Tes spent all day grooming us. Our hair has gotten so long, that in the Summer she cuts it all off for air flow. Our paws are the ONLY way we sweat! So she clips the paws down with a tight #30 blade for us and with our body hair clipped down with a #15 blade, we're able to keep a whole lot cooler with the air flowing around us. And some of us even want to go inside the wing again. In and out we learn the doggy door.

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

Wow, this stuff Momma's been eating works for us! Let's climb in and hog it to ourselves ;o) With teeth almost all in, we can chew it and soon only be eating it. Tes shares to ONLY feed us Large Adult kibble. We don't need puppy stuff...we grow soooo fast the education vet Professionals share Adult kibble works JUST FINE! Puppy kibble is a marketing tool to give more options for sales, just not all necessary. Tes feeds us Health Extension Lamb to start. It's gentle on stomachs. She'll soon start changing 50% different flavors, like Venison, then Lamb, then Buffalo, then Lamb, then chicken, then lamb...get it? Most always 50% Lamb for our life time. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate so we don't get allergies. You don't like to eat the same thing all the time do you?

Got Love? Got Toys? Get ready for us ;o)

Kuranda Beds have been the most durable beds for getting us up off the ground, keeping bugs off of us, air flow around us, and durable with GREAT clean up. Tes has had almost every bed on the market, falling apart after months, moldy foam holding bacteria, where the Kuranda bed have lasted for years. The Royal Pet Beds 1/2 size or Royal size folded in half are even better on them with their washability.

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

Now that we've reached onto the deck, Tes turns on the Swamp Cooler for the TX hot days reaching into the 90's...soon into the 100's. June has been beautiful weather for growing and teaching puppies :o)

What's this? It's called pea rock? or pee rock! We're learning to reach into whatever it's called and potty in it :o) Every day we get more curious of what space there is out here for us.


And now that we've learned that the food has moved out here...and watching Momma go in and out of this door, and we've gotten bigger to pile onto each other and push this door open, WALLAH! LOOK what we did! We succeeded in getting outside on our own - Woo Hoo!!!

And here's how Tes teaches us "Potty Outside" and getting used to loud noises by banging on the metal pan and yelling "POTTY OUTSIDE!" Well we SURE DO WANT what she's got there and this is AWSEOME more space to make us curious as we outgrow the Wing! Our FIRST day outside at Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 :o)))

LOOK! Momma's coming in and out of this door!!

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

Isn't this space AWESOME to be curious and learn in? We're certainly growing and feeling a bit crowded. I wonder what's next?

LOOK, Look! Space! We're Reaching! Feel this floor safely underneath us, we're getting more solid with our legs strengthened. Hmmm, what's that down there? We'll figure it out later, let's go back.

Play, n' Zzzz, n' eat, n' grow all for you at Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020.

Wow, Momma Magic, you look so GORGEOUS, Queenly, Royal! Thanks for loving us and being such a great Momma :o)

Here Tes let's us chew her finger to see how our teeth are coming in...or not. Some are DEFINITELY coming in and here's where we learn sensitivity to humans "OWEEE, Owee!" We hear her say on occasion if we bite her too hard.

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

One thing she tries to get a picture of for you, rubbing us behind the ears makes us instinctively yawn...try capturing that on the camera with only her doing it all ;o)

Tes is here! Let's get her! She sits down and let's us climb over her for snuggling, cuddling, kisses, and just learning to climb over things ;o) And it's great calm socializing :o)))

Momma! Play with me!!!

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

"Love ME?"

Okay, we're starting to feel our legs under us, moving off of the wool blankets to instinctively go on the paper...

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

...AND Momma LOVES all the room to spread out for us! MMMmmm GOOD ;o)

"MMMMmmmm, mmmm, GOOD! Are you watching us grow?

"Circle of Life"

with Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020

With all the education Tes tries to get, she loves the wool blankets under our paws to grip and hold onto as we engage our bodies into standing, walking, eating, and playing. Why? There's what's called "Swimmer puppies" and it is truly her observation, without the wool blankets, they can't get their legs under them to stand! ESSENTIAL in her protocol in raising her puppies!!! Here's a CALL OUT from Tes...if any of you come across used solid colored WOOL blankets, Tes will pay up to $30 for good ones to come her way. Thank You! In MN she easily found them at Goodwill stores and the like, but in TX, they must think they're to hot ;o) Donations ALWAYS appreciated!


It's certainly different here in the Wing...LOTS more room to look out into, yet we're not too comfortable to move off our cozy wool blankets quite yet...we're satisfied to play with each other for now ;o)

WOW, we've got SPACE to be curious and REACH into!

5 wk update pics 6/28/20 will show us Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 eating on our own, reaching to learn there's a doggy door to go enjoy the outdoors, updated individual 5 wk pictures and soooo much more...stay tuned...

NOTE: Tes pulled out Magic's last litter notes on pups with Dash to compare us small brown girl's size to that litter. Turns out WE on a whole, are bigger then that litter worries Tes, we'll keep growing to show you you're doing the best you can with a litter of 10 ;o)

Some customers are already purchasing Pet Beds to be added into the 5 wk pictures for us to go home with you want to buy one for us? They're totally machine washable (Tes can get 2 - 3 in her washer at one time ;o).

How Tes keeps up with Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 several loads of wool blankets every day. Largest on the market for homes. A good 3 blankets can be washed at the same time compared to only 1 before. 

Us brown girls got spoiled we were small, Tes started feeding us Royal Canin canned Mousse to help nourish us 2 days before the others started eating slurry mix. They are just too huge and pushing us out from momma. WOW, did we take to that FAST! Mm - mm GOOD!

Tes started feeding all of us slurry on Sunday, 3 wks old. Slurry mix that Tes puts together consists of baby rice cereal, Mousse (a soft meat purree), and ground dry lamb dog food to help our stools stay a bit more solid then super runny from wet food...all mixed together with water. She has to spoon it to us to start learning...some of us just TAKE right to it! NUMMY to our tummy as we grow beyond what milk can provide us!!! Momma's milk becomes more watery every week that goes by as we get older, that's when we need more solid foods to nourish us into further growth.

OKAY! Tes couldn't take it anymore with our music...4:30 am Saturday morning she moved us into the Wing ;o) Now she can get some sleep again. We'll now have A LOT more room to learn to REACH out into life. We start to want to go off of our blankies to potty, so she places brown painters paper down for us to potty'll see in the 5 wk picture updates ;o) You'll start to see us reach more and more, wanting to go outside learning the doggy door and reach into Puppy Park...stay tuned as we grow...

Woo Hoo! We've got our legs up and going now, and our eyes have been open for several days. Let's make some noise and let momma know, "We Want Milk!"

We're really growing! With our eyes open and our legs getting underneath us, we're feeling this bedroom space is shrinking...Tes you'll have to move us to the Wing soon! Momma's having a hard time wrapping around us now. Tes is changing the wool blankets several times a day as we start to potty on our own.


3 wks

Tes finds it VERY interesting to watch the smaller ones ALWAYS more apt ability to be on our 4 legs faster then the big guys...which makes it soooo cute for her to watch what we can do compared to the others pulling around us.

"Kitty" says, "See! I told you I'd grow and get a better hold for suckling ;o)" Thanks Tes for helping me! What you can't hear or see is the "Mmmmmm," and tail wagging that goes on while we suckle :o) My eyes are seeing you watch me now ;o)

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

LOOK! Our eyes are squeaking open :o) We hope you're enjoying our pictures with Big Eyes open ;o)

And of course there's ALWAYS our 4 legs up photos showing our tubby tummies as we grow with lots of momma milk :o) Zzzzz....

Dr. Angela came and gave us our first chiropractic adjustment at 11 days old. Magic LOVES getting her adjustment after carrying and having puppies :o)))) 

Tes always tries to keep the picture numbers around 25 for each 2 wk story board...but it's soooo hard! THEN she had to figure out the new Photoshop 2020 can no longer buy, you have to RENT monthly :o( Working pictures will average a good 18 hrs to produce the 2 wk sections. This section she ended up with 36 pictures she wanted to share with you among several hundred taken :o)

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

"Ooftah!" Marty is certainly a chubby tubby!

Top, dark red male "Marty" on top, BIG red female "Destiny" in middle, and then probably "Rack" as we're all about the same size.

* Size comparisons as we grow. *

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

The pup on far right is actually male "Nemo", compared to his 2 larger brothers.

"Hangin' Out and dreaming of...MILK!" In the above picture Tes laughed at me as she watched my paws massage away and my tongue suckle in my sleep ;o) Zzzzzz.....

"Hangin' out."

Here we gooooo! To help you take a closer look...Some of us figure out how to really get our mouths around momma's nipple, to get a good suction. Then we pull to get a GREAT suction going using our paws to massage the glands to release the milk for us. Then, there can be a problem (see large nipple below) momma starts to produce SOOOO much milk, the smaller of us can't get our mouths around a big nipple and have to search for a smaller nipple (between momma's back legs) and we're pushed out by the bigger bros to not grow like them :o( Us two brown girls did okay to start, then momma's nipples got TOO HUGE for us, we didn't get as much as those big guys to gain as much weight...all a part of Mother Nature! YEs, Tes did her best to push the others away and help us latch on, and placing us on the back nipples more often then not...fear not, we'll get bigger and latch on just fine ;o) A lot more often then not, it happens to the females.

Momma Magic's still trying to catch up with her zzzz's...Tes isn't! She's having a hard time with us in her room as we do get a bit noisy when wanting momma to come serve us ;o) Strrrrretch :o) We grow lots in our sleep, zzzzzz....

The next 3 wk picture update for our web page Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 will show our eyes opening and starting to stand and move around...making a lot more music for Tes. Definitely getting ready to move into the Wing with 10 of us by 3.5 wks old :o)

Big Eyes in Sheriff Woody & Jessie in Toy Story movie. Google > "images of characters in Toy Story" to see how her eyes influenced Walt Disney movie characters. Tes notes when Margaret Keane's pictures came out when she was young, she afforded to buy one for her wall...and actually changed her cursive to have big eye dots and much bigger lettering. Subtle influences in our lives by we look at Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 puppies to have big eyes?

There are definitely going to be Royals & Standards in the can see by the above, Royal Red Male, Red/Apr Female, 2 brown Females and black males and 1 black female may be a standard...never a guarantee on size. I kept Red Draco who was the smallest from her last litter and by 6 months old was already 60 lbs!

*Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020*

We're already starting to crawl...then drop and zzzz any way we can ;o)

We can't excrete on our own right away, so momma warms our groins by licking us and away we goooo.....

Several of us have white mismarks/abstracts on our chest and paws. The red male below and the black male above has 4 spots, first of that in separate spotted areas for me :o) His underbelly has white on it too from what I can tell.

4 legs up is telling Tes we're plenty warm and she can start turning the heat down, whew ;o)

Every litter has us doing the "Hang on Momma's leg" thing...momma cradling three of us, a rare picture catch for you :o)

A range of color from red, brown to black, from Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020. Having lots of room for momma to circle around us is important. Some of us nurse, some of us zzzzz....

Wool blankets are used to wick away moisture and keep them dry and warm. Tes has a variety of colors, to make a  more colorful page for you ;o) An electric pet heater is under the upper back right corner to keep us pups in an even warmer area for the first several days. Such scooters we are...

And come, and keep coming!!! Tes has to be right here pulling the sack off to get us breathing, rubbing us and momma licking us to get us breathing and moving around.

Here we come! Already trying to sniff out that nipple to start suckling. We always look redder when we're wet ;o)

In raising Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 Puppies For Sale, I hope to share a bit of what I do to bring you your next pet :o) My bedroom must be heated to 80-90 degrees as pups just come from the womb and they have no way to monitor their bodies being just born, especially the first week Through the Woods of Mother Nature. 

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020 *

If you're interested in one of my pups, please fill in the form below. I would look forward to hearing from you :o) 

Royal Standard Poodles MD 2020

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